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Sacred Sexuality: A Pleiadian Perspective

Sexuality: A Bridge to Higher Levels of Consciousness!

When the library of yourselves was torn from the shelves and scattered, and the DNA was split so that there were only two strands left with very little data and very little memory, sexuality was left intact in the physical body. It was left as a form of reproduction, of course-as a form for the species to stay in touch with its own essence and bring itself into life. Very deep inside the mechanism of sexuality is a frequency that can be attained that has been sought after and misunderstood by many people. It is called orgasm.

The orgasm has been distorted from its original purpose. Your body has forgotten the cosmic orgasm of which it is capable because society has taught you for thousands and thousands of years that sexuality is bad. You have been taught this in order for you to be controlled and to keep you from seeking the freedom available through sexuality. Sexuality connects you with a frequency of ecstasy, which connects you back to your divine source and to information.

Sexuality and Healing Cellular Memory

Sexuality has been given a bad name upon this planet, and that bad name is stored in your cellular memory. This is not just from this lifetime; it is from thousands of years of misappropriation and misuse. It is necessary for you to clear the negativity surrounding sexuality from this lifetime, as well as to experience and examine how you utilize sexual energy and sexual expression in your multidimensional selves.

The sexual parts of the body are avenues to pleasure that create frequencies that heal and stimulate the body and potentially lead it to its higher spiritual self. Sexuality is so misunderstood on this planet that, when it is exchanged between two persons, very seldom is there an intent to connect spirituality with it. Sexuality invokes a spirituality that is free and that looks at itself as a creator. However, very seldom is sexuality used as a bridge to take you to higher levels of consciousness.

Monogamy, Is It the Right Choice?

We have spoken with a number of individuals who have been utilizing light. Since finding the proper partner in a monogamous situation, they have been able to achieve very high states of being. Monogamy tends to work for most of you very well because of where you are vibrationally. When you have many partners, you tend to be less than honest and to hide who you are: you share a little here, there, and everywhere in scattering your seed. It is best to be with one person, but this does not mean the same person forever. Be loyal, be open, and be sharing with the person you are working with, and go as far as you can with them. If it happens to be your whole life, wonderful. If it doesn’t, then when you come to a place where you are no longer communicating and serving one another, and you feel the relationship is not going to be able to make a leap, terminate the relationship and find another person who works with your vibration.

When you work one-on-one intimately, you develop trust. Most of you have difficulty trusting yourselves because you don’t have a role model for trust. You can learn about trust in a relationship because a relationship acts as a mirror for you, showing you what you cannot see from your own viewpoint. It shows you yourself outside of yourself when you have open communication within sexuality and deep intimacy, and when you are not using sexuality as a distraction for getting close. Many of you have used sexuality as a distraction and a way to avoid intimacy rather than to develop it. You begin to get energetic and to look into one another’s eyes and to feel all hot and excited. Then, instead of exploring each other intimately and spiritually, you shut down your feeling centers, put on your armor, and have shallow, genital sex because it is too frightening and too intense to go the deeper route of full body and full spiritual connection. Sometimes hot sex feels great and is wonderful. We are simply saying that there is more. There is much more, and no one is keeping it from you except yourselves and the beliefs and fear you have of letting down your boundaries and walls.

Many of the fears you have are based on what you have created for yourselves and what you have done to others in your sexual life. Your sexual history affects every other portion of your soul, so all of your soul’s issues are broadcast loud and clear throughout your body. You don’t want to look at this sometimes because it is too painful, and you judge it because you think it is bad. Stop judging, and get neutral about what you have done-no matter what you discover, no matter how heinous it seems, no matter how difficult it seems, and no matter how much violation it involves. Understand that your purpose has been to gather data and to understand your selves.

Sexuality is a Frequency.

Sexuality is a frequency. It represents what was not taken away from you even though your history, your memories, and your identity were removed and scattered. The way you were left intact with the ability to discover who you were was through the sexual experience. Of course, you were never taught this. We are going to do some church bashing here. So sorry for anyone who is a member of the churches. The churches came about as organizations-businesses to control religion and spiritual development and to create jobs, to create a hierarchy, and to create a club. Very few churches came about with the idea of bringing information to people. You don’t usually think of religion as something that keeps you informed, do you? Any religion that brings information is a religion operating on the vibration of truth.

Spiritual realms are places of existence that the human body is locked away from. Because sexuality was an opportunity for human beings to regain their memory, or to connect with their spiritual selves and spiritual creator, or to find an avenue to the spiritual realm that you are sealed off from, the churches came about and promoted sexuality for procreation. They taught you that the only reason you had sexuality was to produce little humans.

Sexuality was promoted as something very bad. Women were told that sexuality was something they had to undergo to serve men and that they had no control over the birthing process. Women believed this; hence, to this day, you believe in general that you have no control over that portion of your body. You must realize that only you decide whether you are going to birth a child or not. This is not such a complicated thing as you have been told. Decision and intention are what bring the experience to your being. You can control whether you have a baby or not. If woman had had this ability for the last several thousand years, and if she had been able to explore her sexual self without fear of having a child, perhaps men and women would have discovered that they were much freer than they had been told they were.

The discovery of the highest frequency of sexuality arises from the love experience. It has nothing to do with relationships being either homosexual or heterosexual. It has to do with two human beings bringing pleasure to one another in a way that opens frequencies of consciousness. You have bought many ideas about what is proper and what is improper within sexual expression.

Love is the essence that is to be created in all relationships. If you love and honor someone, it doesn’t matter what your composition of density is. What matters is the love vibration and how you explore this love, which ideally is gifted and coupled with the integration of the male and the female counterparts that make the twin flame.

