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The Blue Ray 1 Beings on Earth.

Yes, you have heard of the Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow children but, have you heard of the Blue Ray 1 Beings?

The Blue Ray 1 beings are the rarest on this planet. The “Blue Ray 1” has never been anchored on earth, because earth is not ready for God’s Will/Power/Wisdom/Protection in the direct manner of a formidable Ray 1. A Blue Ray being is one whose Monad Ray is Ray1. This, what I now share with you, is information no one has written about – as yet!

Monad Ray is the ray on which the Spark from God first leaves the Source. Later it joins, through choice, a Soul Family, whereby it’s Soul Ray is ascertained. Monad Ray 1 beings are therefore the Blue Ray 1 beings. But there is more to this. A truly, sole, Ray 1 Being is one whose Name (as in their birth certificate), unchanged, also totals to One, and their birth dates (day/month/year) must as well total to One. Thats why I have explaining here not to ever change your name, or its spelling. These Ray 1 beings are alone, stand apart and isolated, very powerful, fully connected, with extremely overwhelming Contract Plans and are born in hugely challenging countries, home, environments. But, and in addition, if their birth is in Blue Ray One countries, they are the Leaders of the 7th Root Race, yet to be recognized on earth.

Moreover, as you know, most humans on earth are seeded from some planet or the other from our galaxy. Most are from Pleiades. However, the Blue Ray One beings are exclusively from Sirius. They are the I AM RACE. Most souls do not live in Sirius, with the exception of the Lion Beings and Feline Cat race, but hold important memberships in the Lodges of Sirius (Blue Lodge of the Creative Blue Light of God and the Great White Lodge of Sirius), and are teachers in the Higher Universities of Learning that are located in Sirius. Some hold portfolios of High Priests and High Priestess in the Temple of Illumination (the Ray Two of Love, Light, Illumination, Enlightenment, Truth). The Higher Lords of Karma for the Milky Way Galaxy are also based in Sirius

These extra-ordinary Blue Beings are unusually protected by the Lords/Chohan/Archangels/Elohims/Hierarchs (of its element Ether/Akasha) of the Ray 1. They need Divine Protection for the dangerous magnetic environment they are thrown into, all through, and for the huge voltages of Light they carry that by itself serves as an inconceivable magnet that draws all darkness into its fold for transfiguration. These beings carry the Violet Fire in their aura and are powerful alchemists that are constantly transmuting through their sheer presence in a place. This being a reason they travel a lot, and behind them are lit trails of chaos, as their footprints recede from the place. Its like automotive purging wherever they are.

They live alone, and later in life withdraw from people/family/relationships. Why? Or else their Light, that is hugely sucked wherever they are and with whomever they maybe, would shut off eventually. They also magnetize a lot of jealousy, envy, condemnation, from near and far people who cannot understand their powers, their wisdom, their Divine Protection, and begin to fear it and eventually shun it. They need protection all the time – and so much protection, all the time, from the Masters is also not possible. So they are kept alone, yet in duality, living in society, interacting with people like normal beings.

They work mostly thru the quietness of their protective domain, internet, writing, relating more thru technology than in person. They hide their true identity. And they must! These strong Blue Ray Ones are the Light Holders, Light Showers, who hold the Light pillars inside their bodies (which have become the alchemical automotive Violet Fire itself) upon the shoulders of which Earth is calibrating into the Light. These beings have sacrificed their bodies at the Altar of Light. These beings have been a part of the creators of this planet, and laid the Root Seed of our present civilization in Khem, the Egyptian and Aryan Race of the 6th Root.

Lord Shiva, in the role of Creator Trinity – Brahma/Vishnu/Shiva, is the Monad Hierarch of Ray One. In His Office of the Monad Ray are the following: Lord El Morya (Chohan of Ray 1), The Great Divine Director of Authority (Head of the Board of Karmic Lords for earth), Lord Manu (The Head who seeded our civilization – Lord Vaivasvatta), Lord Sanat Kumar (the Regent God of our planet), Elohim Hercules and Amazonia, Archangel Michael and Faith, Lord Surya, Elemental Hierarch of the element of Akasha (the element of Ray 1) Zeus and Goddess Tara, and Goddess of Light ( the Chohan of the element of Akasha).

The Qualities of the Ray One are: Will of God, Power of God, Protection of God, Nobility, Regality, Integrity, and Responsibility. This Ray has leadership qualities and therefore embraces politics and political heads. All disciples of the Ray One are trained into perfection of leadership by Lord El Morya. The symbol of the Blue Ray and Lord El Morya’s identity symbol is the Blue Diamond and His Retreat is above Darjeeling, in the Himalayas of India.

It is very important for them to realize at all times – THEY ARE NEVER ALONE! Who they have with them are the highest Hierarchal Masters of the Light! And that they have come, in this lifetime, solely for the mission of ENDING THE EXPERIMENT! For dissolving the Empire through, not obliteration this time (as was in the case of Atlantis and Lemuria), but through Alchemical Mutation and Purification! The reason why they have the Violet Fire in their bodies and aura! Underlined to this explanation is the fact that the Ray 1 is intrinsically connected to Ray 7 (The Violet Ray). Thoth, Seshat, Akhenaton and his second anonymous wife -Kiya (more on my website under “Untitled Book” (4)) are Ray One Beings. Ankh, the symbol of Immortality, their mascot, is the Mascot of Ray One too. Alongwith the Blue Diamond, the symbol of Lord El Morya’s Office of Ray One!

Those, who are Ray 1 Beings, when they read this, shall know and understand immediately the undertone message of this post.

Namaste, Sangeeta Handa

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  1. My intuition says you are spot on. Thank you for contributing to this subject matter in a meaningful way. O would like to learn more on this subject.

    1. Absolutely divine..have been waiting on higher guidance and my wishes have been granted

      Om shanti

          1. I have had contact with the lion beings, Dogan mer people, through automatic initiations, loosely based on surreal astrology, cosmic intelligence is out there, many before us have been in contact it is not all benign, ancient cultures shaman hold the old pathways to the stars, but there has been major interference

          1. If you are blue like I am blue so much light i did not know what to do I felt the wrath for what we did we let them controle us with there sin, The blood are the stars the stars are blood would you think I was crazy if I said they were 1 redemption at last it has been far to long, since I heard her voice now she sings the song thank you for your share friend

      1. Thank you so much for contributing this information! I had established that I was blue ray and strong empath. Everything written in this article brought so much synchronity! I had also tried to fit in the guidelines of a an indigo but wasn’t ever as vocal or extreme in my approach. I would love to meet other blue Ray’s as I have felt so alone during this life. Feel free to find me in fb or write me via email to much love and healing to everyone here!!

          1. I am a blue ray and found this article. My birthdate adds up to 1 but my birth name is 8. I’ve truly never resonated with my name, I wonder if this could be the reason why. If not than any insight on what this means?

        1. Hello. This is the closest I’ve identified as well. Would love to know if more resources, etc…seeking more knowledge of how to integrate this new knowledge …

          Thanks a bunch.

          1. Get in touch with Shekina Rose in Sedona.
            She is basically the spokesperson for the Blue Rays.

          2. @Tim Smith and all :: NO ONE is the spokesperson for the Blue Rays. Do not believe anyone who says they are. A true Blue Ray does not “advertise” they are Blue Ray. All I will say on the matter.

        2. I am struggling. With my identity. My purpose. And my interraction with one has brought total chaos into my life however I cannot allow myself to seperate and I have a deep rooted feeling I am not to walk away for some reason. I was assumed by abother to be an indigo child. And soon mentioning this to a woman I had recently met naming themself as a lightworker, told me , that I am bot indigo that I am a bkue ray… However from the read it says everything come to 1? And mine does not 7-19-1977. So i am confused. And I live everyday from whatever it is inside that drives me. A man refers to people as being dead behind the eyes I asked what he seea in my eyes and he said ” Surviving if by my spirit alone”? Does that sound I have this overwhelming “feeling that I have to keep my faith in human kind or they will doe. ,

          1. Your numbers total 5 so you are not One. Numbers do not lie. Here are mine

            4+5+1974=1+9+8+3=21 (7+7+7) or 2+1=3 Trinity

          2. @ jessica urffer ~ TRUST your Intuitive GUT Feeling and also work as ONE with your Divine Higher Self. Again, know that El Morya, Lord of the Blue Ray, also had different ‘Incarnations’ as Thomas Becket and Thomas Moore ~ but his birthday, during those ‘Incarnations’ ‘did not add up to ‘1’, but he is a BLUE RAY Soul (sharing a LINK for you to read: ~~~ “El Morya’s Previous Lifetimes
            The Master Morya was embodied as Abraham, the first Hebrew patriarch; Melchior, one of the three wise men; King Arthur, guru of the mystery school at Camelot; Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury; St. Sergius, founder of over 40 monasteries in Russia and one of the Russian Orthodox Church’s most highly venerated saints; Sir Thomas More, the “man for all seasons”; Akbar the Great, founder of the Mogul empire in India and the greatest of its rulers; and Thomas Moore, the Irish poet laureate.” Divine BLESSINGs of LOVE & LIGHT to you!!!

