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Super Quick Elven Star Protection Meditation.

The Faery Races…

In ancient Irish tradition it is said that the Tuatha De Danann (Faery Races) came from the stars. The Faery Races left the earth-plane as humanity descended in consciousness and vibration. They retreated into the faery mounds, disappearing from this world into the underworld. This happened, in different parts of the world, before and after the fall of Atlantis. This meditation invokes the powerful Elven Star Symbol to clear and protect your field. 

This Meditation…

This is a remastered meditation that was originally uploaded September 2020.

The Elven Star…

Imagine in the east an elven 7-pointed silver star, with a background of emerald green fire. Surrender your limiting stories and beliefs. Invoke the star in your energy field to protect the child within. Your playful self. It can also be your wounded self.

Imagine in the south an elven 7-pointed silver star, with a background of electric blue fire. Surrender your ancient conflicts battles. Invoke the star in your energy field to protect the adolescent within. Your curious adventurous self. Sexual awakening. It can also be your wounded self.

Imagine in the west an elven 7-pointed silver star, with a background of diamond white fire. Surrender any toxic emotional energy that needs be released. Invoke the star in your energy field to protect the adult self within. The ego has stabilised into a fear or love based being.

Imagine in the north an elven 7-pointed silver star, with a background of ruby red fire. Surrender the fear of death, surrender the mortality of the body. Remember your Spirit is eternal. Invoke the star in your energy field to protect the elder self within. Depending on the kind of life lived this is or will be your wise or regretful self.

Music by…

Loula Love. ‘Pure Dreams/Theta’ + ‘Inner Light/Theta’.

Artwork by…

Shirley Shantel.

More Information…

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8 responses

  1. I am a proud Irish American. I was told stories of the faeries by my grandmother. My inner child loves this meditation and the symbolism of the star. Thank you Steve for your powerful and unique meditation.

  2. Thanks Steve for this super quick and effective protective, nourishing and energising meditation. Just what I need. I’m sure I’ll be using it a lot over the course of my life’s new chapter.

  3. Thank you so much Steve and the Fae races…this one is closed captioned, so did it today 11/11. Love and blessings to all.

  4. I felt different qualities of subtle energies dissipating towards the four directions. As the old/unhelpful/unwanted energies left I felt happier, clearer, more positive and empowered. A very gentle but powerful meditation. Many thanks and many blessings Steve

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