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Shelley Sims

I have been searching for many years and very specifically many months to find a coach or healer that could help me clear my blocks to overflowing abundance with ease. I was listening to one of my favorite master class/ interview platforms and heard Steve speak. Immediately I knew he had information that could help me on my journey. I started listening to everything I could on his YouTube channel. Everything about abundance, everything about connecting to source energy and living in the 5D. When he would invoke the archangels to hold the space over the 4 directions I could sense the colors and bit of a presence, but most of the time it seemed as if I was making it all up. As my search continued, a friend suggested a psychic reader that was located near me in Colorado, USA. She immediately told me I had 7 angels around me. This gave me comfort and joy. And then she told me there was Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel. She said it exactly in the order that Steve’s transmissions invoke them. It was a fantastic confirmation that it is possible to call these great beings towards us and ask for their assistance. Whether we actually see or hear or feel them, they are with us when we ask them. Thank You Steve for helping me clear away some debris. I look forward to more stories, as we continue to work together.

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