        3. Thank you for this. I had already established I am a Blue Ray and a Highly Sensitive Empath. It is wonderful to have contact with others who are like me ad that I am no longer alone.

        4. Greetings my fellow blue rays! I too would love some like-minded beings as I am blue ray. I had a crazy dream 1 time of being taken for my bed encapsulated in a white blueish purple light, oddly enough I was not scared. I was stripped of my clothes and brought into this white room. I then was levitating in the center of the room and noticed I could not tell where my physical avatar ended and where my light blue almost uv colored aura began. i then looked up and saw my Taurus field spiraling down through my body, how I believed I was levitating and as soon as i returned my gaze to the center I began I spin on the same wave of the Taurus. I as this is happening I felt an immense amount of knowledge truths if you will being uploaded as if a computer would do with data. When upload was complete I fell from my levitating position no I did not hit the floor I just woke from my dream sat up i was covered in sweat but felt invincible, loved, for the first time in a long time I felt as though I was not alone and I fell back asleep. I believe the material for walls and floor of this room (if there was a ceiling I could not see it for the immense amount of light and the Taurus spiral that I could see above me when I looked up) to be quartz or diamond like. I awoke to tell my best friend of the dream and I kept referring to the place as The Great White Lodge. Also two years ago I received an Ankh in the mail with a card that said congratulations on it. It was from a company off of Instagram called ALKEMICA and when I went to Instagram to see why they had sent me that or how they had gotten my address as I had never signed up for a competition of any sort. I found them on Instagram and realized that i wasn’t even following this company! I was tripped out to say the least, but I immediately followed this company and then sent in a message and ask how they had gotten my address or why they sent it to me and the lady replied because you won a competition back in December and congratulations you are the number one winner. I’ve worn it every day since it just felt right. I will also say that my trip to the White Lodge was after I had put on the Ankh.
          You can reach me at my email or Facebook
          My personal email:
          My business email:
          Or my Facebook page:

          As above, so below and so it is love and light

          1. You said so many things that I resonate and consciously perceive as well. I just now figured out that I Am called Blue Ray 1 from this article. I never knew what it was called. I knew “Blue” has been in my perceptual field so much lately, as well as Blue Beings, Sirius, and the Lioness and Felines. I do have the 1 in both my birthdate and name. My birthdate adds to 11 and my name adds to 1. I have Simian lines across both palms of my hands, like the Sirians do. I have dreams…every night…where I am transported to other lives and places and experiences…and I receive sacred knowledge, which I often forget the details to. I’d love to communicate with you, Rae, and others who understand this message. And also, the blue-white-violet energy field you speak of in your dream, I have also had encounters with that energy. The first time was during a near-death experience 19 years ago, and has come back in times of deep meditation.

      2. This may show my lack of knowledge…when something just resonates one should flow with that, stop doubting and breathe, correct?

        1. Seems like we are all separately isolated in self-seclusion. I never reach out or respond on any social media (yes, that hidden) But, I am now!!! Wow what depth and clarity in information. I’m here…so,! Please feel free to reach out whether to each other, individually or collectivelly (might even help us all to try and connect for ourself, our blueray lineage and for the unity of all. I love you all already!!! Hell let’s work our divine gift on each other – bc I don’t believe the “general” energy healings or “how to processes” are attunded for us? Atleast it seems as if everything has and is always backwards, opposite or upside-down for my life time here. Different then the different, we might of finally found something/someone similar to resonate.

      3. Reading all these posts fills me with such joy and love. Are there any active forums for us to share with each other? I understand we all have our unique missions and are situated where we are for a reason, but as I am sure we all know, communicating in this fashion has its own rewards even though we are all connected as a soul/monad group, and to the oneness that emcompasses that. I saw one person mentioned a spokesperson in Sedona which I will check out, but if any other forums or groups have formed please let me know!

    2. This has touched my soul! All of the above, has blown my mind, I have been shifting in both conciousness and in pictures, all of which has disturbed me a great deal. And no one had any answers. I literally stumbled across this, at a pinacle point of no return to the old self. Thank you so much for this post

      1. It was touch of our Heaven Father – Holy Spirit. It is sing of connection between you and him.

      2. My pictures show me the way too. I used to get disturbed at times but I realized they always have an important meaning. Different from what my mind sees. makes me happy to see others with same gift

      3. I feel so alone in this world.i never met someone like me.tjis post really speaks to me.i wish to meet people like me who understands so we can break through

          1. Eye opener. Explains the pic i found. And ehy they were trying to take me out. Tutorials to tap into abilities? Lol

        1. I feel so alone too, I just recently learned that I am a blue ray. I have never heard about Blue Ray 1 beings. I wish i find more people like me too, technology really is my best friend. If you want to talk sometime, let me know

          1. I would love to connect with you! Im 54 yrs old l live in Ontario, Canada. It’s time us blue rays get connected. You don’t have to be alone any more. Much love to you my fellow beautiful blue ray! Hope to hear from you soon.
            Sincerely, Robin

          1. Hello, I’m a like a baby here- new to all of this information.

            Can someone tell me how to add my numbers of day/month/year plus birth name number?

          1. Hello. Everyone. Yes this is Me. Very good on the info. Well downloaded my friends.

    3. ha ha, yes, indeed I am blue ray one and my higherself is from sirius A. yes he has blue skin and the feline race are with us as well as the mer people. i didnt know there were so few of us from sirius although our race is associated with warriorship as well. we cut through the dam nonsense .

    4. Yes this is my life and my birth name which i do not use and birthday add to one.i live with my animals horses cats dogs and all creatures on a farm with ponds and creeks-and it seems my horses dogs and cats are sensitive too. My aura is blue.My heart color in auric field is pink.My feet seem to be purple.This all resonates.To you all whose purpose is the Blue Ray 1 may you keep building your personal strength to alleviate pain from others.It’s all a grain of salt to me now-I am older-and I do not take their judgements personally.This all came to fruition this December after the Saturn transit-I am sagittarius. rather liked the saturnian transits but lost lots of friends and family and animals in it-deaths and movings on.much strength love and light to my soul family. Very BLUE to you.Debra

        1. Hey. I am one too. If you would like to keep in touch, look me up on Facebook orban.timea, I have a bouquet of flowers as my profile picture. Many blessings

        2. Thank you so very much. This has served as physical confirmation of the last three years of my twin flame journey ✨

    5. I am so pleased to read this for I am ready to be out of silence and end this experiment once and for all.I am tired and lonesome for home.this is a driving force within that will transmute the cosmos into harmony and balance once again.THY WILL BE DONE,ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN…..I AM THAT I AM……LOVE YOU…..

      1. I empathise with your longing for home. I have never wanted to be here but it all makes a bit of sense now. Thank you for this post. I feel I can relax now. In a way

      2. I have been trying to find others to be able to come together in some way. Communicate, and also learn from one another, cuz that’s one thing we all love to do. Learn to gain more understanding of things. I know I absolutely love learning how something works. All ins and outs lol I am a volunteer. I read the walk ins, here for mere experience or pleasure . Volunteers, endure a very toxic abusive families and lives.. the worse it is. The stronger we get when accomplishing that lifecycle.

    6. I have previously identified as a blue ray being but never heard the “1” part. I see an aqua colored blue in my aura and resonated deeply with the qualities described in a video…I also feel very connected to lumeria. I just added up my birthday and it does not add up to 1. Aren’t there different types of blue rays? I still believe I am blue ray what are your thoughts?

      1. YES. There are many degrees/ranges/frequencies/vibrations of Blue Ray. Blue Ray does not exclusively resonate to One. ALL Blue Rays will carry and vibrate with the influence of the One. Blue Ray carries the vibrational knowing and frequencies closest to the One Consciousness from which all are extended.