Ideally, sexuality is explored through feelings. The third and fourth chakras connect you to the emotional and compassionate selves, which connect you to the spiritual self. The spiritual self is the part of yourself that is multidimensional through which you exist in many forms simultaneously. It is your assignment and agreement and task to be aware of all these realities in the identity that you are. When you are aware, you can time into the different frequencies, remember who you are, and change the vibratory rate of this universe.

An extract from Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak,


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  1. thank you so much for this information , … always it feels that there is so much missing, … as if we are born with out an instruction manual for neing human…i feel always that loving another is so much more than “sex” have just confirmed this belief and helped me understand why…:)

  2. thank you so much for this information , … always it feels that there is so much missing, … as if we are born with out an instruction manual for neing human…i feel always that loving another is so much more than “sex” have just confirmed this belief and helped me understand why…:)

    1. I do believe that women can make the choice to birth a child or not. I believe that should be made before a child is created, a child is a spiret, a soul, a being, I don’t believe making the choice of terminating this life is up to us.

  3. I totally agree with this. Loveless sex is far more shallow and unfulfilling than loving intimacy with the intention of honoring our beloved. Each loving intimate encounter builds to a crescendo.

    1. Loveless sex actually is more likely to send you in a downward spiral, spiritually. “Lookin for love in all the wrong places..”

  4. great article. i find that practising tantra is a very good way of using sensuality and sexuality to reach deeper connections to our partners. what i dont understand is that sometimes i find i feel a deep spiritual connection with a member of the opposite sex and can really feel their energy but they dont seem to feel the same way back to me. why is that? are they blocked?

  5. I have been without sex expression for 10 years now -a period of celibacy. It is what I needed and I have benefited greatly.

  6. We are a slave in any aspect of our life(for them) specifically our sexuality.Please put this information in face book every weekend, because as you see after working one week (for them), again man and women find each other and give their based energy as a sex for them. The majority of people are unaware of these facts. Please write more, put in the face book and let people gradually understand this.

  7. Yes I would like to add that I have been wanting to know how gay or same sex marriages would stand when it comes to what is and what is not, so to speak. I consider myself a good kind person who is a non materialistic and sharing loving person. Who endeavors to grow and seek what is good and truthful. And why is it a sin to most church goers or seen by the Masses as disgusting, that I prefer my own sex and I see it as I am being honest with myself most importantly my Creator God the Universe. I wasn’t too sure how it would go whether being in a same sex relationship or same sex marriage when reading topics there is not enough information on this topic. And the belief system we have, has to change and giving more free will and choice to those who want the new change. And the word Homosexual on its self is a condemning word. Used by those that see it as sick illness or perverted condition.

  8. It’s an enormously useful and importantly-great article!!! I wish for humans to be as much conscious as awaken so to be able to understand that sexuality is the means to come to a real intimacy with themselves as well as with their lovers.Let them attain to the spiritual assension to the 4th & 5th dimension following the purpose of the earth planet & its beings during 21st century we are already running through!!!

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed the read! I resonated with much of what was said, it feels very reassuring to be validated in this way. You can have an inkling of something and then experience the synchronicity that confirms your awareness, which is something I am honored to experience. I would like to debate the concept of twin flames though, we all have male and female oscillating energies inside our bodies…I firmly believe no one person was destined to be with another as we are all one consciousness. This is coming from someone who fervently and naively believed the toxic twin flame concept, manifesting my own illusory alignments and synchronicities (if you believe something, your mind manifests evidence). I was never as sorely wrong about anything in my entire life, it was nothing but a traumatic experience that left what I feel is unnecessary pain and suffering. My ‘twin flame’ and I met under all the magical circumstances people describe are indicative of a soul-mate, had a few years in contact while we were both seeing other people (believing we were just clearing our pain bodies to inevitably rejoin in frequencies and live happily ever after as one)…it happened, we eventually got together after ending our relationships and moved in almost too soon, excited and drunk on attraction. He wound up revealing to be a psychopathic polygamist that was just trying to groom me into threesomes all while I taught him the trade of a business he wanted to get into.

    If anyone made it this far, believe me: everything seems so magical/brand new that you’ll reinforce these feelings to avoid dealing with the real problems in life. I have CPTSD and was experiencing Limerence, the concept of TWIN FLAMES enabled the worst parts of my condition and allowed me to be taken advantage of and abused.

    Keep it simple, we are all one consciousness…ask yourself why would two forms of the same divided consciousness be ‘destined’ for union? Doesn’t that sound a little umm…desperate and human?

    P.s. I am with the person I mistakenly broke up with for this idiot because I fed into this twin flame malarchy. This whole experience made me realize that love is not just good feelings, my current partner and I are a strong representation of that. If twin flames are a thing, then they are meant to shatter the illusion so you can wake up and be with someone you aren’t putting on a damn fantasy pedestal.

    1. Dearest Helena,

      I read your share and thank you for it. It is always validating to my own experience of not knowing I am codependent and do limerance, and I also attributed my first experience as twin flame because I needed an explanation to why I couldn’t get over a narcissist.

      Some of us souls choose these experiences to learn hopefully and to awaken ourselves and others to the illusions within the illusions. There’s so much deception being revealed, it’s ridiculous.

      I am glad you were able to reconcile and reuniteneith your partner. May the love and compassion grow between you.

      I’m still single, and I know that I probably have a lot more to heal since I have some karmic patterns I am still following.

      Be blessed and guided! ☺️✨

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