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Glastonbury retreat was the most profound experience l have had on my journey. The venue Glastonbury as a whole was like walking into a different portal and timezone. The energy was literally out of this world. Yourself, Steve, exceeded my expectations. The connection l feel while listening to your meditations and also a Zoom healing last year had left no doubt of the great spiritually mentor and healer you are but could not compare to this in person.  The mediations and healing work was extremely powerful combined with the energy of Glastonbury was profound. Your knowledge and wisdom are second to none. You are here to heal and mentor with with no ego at all. You are a powerful bright light. The Team Liz and Anna were just beautiful with also with the most amazing energy that also flowed through the retreat. Thank you for all the hard work they did for the retreat. Overall l can’t thank you all enough and l feel it was definitely a transformational time for me with beautiful souls and meeting like-minded people added to the amazing energy. Thanks so much. I have no doubt you will see me again. Love and Light to you all. Thank you.

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