    7. YES, now I understand. I have been a disciple of the Ascended Masters since late ’80s, have all the decrees, traveled many miles, teaching as a Seedplanter, I suppose, then moved on to the next State or wherever I was being led to “hold light”. I also understand so much more with this validation. Thank you, Steve. Love & Light,
      Laurel Ann Brown
      I just love your transmissions and now know where to find you and more.

    8. I have never before read an article like this where every element clicked together, to give the outward confirmation of an inner conviction. Perhaps I on some level resisted finding it until now because of a feeling of nearly overwhelming responsibility, and fear of never being able to live up to my expectations of what it means. But everything fits. I think this is what I have been looking or waiting for. Thank you.

    9. Never knew about blue rays until I felt ray of energy pulse through my hands. In my mind I saw the colour of it as blue. I then googled blue ray and found this post. My name and birthday both add to one. This is amazing !!!

    10. Ya I have triangle shapes in one my eyes and the other shape shifts into different shapes I also have mind reading abilities I know I’m different I age well I’m very beautiful

    11. I have experienced all of these. I have known for over 40 years that I am incarnated from the highest Angelic Realms and have had vivid dreams of myself within that realm. The conversations of my relatives and friends still in the realm are documented

    12. I feel that I’m a Blue Ray being is there more information about this? I’m from the ninth dimension I entered thru Sirus B but I’m starting to feel a resonance to the eighth dimension now. i’m new to this website i used to b a member on energeticsynthesis, how do i access the archives meditations? is there a forum where members/folx can speak about spiritual experiences? lately i’m seeing/feeling parallel existences and they fall into each other; like i see glimpses of alternate timelines. i’m guessing this has to do with stargates opening

    13. I’m ……. I read everything as if I already knew what I was reading, but in truth, my human consciousness didn’t know any of this. I am just confirming as I am being told to.
      Blue Ray Being

    14. i cried when i read this, your article was more life-giving than air to me my deepest respects to you sangeeta handa and umesh

    15. This hits home
      I am amazed at the similarities and I’m so happy that I may have found beings from home!

    16. No coincidence I ran across this post I have blue in my field my aura I have violet in my aura all the time I’m definitely Blu-ray and I’m definitely here to end this shit and let’s move on I love creation I love Mother Earth I am so connected to the Earth and the Sun but I feel I am definitely on a mission to end Darkness corruption and let’s take Mother Earth and Humanity into the new world thank you so much blessings your way my friend

    17. Wow just found this, my name totals to 1 but not my birthdate, but all the other qualities of a blue ray align.

    18. I resonate with this so much it is a very hard journey also was wondering if Ray 1s had a blue diamond on there forehead as I do I can only see this energetically I resonate with every part of this thank you

    19. The adding up to one … I personally feel that many have incarnated in families and areas especially that dk forces were activily trying to get areas to mate to disrupt and then birthing in hospitals though history could of also been manipulated . The plotting to disrupt the frequency of conception and birth ? the frequency of these things including these names and if transmuting lines and areas we have to know and realize what we have overcome birthing and flipping and creating all the way .
      I DO NO think all blue rays hide because of timidness but the opposite , many where transmuting places that can not be easily shown at certain times . what are the fields they are called to ? See the range ?

      1. New Zealand here. I went to Indo (Bali) and wow, that is one incredibly spiritually abundant country. Eastern link ?

        1. What about Kosovo ? I came to this article as directed by a friend in regards to a dream I had and the person I dreamed about fits this description to a T and is a political leader in Kosovo

        2. oh my goddess…After you fb comment about being a blue ray 1, I thought that I would do my own research, and this is the first article I pulled up, and I rememembered that you wrote this and then at the bottom, it was really you. How synchronistic.. I do believe that I am too my love. thank you for helping me re-member who I am…

        3. Thank you for amazing information! This is so much like me and everything make sense now.. grateful. What are the nr 1 countries out of curiosity.

          1. NAMASTE ayush, can you please confirm that you are of the b. ?

            Blessings from a fellow blue Ray in the UK

  2. If you are intrigued and inspired by this article then DONT STOP THERE! When I read this article, I too was intrigued…and inspired…AND in triggered a hope while it also…at the very same time…triggared my victim, my narcissist and the pure ego identifying all the specialness that is ME in this article.

    It really didn’t take much time to reconcile the inner conflict…and come to the realization that, yes…it’s nice to be part of a collective group…with special powers and special perceptions…knowing…wisdom…and insight, but really when I compare my own personal life historical experience…I realize HOW HUMILIATING it is to be THAT special in THAT way. And then I realized…that though special I may be…the hard work of enduring such trials need NOT stop at specialness.

    Maybe…look a little further to some humility, for the trials that brought us this far should be an indicator of the sheering gravity of our responsibility. It’s rather humbling, and we won’t get there with our ego inspired specialness. It will need more grit and stamina then the ego could bear…I think.

    1. Hey Brian..I can relate to how you are feeling regarding the article..and yes when I was first remembering Who and What I AM my ego too said “you’re not special..what makes you think that YOU are a Blueray being’ and blalabla on it goes but then WHY NOT ? WHY NOT is it OK for me and you and others who are of the Blueway to not be happy and content knowing Who and What WE are.. I personally don’t consider myself ‘special’ for being a blueray..for it just IS who I AM..if that makes sense (?)

      1. Agree with you. I don’t feel special. All the pieces of the puzzle I’ve been presented finally fit and make sense. I was shocked reading of my responsibility in this mission. Even though I knew always it wasn’t a small part. Still reeling from this knowledge but grateful for the full clarity. Thank you and much love to you ❤️

    2. I think that we have endured much adversity throughout our lives that we need not to question ourselves about having enough grit and stamina when the time comes. Feeling ready.

    3. In agreement with what you said, Brian, thank you.
      Spiritual ego is one of the greatest pitfalls and from the minute we start to think about yourself as one of the special ones, we easily lose focus about the service we are here to render.

      This article is very useful and I am happy to have been guided here, yet, we are soul and it’s easy to get lost into classifications. At reading it, there’s a large part of the description that fits to this being and life experience, particularly the the ability to transmute and need to be protected at all times, the constant challenges from birth, etc. but my way of life is 33/6 and the name had to be changed to carry the frequency of Love in a better way. Remaining aware that we are here to serve Higher Love and to be a channel through which the Plan of the Supreme can be manifested, and that none of us has more importance than any other being is key to succeeding in fulfilling the soul contract.

      Lastly, if i go back to the personal, i would say that i honestly share traits with Blue Ray 1, Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows and am not so sure labelling truly helps souls to grow back into being real. Open to any comment and would love more information to render better service. The challenge has always been to find a role in society that doesn’t conflict with the true essence of the being. This world build around making money is often felt as not right. Facilitating healing, for instance, is offered as a gift from the Masters who come forth, monetising this is … ???

      1. @Keya ” i would say that i honestly share traits with Blue Ray 1, Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows and am not so sure labelling truly helps souls to grow back into being real.”

        Labeling is actually COUNTERPRODUCTIVE and too often disempowering. Labels are mind created and when we label, the mind is triggered and becomes more active. “Am I this?” “Wow so I am this!” “Now what?” “I’m not good enough to be this” “That mission is to big for me” ” Wow now I will go into the world proclaiming my mission!”

        It is much more powerful. of truth and service to the Light that is ALL to step into the knowing that you are. If you are a Blue Ray, you are a channel for Energy, Wisdom and a conduit for Ascension. As the channel, you have a knowing and understanding beyond words and labels. And you also have Divine guidance. Stay here, stay pure, do not concern yourself with labels.

    4. I too am in Scotland – I’m trying to ‘reply’ to ‘D’ in the comments but very strangely, there is no reply box next to her/his name, can anyone please help?

      What if Blue Rays got together, so we no longer have to experience this near insufferable loneliness and yes, people attacking us for no reason at all apart from jealousy and fear.

      They do not believe that souls like us exist because kindness and love are lacking in their own hearts and so feel justified in trying to destroy us, citing us as ‘fake’. This world has become dangerous for the likes of us and if we were not protected, we would be dead. I attempted suicide three times many years ago and each time labelled a ‘walking miracle’. There is no way out, we must simply ‘be’ to raise consciousness. That is our job.

      One thing regarding the numerology though – my birthdate 1 but not my name. I stumbled across Blue Ray information many years ago on the internet and recognised myself almost immediately however, nothing was ever mentioned about identifying us with the numerological number of 1.

      So much love to the Others out there.

      1. I am a blue ray and found this article. My birthdate adds up to 1 but my birth name is 8. I’ve truly never resonated with my name, I wonder if this could be the reason why. If not than any insight on what this means?

        1. What I know about blue ray’s is they need the purple ray to be 1. The flat blue diamond can only be seen in the chosen ones eyes, ones given they can be used on demand. I believe all rays even the rainbow colors should make a stand and wish to be selective United. I’m sorry about the calculations I’m a 11 master number.

      2. I’m in Glasgow if you want to connect. Not sure you’ll get this message but I believe in Divine timing and intervention.

        You can find me on IG: indigo_358

    5. Nope Brian. I too do not feel special by this at all. For me its that feeling of understanding why I feel and have always felt so alone – that’s what really resonated. It gave me peace understanding why I am the way that I am.

      There’s still a lot of work that continues to push me harder and harder into embodying “the work” that I came here to do. If anything, it’s humbling to me to care so much for humanity to accept this huge challenge of possibly incurring more Karma for the hope of being part of the solution to “The Experiment”.
      We are here to work, there’s nothing special about that but for the grace that such work brings when we take on the mantle of fulfilling our reason for being here.

  3. I certainly don’t feel very special, I am a very flawed person.this article really shook me up, firstly because I am a number 1…and secondly because of an experience I had directly with some blue beings many years ago..they ‘ told’ methat the veil between the living and dead would dissapear, new colors will cone into being, and that we are entering a new dimension. ..It was a profoundly beautiful experience and I am just an ordinary person X I want to know more!

      1. Blessed be! This explains so much! Cassiopeia constellation is in the shape of a W and resides above my house when I go to bed. My purpose is to de-condition minds and beliefs and help others to become who they really are. Good to meet you!

      2. I too should have died many times over as well, both from accidents, things out of my control and also from my own hands. It was after my last unsuccessful attempt oh, I tried to hang myself somehow the Paracord broke and I’m still here. And it was in that moment that I realized my higher purpose and from that moment on everything it’s just sort of Clicked.

  4. Is it possible that those of us shown this info right now is another piece of our puzzle? I think so! I know I have been lead here and can follow the pieces of my Who am I puzzle right back for years!
    The words Blue Ray popped in my head last year, I was read by a psychic who called me of the Elohim. And so on. And the words Humility have popped in my head over and over and that’s just recent info. it has been a gradual life thing. Now I am writing nonstop, filling tons of notebooks,no kids, husband, etc. My life reads like your words Steve! Thank you, I think you are our witness and link in a much grander way than you are told! Much love to you and all of you Blues!!

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this writing.

    I have been asking for the past couple of weeks to find a group of people I can relate to, so it is no coincidence I have found you. I feel as if I have found home. I have never felt I fit in with anyone as I can’t talk to them. People have been jealous of me all my life, and I can’t for the life of me see why. I’m afraid to tell anyone about my Spiritual experiences for fear they will think I have a big ego, even people who call themselves ‘spiritual’ – nobody could have less of an ego than me. Life is very lonely.

    The information you give ticks all the boxes for me, except for one: I never felt comfortable with my name, nor with my married name, so many years ago I changed my two middle names to one name, and my married surname to my mother’s maiden name which I love and feel comfortable with. Just working it out I find that my name now adds up to one, as does my birth date.

    I am also a Walk-in.
    With much love………….

    1. ‘People have been jealous of me all my life, and I can’t for the life of me see why. I’m afraid to tell anyone about my Spiritual experiences for fear they will think I have a big ego, even people who call themselves ‘spiritual’ – nobody could have less of an ego than me. Life is very lonely.’

      Sums up my life! But if i tell people that that is how i feel – they’ll think im crazy and/or arrogant – but then thats the FEAR factor, and that’s one thing i am still overcoming personally / spiritually. oh God it feels good to be here and know I am and we are NOT alone and we never are <3

    2. I also feel like this is talking about me exactly. Except for the name. My Hebrew name adds to 1,but in English it adds to 11 to 2. (Born in US, raised in Jewish family). So my ego goes “see, you’re a two, no reason to inflate me” bc part of my ego’s ground is feeling humble, if that makes sense? Like, that constant critical part feels better about itself when it doesn’t jump to conclusions and is so smart and gets everything. But it’s also the part that jumps to conclusions.. At a surface level it’s this constant morphing of the ego so that it tricks me by changing what my/its thoughts are, but it’s still the ego too…so it’s really hard to clear out the clutter and harness the ego into spiritual usefulness…

      1. I have two 11s in my numerology chart. I was led to this page because I keep having psychic visions of a blue planet which I feel is familiar to me but isn’t in our solar system so I googled basically that – I keep having psychic visions of a blue planet – and this page came up. I wouldn’t say I cause chaos where I go but I always raise the vibration of my company (make them feel happy) – I call myself a light house, haha. But thinking of this now, when I’m in an environment where there is healing needed by one or more ppl I tend to bring out the information they need to know to move forward. I do psychic readings etc but I know my gift runs deeper..

  6. WOW – i came here a while ago and now only a few months and BOOM heaps of kindred souls that really is amazing! some one’s turned a Light switch on hehe

  7. Don’t feel special- at all in these current events!
    Feel more confirming about my inner self..soul self! Constantly seeking knowledge i have researched what’s been flowing through me at the time – connections with indigo / star seeds / lightworkers etc , similar characteristics of most, some more than others but no definite a-ha moment of resonance- thumbs up from my inner intuition.. today I stumbled upon blu rays and a-ha moment was instantaneous as I was reading over your article without paying attention to it


    1. I absolutely agree about the numbers,nine are 11 and 3. I am the first wave of Blue Rays my origin is the Andromeda galaxy, El Moyra Archangel MIchael and Goddess Golden Tara are with me and protect me, I have tried to change my name so many times and yet always change it back! so yes some info resonates, as always I listen to my deep inner self, the knowing is more resonant than the seeing .

    2. @Alexis Mana Thank you for sharing this Truth. Of course there are many types of Blue Ray Beings, not just the Blue Ray 1’s . Blue Ray Beings have been evolving and carry all the vibrations. Labeling and categorizing does not fit the gigantic Being that is of the Blue Ray.

  9. The Shekinah will reveal brightness in the north. Three ancient souls will witness the brightness. Three ancient souls will travel the land and proclaim God’s Philosophy to mankind.

  10. Quietism took me into an alcove with three locked doors. I was given three keys. I took the first key and put it in the lock of the first door. The door opened.

  11. Entry of the Shekinah is forthcoming. The Shekinah will enter in the north. A dwelling will receive brightness. Three ancient souls will witness the brightness. Three ancient souls will travel the land to testify to God’s glory.

  12. This is the time to begin the gathering of ancient souls. An awakening of ancient souls is forthwith. The flame beckons ancient souls to rise up and take ownership of their destined purpose. The I AM has begun the awakening. Awake and step on the path that leads to your journey towards God’s purpose. It has begun.

  13. Time has come for the flame to extend brightness within the being. The flame beckons the being to receive a higher consciousness. Each being is drawn within their own conscious quantum attributes. Time is now.

  14. Namaste, I am the Scribe of this Article and have been reading your comments. Please know, firstly, every soul is very special and distinct. You can lower your Light by thinking less of yourself so please do not allow the alternate ego to take you there. Humility is inherent just as ego is in a dualistic program. If you identify with this Post, there is a Part 2 also just released. Pls join me on Facebook and LinkedIn to get updates and deeper insights.

    Steve, thank you for sharing this article.

    1. Hello Sangeeta

      I would like to confirm that the Blue Ray White Light Beings are now on Earth. I have activated a portal in Egypt, the middle pyramid amongst 3. There are 15 of them here to give unconditional love, healing and the power to manifest. The portal is very powerful and huge. The portal is permanent. If you want to know more please visit my group (I have shared yesterday to all spiritual groups in the world). One of them is confirmed as being Theo from AskTheo with Sheila Gillette.

      1. @Luisa Blue Ray White Light Beings have been on Earth for half a century. 🙂 Sometimes the info takes a while to “get out”

    2. Where do we find part two? I have Sirius DNA. I found this after having a profound blue energy transmission into my crown Chakra and a information of telling me blue ray blue ray. I had no idea what that was. I was so tired and excited after mediation I just went to sleep but next day Googled and found this land much more and just cried and cried. I feel so humbled and loved after years and years of what I can only describe as searching and tenacity to withstand conditions. I would like to know more please and thank you ❤️

    1. Thankyou. My Guardian Is Michael. I am a Blue Ray 1 and my name is Christopher John Leermakers 13101974

  15. thank you, thank you, thank you so much..I feel not alone anymore after reading this.. while reading I had tears in my eyes.. so grateful! much love to you!

    1. Anonymous said…
      I have yet to meet anyone like myself, the trauma of arriving into physical form after arriving directly from the source of all life itself, falling 7 successive levels into heavier and darker vibrations until arriving to the point where the world was pulled before my eyes and you feel, for what feels like, for the first time the opposite polarity separated by the most extreme degrees. all the pain and suffering of being housed in a body, realm belonging to death and its lord, the gate keeper of this lower nature and this prison, its a completely different nature to the life and light within myself and extremely traumatic. I was known since birth by death and the lord of this realm, and the war began that very first day. these memories are mine, being so painful, engraving it deep into my being, that I can remember my birth and never lost sight or feeling of the qualities I have within, and that of my creator on the inside and outside of myself. knowing who I am and what I was experiencing to be true. this war with the beast made me who I am today and I was able to arrive at awakening the true human and start cleaning the way for the other helpers I was praying for the most sacred to send. I am a true spiritual warrior moving through this realm alone. my memories of the freedom and connection to the source of all creation to guide and help me, this realm for me is like being force fed lemons when all i had ever tasted was mangos. you can easily differentiate between the two after your first taste of sour, I assure you. constantly being attacked and having no one in the world to help. this made me stronger as it forced me to fight and to maintain the holy frequencies constantly searching for the sweetest of fruits that I was accustomed to, while under constant threat and attack from the opposite polarity, and being extremely uncomfortable with the state of what most know as earth. the degree of trauma associated with being wide awake the most painful of experiences. I fought, I confronted head on the nature of fear and found myself in the humility and sincerity of crying for this realm and the souls imprisoned here both animal and human that are truly one and the same. which became my only tool and space to work from and from these states I was able to learn how to free myself so that I could be of genuine help to the awakening humanity here. miracles happened. I am also amazed at how the spirit found its way in this poverty, I have overcome fear completely but feel it from others daily. I know there are others, there must be, I am sure. because the weight of the world is heavy and we have come to balance it, to create choice and to create the opportunity and choice for all souls to choose their destiny. towards the light and eternity or the darkness and the road to death.

  16. Thank u 4 publishing this article. I found it very interesting. Totally something I’ll continue to look into. I was reading the 1st few comments a few people made about not feelin special being a Blue Ray. I don’t agree w/that. I enjoy walkin around spreading joy like confetti. I was once very average n miserable as hell. I decided to live by faith & the greatest gift I’ve received has been my joy. So of course I share it. I’ve learned how 2 eat healthy (alkaline diet), fitness, herbs, the law, marketing, internet services, business development & I could keep going. Blue Rays make the best teachers. Maybe u’ll find ur joy if u started expressing yourselves more. I created my own website n I’m starting 2 share my lessons & it’s ThE most magical thing ever. Blue RAys r specialists@ finding the silver lining. So close ur eyes n see it. Ps, holla @ me if u wanna start ur own site. Love n lite

  17. Hi, after reading this about Blue Ray’s, all of the pieces to my life fitted together. What does this mean? I feel a little overwhelmed. I am a master number 11 as well. I was born in Australia & am living here.

  18. Amazing information….thank you for sharing. Can you also speak more on the other blue rays? I would love to learn more about them all and how to know what one I am connected to; Eg: can I use numerology to find out? Thank you

  19. Thank you for the article. A couple of weeks ago I had a conversation with a psychic medium who said to me that I was a “star child” and that there was something about the “blue ray” and number 7. It made no sense to me at that moment, so I have started to do some research. I had to deal with a lot of stuff growing up and that made me a very logical and analytical being, so a lot of information around the web is just too “floaty” for me to even accept it. This article was the first one to resonate with me. I still don’t know what I am supposed to do with all this, but it is a first step. I am happy there are other people like me and that makes me feel somehow more “connected”.
    A question for other blue rays – what did you do after finding out about who you are? How did it change your life?

  20. Hi all 🙂 So great to see something published on the return of this beautiful ray to the earth again!! This is my 4th year of full time (24/7) ascension service since activating my lightbody. We (the etheric realms and I) have been clearing the earths energy grid, and restoring our DNA,source codes,glandular system and brain from the devastation since our original fall from consciousness. I am now in the process of anchoring the Blue Ray into our consciousness grid. I know there are so many of us working behind the scenes to bring the light back onto the planet!! I am of course very isolated right now and have been for the last 4 years when I had a spontaneous kundalini awakening and full blown hallucinogenic (no 3d drugs 🙂 vision quest reminding me of my soul contract to do just this. Of course, like all of us, I had forgotten ha! The vision quest was the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to me, I could see into past and future realms with pure physic clairvoyance. I grabbed my popcorn and locked myself in the bathroom to watch the show haha!! This has been the hardest thing I have ever done but of course it is one of the greatest things we will ever do!! We have done the impossible and are on the verge of huge changes which can be felt throughout all creation!! So shine on lightworkers, the blue ray has returned!! I am smack dab in the middle of the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area in the United States. With love to you all in (L)iving (O)ne (V)ibrational (E)nergy!!

  21. After almost killing myself with high doses of drugs all my life , even with 4 years wakening with Mother Ayahusca , she finally pointed me at one of ceremonies to person who seems to be Blue Ray . She slowly taking me out of my life misery and opened my eyes that i am probably Blue Ray . It was about the time , on my latest ceremony Aya took me so deep and showed me that very soon I will return back to drugs and I will go crazy . It took an hour that experience and i realized what people feels when their brains stop working properly. Heavy experience. Anyway I am glad that after struggling all my life I am aware where start again and perhaps where to go .Yesterday after my first Kambo session I can see more clearly these things . Anyway great article . Born in Czech Republic , residing in USA. Blessing to all of You .

  22. Very humbling to read this .. thank you so much for posting this and of course …. happen to chance upon your website .. when I was supposed to be reading something else.

    My higher self did tell me where I came from .. but was skeptical about they’ve said. Also said about my angelic family, being a starseed and a great healer etc etc.

    Transmutation and transformation of dark energy has been my specialty but I doubted myself as the external corresponds with the work that I’ve been doing … and now that you’ve this marker/signpost for all of us blue rays .. We will work even harder since this ‘message’ is revalidating our true origin and we continue forward to work on our assignments. From deep within our hearts, We thank you, Sangeeta Handa, for creating this signpost/marker for us .. along this tiring yet exciting journey. We will endeavor to work harder Now that we are at a cross road with each other, as we go our ways to transmute and transform Mother Earth Gaia and our solar system to its pristine state of being. And so it is. Sending the brightest Rainbow Reiki Blessings to All As One. Namaste

  23. Those of this ray, have been taken to the temples of learning, visited by all kinds of beings observed always protected not interacted with, masters guiding, powerful manifestations, portal openings, found a position to stay grounded, no limits to travel. Connect to each other and complete the shift, practice connecting so we all come in together. To publicly proclaim is to attract distractions and energy. Blessings

    1. I can identify with what is written. My first and last name together is a number one but not my birthday. can you please help me with understanding this part. I can totally identify with what is written, and yet seem to be not in the total round because my birthday is not a number one. are the people who have commented and identified all double number ones?

  24. Hello all I have been walked in by a blue 1 at age 5 since I have been I have looked for knowledge on the energy and have found non only recently. I have seen this energy and others who are sensitive have been seeing it as well the biggest soul embodiment. On this plane with me in me fully awakened I’m now ready thank you so much for reminding me of what I am and letting me know im not alone. I was feeling the energy editing as I was reading yet I did not have to concentrate to access it. Thank you i was not ready before to weild the violet flame now it freely flows.

  25. Amazing coincidences! Drawn/guided to google Blue Ray this morning after already “identifying” as 2nd Wave Volunteer (Delores Canon) starseed, traveller, wanderer, and hybrid for the last few years. Also INTJ, empath, heyokah “sacred clown/trickster”, A deep inner knowing from childhood, near-autistic in relating to other people as a child, self-entertaining from childhood because no one on this world really sees or hears each other anyway, its just ego-masks relating/projecting onto other ego-masks for the most part. Drawn to help/heal others (and myself first of course), always preferring living alone, never wanted children or marriage and knew from an early age I would not, Androgynous, added my mothers maiden name legally as my last name at age 30, became asexual 4 years ago and loving it (but no one believes that there are ppl here who just don’t care about sex so its just one more thing that makes me feel I can’t “be myself”), detached from just about everything now. Low to no ego. No dog in the fight. Been criticized for having “too much ego-strength” (a former supervisor told me this is how I affected my peers) for being “too happy” (a depressed adolescent mental health patient/client/student told me this is why she hated me once) and basically though I’ve never had wealth, privilege, social status, special good looks or anything else in the material world other people might want, and for the most part being a quiet reclusive person with average social skills I have inspired inadequacy, jealousy, and discomfort in others my entire life, especially the more I have woken up to my true nature. I am a systems-buster who leaves any group or workplace different even if I attended only briefly and never opened my mouth. Often cast in the role of scapegoat and then people have to find other things to bond over after I’ve left and am not there to gossip about. The most common themes are other women feel threatened by me or want to be me and I am a mirror to them of internalized self loathing/misogyny. In men, I mostly inspire a desire to own/possess/control me for their own purposes. I have had a heart-space awakening and have deep compassion for others. Yet I have had to balance this with self-respect and self-preservation. I have too often been the paper towel soaking up others misery as an empathic soul in the name of love, compassion and friendship which is never returned, then it takes too long to de-tox. Since others have never been on the same wavelength or that much fun for me as companions, I have started to be proactive about having fun with them and expressing myself as a clown/performer/character just to amuse myself and pass the time here. Love that I can be a city hermit-homebody and make a living in cyberspace now – I honor myself by keeping others negative energy out of my physical field, yet I am always hopeful there are others like me somewhere who are egoless enough to embody AGAPE. Does anybody here have any real friends? Lol I’ve even seemed to make some big name spiritual gurus a bit nervous – I smell egoic codependent tendencies and spiritual ambition a mile away these days and it makes me want to laugh when anyone thinks they are special or important, I don’t care WHO you think you are. We are all of ONE being. What I have learned is that if I am impressed by someone or something, get ready for a lesson. There is nothing and no one to be impressed by, least of all me. Kinda tired of being marketed to, everything feels like such a consumer transaction, yet I too make a living selling. Its hilarious being here. So full of paradox. I am enjoying the ride and accepting that this assignment is pretty lone. I figure, why not enjoy it? On the other side of this I am non-individuated, part of a great ocean and soon enough, I’ll be back with my soul group and all my guides. They keep me company. I have had several NDEs, shamanic/plant journeys, and descensions/visitations/DNA upgrades from my multi-dimensional higher self. The journey, the ride, continues. I was born in and remain in the great white north and I am tied to the grid holding frequency here. I am aware this is an assignment. It’s just a job, but it could be a lot more fun if others were able to see past their meat sacks, false ids, and defenses. Birth name numerology: Life path:3, Destiny:11, Personality:1, Soul Urge:1. Blessings to all here. I honor you and love you star family!

  26. I am new to this sort of information as I only came across this article about 5 months ago and after I worked out that my birth name and birth date were both a 1 I looked at all my family, extended family, friends and anyone else I knew to see if anyone else was a ‘Blue Ray 1 Being’ using the birth name and date code and I could not find any. It was really strange reading the profile of what a Blue Ray traites would be and I pretty much fitted them all which sort of unnerved me a bit. Is there anyone that can give me some more insight to what this really means?

  27. For those of you who are interested, check out and the three books offered there, channeled from The Blue Ones. Their Facebook post appeared in my feed some months ago; hadn’t heard of them before. Only Book One is available; Book Two to come out later this year perhaps. And now I see this post on Steve’s site, which I was directed to somehow last summer. I’m told I have crystal clear light blue with green, magenta, violet and light pink in my aura. (Check out for a soul reading if you want one). I’ve read the posts ahead of mine here and I can say that I came into this reality and it felt really really strange! It took me decades to get used to it and then my mind fragmented around 2010 and I’ve worked hard healing it (had most success in using Step 1 from ‘The Rise of Ramees’ from Three Bridges Foundation). With it came old sorcery and dark arts energies and enslavements. Went to authentic Peruvian shamans and all they told me was ‘hope and pray’ essentially. What?!!! I lost just about everything (jobs, husband, car, savings, more) and everyone in my life like my birth family. Oh, well. They didn’t get me at all. Last summer, penniless, I was forced to eat plants in my backyard for food and my bike was stolen. I felt defeated and I didn’t know what to do or where to turn. Why was all this happening to me? What sort of setup had I created for myself here on Earth? Then I did a shamanic journey and met a soulmate in the upper world and I agreed to the arrangement. Months later, I met him in person and he’s helping me move forward in big ways. So appreciative of all that he does for me, without me asking for anything. Life is moving quickly into thriving mode and I find myself feeling very very happy lately with a part-time job perusing my passion (raw desserts) and a wonderfully terrific soulmate. It was he, during two recent healings, who helped me be free of the ‘past lifetime’ mirrors that were torturing me. I do indeed have lots of hope!

  28. I believe we are allowed to feel special. Know that we are what we are, and understand that we are worthy. We are special, and humble.

    I feel a lot of my power has been suppressed and repressed.
    My name has also been “changed”, unofficially, from, “Ashleigh”, to, “Rose” in my early years of life.
    I am still, “Ashleigh” by birthname, but most people call me by my newer name.
    Perhaps, this plays a major part, in addition to the experiences I have lived through in life, which keeps my abilities hindered behind my true potential.

    1. Interesting you say this.

      I am a behind-the-scenes Blue. Through past hardships, I have come to utilize aliases, and am incredibly careful about where I share my personal information. I received the new information from my guides and inner self that now is the time to retire the aliases and to utilize my birth name. Staying behind aliases will keep me small. I’ve been having consistent intuitive confirmations following that, in order to help confirm the truth of that awareness.
      It’s a big leap of trust and faith to step out from behind the purposed veil.

  29. For years I was told I was a first wave partially resonated, however not completely as I feel different from all the indigos, starseeds and earthseeds I meet. Recently, the truth was revealed to me..I am a blue ray and one of the first order as well as one of the 24 elohim. My life here has been hell on earth and I have been very highly targeted and persecuted for my abilities, my light, and my soul mission. I am slowly withdrawing from most of my few friends and family because of the brutal treatment i have experienced from most. What also has come into my awareness is very ancient knowledge and how the blue ray family is being persecuted and utilized…i dont want to go into more because i will be scorned here…I am very isolated and going broke with all the continued targeting…honestly, I cannot wait to go “home”. I have never connected with another human being who has been able to understand or relate to any of my experiences…I am withdrawing from the world around me because relationships and interactions with others have been too painful.

    I send love light and strength to others of the blue ray.

  30. Sangeeta Handa thank you.
    Blue Rays are reclusive in all of their nature.
    I notice your silence with individuals who out right claim to be #1’s or Blue Rays which is not the way of these beings. Just on the same page my brother.

    Kohana Wakoyantanke Tahatan

  31. Thank u Sangeeta !!! The next step is to break through our fears,and reconnect with each other.

    A long awaited event and “get it to gather” celebration 😉

    There will be one here in America. A Sirius B direct connect with Atlantis at the mouth of the Miami River.

    Will be an extraordinary special evening that many of us have been looking forward to for awhile.

    Please post the other locations and sites in Europe, Asia, Austrailia, Africa, South America etc…

    Everyone will have an opportunity to enjoy. 🙂

    The Event is on for 9.23.17.

    With much love.


    111 385 666 1110


    1. Hey Marc
      Wow 9.23.17 is my Birthday what an
      A-mazing celebration wishing upon a Star I was in the States (I’m based in the UK)
      A number of synchronistic events lead me to this article and my Heart expands in knowing, sensing, Truth and a deepening connection to Home ~ Human OM Evolution
      Thank U for sharing
      In Love & Light Unity Consciousness Joanna x♡x

  32. I’m a tad confused. In my current understanding we are only in the 5th root race and the 7th root race is not due on the planet until the 28th century. I think i am misunderstanding all this. Thank you for the article, it is very interesting to say the least. I “feel” this resonates with me however the inconsistencies and trick filming that currently exists on the internet around this subject causes a lot of doubt. Personally I do not self proclaim anything until the fact is absolutly undeniable. Someone who can offer insight without a $300 charge would be fantastic.

  33. I was born on 11/11/1970.
    I have been divinely protected from many situations that should have caused my physical death. I am on a quest, since I can remember since being on earth, to heal.
    As others mentioned, I am very flawed but always knew I had a mission but not any more important than other starseed’s missions.
    I don’t know Numerology well at this point so I don’t know if my name, Kimberley Ann Irish or my birthdate, though a special number sequence, equal to one. If not, is it possible I could be an exception to this rule?
    All I want to do is help bring down the matrix and heal people, animals and Gaia.
    Thank you for any feedback or guidance, I really need it please.

  34. Nancy Beth please please please contact me! I promise we will be able to relate to each other. My life here has been extremely challenging and I drowned myself in alcohol for decades until I finally came to accept what I feel I really am and why I’m here.
    I remember, though vaguely, throwing a temper tantrum about coming here. I have never belonged anywhere, including the family I was incarnated into. I am very homesick, always have been but I don’t want to be selfish anymore and hide from my mission to bring awareness to others and help those like us to bring awareness to others and heal.
    I struggle with some things yet like not eating very clean and smoking cigarettes but I did overcome my alcohol abuse problem.
    Let’s help each other.
    Blessings ♡

    1. I too did my time with alcohol, among other things. I am feeling really good now. I have come along way, not even nowhere near the same person I was even 3 years ago, amazing!! Still have some work to do, but I am doing it!! Know dear one that you are loved, and it does not matter “what was”, what matters is that you are progressing and staying conscious in all things. I say this because I feel these words would help me at anytime as they are also very true. Stay strong, stay in love. Much Love to you & yours

  35. Can you give us some updated info on Blue Rays? There is very little info out there. I feel us Blue Rays could use some input right about now. Thank You! -Much Love

    1. I hear you, I have bee searching myself, no blue rays ones stand up to express the knowledge, I have tried many times and been “shut down” even by other blue ray ones, which totally blew my mind. I personally feel that we are still working under the radar and in my case still unseen.

      Today I saw this “The Galactic Blue Ray Frequency is Present and Fully Activated” when I clicked the link on a facebook page there was only pictures.

      Hopefully our time will come soon

  36. I m not a blue ray one. I am going through spiritual awakening and am looking for people to connect. I have 5 websites, my main is onefreelove com
    i am a learner and awakener. I am writing a book about spiritual growth. Please write me

  37. This is exactly what I needed to read not only to understand everything up to this point thus far but also to what extends on the timeline in the future. Thank you. Everything you wrote resonates but also coincides with my past life in Egypt in the old kingdom as I was told worshipping Isis, later on a nun, and now a spiritual warrior. This particular life has been incredibly hard on me, one in which I don’t talk about much. Having the concepts of the violet flame, spiritual understanding, and being in metaphysics for thirty years now has taught me to stay true to who I am but also has lifted me up from rather dark places throughout this life time, often leaving me questioning my part in all of this. Namaste

    1. I am from Brazil as well but struggling to leave and start new projects to help people around the globe, i’ve been forcefully pushed to delete all my social networks as i have so many enemies i can’t even describe, i didn’t know the reason until i started my awakening in the last year, having contact with higher beings and reading this article makes sense now as why i have to hide life from others…

  38. Hi, I am Timea, 32, from Romania. I thought I woud say hello to my blue family too. My long name and birth day is all “1”, but I was drawn before to blue rays so i humbly believe I am one. My case is a very sad one for me, I went through very low agonious, disgraceful states since my awakening and have been awfully bullied and threatened by entites. I am just dragging myself forward in life and often thinking of quitting bc I am very tired and don’t see the point of my painful journey. It is said we are protected, it doesn’t seem so but I probably wouldn’t be here alive, if it weren’t so. I must have made some obviously inadmissible mistakes in my soul’s history. I look normal physically, yet I can’t function properly in society, though I feel I love people and have great compassion toward their suffering. I am sort of a “wreck” I wouldn’t enjoy my own company as I am in these states. Yes, I am a big loner but solely bc of my imbalances. I hope to overcome all of this, to be forgiven for what I inpardonably mistakened on my soul’s journey and become whole and at peace within myself again.
    If any of you feels drawn to me, look me up on fb “Timea Orban”, it is great to reconnect to soul family.
    I am also ultra sensitive type and unconsciously wore lots of blue clothing in my life. :p
    My ego does not get triggered much by this bc the humiliation I have endured has no match for it yet. I still feel low about myself,and for good reasons probably.
    Blessings and I congratulate you for your successes and being here, dear family!!! ♡♡♡

    1. hi, timea. i think how you feel is most of us feel! i don’t understand the point of my incarnation either. remember, “the meek shall inherit the earth”.
      just tell your guides, Mother God, Father God, angels, animal spirit guides (mine’s a red fox! – i literally saw it for a second right next to my face when i woke up one morning!) for their protection and guidance. also, look for chakra meditations, aura protection and activation frequencies on youtube for your 4th and 5th dimensional chakras, and check out Gigi Young on youtube. i am new to this whole blue ray thing – its weird to feel so connected to others and still feel so alone. hopefully there is a point to all of this – i am so bored of being on this planet. try not to take it too personally when other entities target you, they really are unable to do anything else. i reminded God about you before this reply, so hopefully things will start to change for you soon…always be your spirit!

      1. I’m overwhelmed as this is exactly me and couldn’t have been explained any better to who I am as a person. Incredible, exciting and feeling a sense of relief that I am finding my people finally where I am to be finally understood and the others to bring more clarity and understanding.

  39. Hello, beautiful people. I am from Argentina and I just came across this article today. It caught my attention because a few years ago someone told me I was a Blue Ray and since I loved the group of people forming it, we have been sharing regularly and it has been a source of very loving support. But other than they saying I was “one of them”, I never felt any special resonance. This also caught my attention because both my name and my birth date are 1. Now, as it has usually been the case for me, only a fragment of the information resonated with me. I’ve felt I’m a direct seed from Source and I’ve never had any particular inkling for any star system, and yet resonating with all messages that are pure love. I’ve always felt very protected, to the extreme that I feel invisible and unheard, which is very frustrating since I love to share and connect from the heart. What’s also frustrating to me is that I can see so clearly that we are all Source beings on a journey, that my sharings seem to me like stating the obvious, with the danger of stating the obvious too soon and interfere with another being’s sacred journey. In addition, I’ve always wondered what special piece my country,Argentina, is playing in this ascencion process, especially since it’s a place that also seems to be flying under the radar. If you resonate with me, you can find my sharings and contact information at and on FB “Vitki Carolina”. Blessings and smiles.

  40. There are so many of us. I am overwhelmed with my feelings right now. I have always been an introvert, obsessed with reading books, books, books Obsessed with politics and curbing corruption, etc. Feel great anger with the injustices occurring all over this wonderful orb of ours. Have always kinda known I was Blue Ray 1 for about 30 or so years and have always felt so humbled with my special guides (El Morya, AA Michael, Sananda Jesus, Mother Mary) Have been in meditations where we were supposed to meet our lead guide Thought I had done something wrong when Jesus was standing before me. He just smiled when I said I had made a mistake. In another meditation, I was to regress back to one of my first lifetimes on Gaia. I became a beautiful blue orb! Not a being at all – just beautiful energy. Mind boggling. But, I was very happy. Well, it’s nice to know we all have a place to be and we are not alone!

  41. Amazing post, my whole being vibrated with every word and I was on the verge of crying, I know i’m of the seventh ray and I have a lion animal totem with me who I keep seeing. If that’s not enough in a lucid conscious dream which of cause is not just dreams but the spirit world; I saw myself as a walking talking lion being, in another similar experience (Michael Caine) was guiding me through a test and at the end he waited by a portal of blue flame with a stone head of a lion, he said to me’ well done, you are gods perfect creation’. I was to enter the light portal of blue flame, but I didn’t as I thought it was a test of pride.My aura which I can see through my closed eyes and physical eyes at times is purply blue and looks like flames…In my light initiation, Lord Metreiya and Lord Vishnu guide me, during my dreams and nightly experiences huge light beings, goddess Athena and other beings protect me. I have been called Balthazar while I was guiding a female spirit.

  42. I needed to add some more info! I said in my previous comment I was a 7th ray but I just added up my birth which is 1st October 1983 which makes: day 01=1, month 10=1 & year 1983=1, i’m not sure about my name though. Also I don’t know if this is relevant but I would be described as a Indigo, my aura being blue and purplish which fits in with the colors of rays 1 and 7, so could indigo’s be another name for blue ray beings? Plus when I had my psychic reading awhile back the medium said I had a powerful guide since birth who wears a scarf; now in my lucid/conscious dreams the Goddess Athena wears a scarf and I know she protects me, in a dream I was been put through a test involving water and I disappeared somewhere for no apparent reason, I entered a building where one of the dark beings who follow me around was waiting, probably to attack me. Athena came with me and prevented the attack by wrapping her scarf around the dark being to scare her of, I then said ‘don’t mind my beautiful lady Athena, she is just trying to protect me’ the being then disappeared and Athena lifted me up on her scarf and I was flying around the room giggling like a child. Would her name be linked to these beings and the Acturians since her name is the same as there ship?

      1. You have calculated it wrong, otherwise everyone on the planet would not add up to 1, whether it was 111 or 1011 you deduct it to its single digit

  43. Thank you so much for this article. I Am a Blue Ray One I have always known this and it was validated during a channeled meditation early spring of this year. I live in the US in Idaho. I Am happy that I have finally connected with all of you. I would really like to stay connected if possible. It would be fun to compare stories and lives. How many of us are in the US? I would like to put together a group on line somewhere so that we can chat. I received some information tonight that is relevant to our life path.Please reach out because it is going to take us all to accomplish our goal. Namaste’ my soul group

  44. Well, I know I’m from the Sirius system for certain. My numbers are both “1” for name and birthdate? I’m hesitant to acknowledge any of this. I was born in 1964. I’m not of the Indigo generation. I’m of the old group. Maybe I was an early scout then?

  45. Bluerays- how wonderful to connect with you! I have just come to truly realise that my purpose is to raise consciousness here on earth – I originated from Sirius- here right now I am experiencing loneliness, but perhaps this is necessary in order to focus on and finish my novel :’Spirit of Prophecy’ an amazing karmic crime mystery. Help me get it out there and flying off the shelves ….and into cyberspace to of course. Love and light x Jill [UK]

  46. Hi am in the Midlands in the UK I resonate with this. I am a keeper/holder of violet fire which I see as an ultra violet pulse that swirls. I didn’t realise I was a holder as I don’t actually do anything, until I went to a healer with various symptoms and was told that everywhere I go I pick up energy and transmute it. It would be nice to connect with others especially in UK.
    Love and Light to everyone

  47. This highly resonated with me because people just keep going batshit around me even when literally, im just waiting for a burger at mcdonald’s.

    Im from Singapore. People have very little say in what goes on in their lives here.


  48. When the spirit kingdom needed an answer to true freewill. Free will meaning we can only co create with creator or we can create without the creator. The answer was only with the creator will the creation last for an eternity. The answer drew some skeptics. Mother God came up with the answer of kingdom with form to be united with kingdom without form. Creation of soul experience. Since this was a painful experience Mother God told Creator I first want to experience this before I allow my children to go. She took with her, her most trusted angels the Seriphim to see if it would work. Power with form was created and Mother God and her angels entered. The first color was blue. The first sound was OM. Mother God and her angels experienced every angle and decided it would work. This was called the first experience (original blue ray or blue print). She returned to the Creator and stated the experience would work. But it was dangerous so She had to go with her children. She would not interfere unless asked. The Creator agreed and called all the children interested together. With a vibration increasing and increasing until a loud bang took place these willing souls and Mother God and angels (blue rays of first degree) entered the second experience. We are now finishing the difficult part of this experience. It is destiny. Original blue rays are of the first experience. Along with some of the original blue rays there are 2nd generation. This experience is already finished in higher realms and is now coming to reality here. The door to the New Earth is opened and many souls are entering now.So do not fear the war is over. The experience of Mother God is here. You do not have to ascend any more. The ascension is coming to you. May the Peace of God be with you.

  49. It is a very scary thing to be ,I am ,it is a constant battle to stop dark feeding and draining energy plus mobile phones, electrics and unnatural energys are ultra toxic, then thers the people who stalk / hunt the rare blue ones have to constantly fend away , I don’t really believe there are so many of them whom say to be as they simply not mentioning the truth about blue ray ones i.e. The PAIN please people can you post realness god bless the true cosmic warriors xxxxxxxxx

  50. The one truth I am aware of is that evolved people don’t brag about it,
    and don’t complain about the effects therein. True Blue Ray individuals have no need to bring attention to one’s self. The work is quiet, behind the scenes, and deeply private.

  51. went to an IANDS conference, Westminster, CO. Heard a couple talk about his experience near death when 4 “blue Beings” appeared and did a kidney transplant which saved this mans life. incredible.. and true story.

  52. Finally!!! Name requirement for 1…Brian Allen Ray. Birthdate requirement for 1..06/14/1970. I am on FB. Any others coming into this understanding please feel free to write or friend request. Any Administrators looking for further info and/ or deeper knowledge please contact. I have waited decades for these articles. So much to share and so much to do. Time we came together!! or FB…Brian Ray in Iowa!

  53. Thank you.. Yes the highest protection.. it is pretty amazing to see the signs and the synchronicities of my life.. not sure most people would believe it… bigger stuff than hollywood could come up with. I have been walk in in 2000 and didn’t accept my body for very long and lived very awakened for many years, not understanding what was the planet and being protected to actually get it. in 2014 I have been dropped down to complete 3d no energy sensation or intuition or anything.. the humanity pain in my veins.. I had only the vague memory of how it felt to be before., the truth I knew and perceveid.. when my vibration dropped I litterally felt and I am kidding.. the falses beliefs of humanity being written in my brain one after the other.. I was trapped and I had to find my way back alone.. studying humanity history, myself and observing humans for 3 years.. especially man and woman stereotype of behaviors. than one day in 2016 it all came back and I started to do the elevation clearing of my body as well as guide other to do so.. my entire has been a marathon.. so many unknown as I was meant to live the human condition entirely and get back the only truth that is love.. not any kind of spirituality false beliefs and everything else.. by not knowing who I was I could only go back to love, energies etc and I did.. seeing every energetic body of human and seeing where it’s blocks and what lies is holding them.. I am now alone .. I need to keep people from a distance for some reason I never understood why but I felt people eat me or wanted to possess me if that makes any sens.. I am writing a book these last 16 years made me untanggled… and indeed using internet. this makes so much sense.. there is a lot of non sense out there, we never know who comes up with informations and what it is intended to do.. so we have to be careful as the the greatest human thing is their brain but it is also their biggest weakness because it is easily shaped and brainwashed.. thank you for text !!

    1. You take your full birth name. Each letter corresponds to a number 1-9 then repeats (google numerology) add all the numbers until you end up with 1 digit. Best of luck

  54. I was guided here this morning. I AM very blessed to be reminded of why I Am here in this Linear dimension to participate. Namaste

  55. I just had my second Akashic reading yesterday, and was told that I am one of the founders of the Blue Ray soul group, and a monad. Really heavy stuff. I would like to connect with more of my tribe. You may find me on Facebook. Ashby Racic Onelove! Vibe High!

  56. Hi, the “blue beings” do they have a “blue? energy form, beyond the physical body disguise. Like a blue body, beyond the human body, that only be seen with spiritual vision. very keen to know. thankyou very much

  57. Thank you for this!.. felt very big resonans and i know for sure i am ” a blue”.Always a lover of solitude and kept to myself. Raized by grandparents, changed my name..and Always felt like a spiritual undercover agent 007!! I am born 7/7.. a 33 in this felt great to read! if you feel resonans and want to connect with me to talk som more please do!

  58. Am definitely an Indigo, but I now believe that I am a Blue Ray. I as many of you have lived a life where in every aspect has experienced some form of abuse, and feeling like they don’t fit in, even to today, as do I. I feel less an less connected with people because of my beliefs. I am naturally a strong empath from a very young age. I am a natural Alchemist – in that I believe that I can heal my body, mind and spirit, through all of the holistic ways. As I heal myself through the guidance I am given, my gifts are now becoming stronger. My life started changing when I was initiated through the Modern Mystery School that follow the teachings of King Solomon. I have been told by someone who’s gifts are stronger than mine that I was one of the creator Gods – which is hard for me to believe. I have been told that I am very powerful, which is why people stay away from me as they sense my power – yet I don’t feel it. I have this innate connection with especially Pleiades, and consistently wish I “could go home”. Through mediation, I have connected with Thoth and Geb. I have taken level 1 Reiki and my Reiki guide is Jesus, all of which I feel like I have these wonderful Ascended Masters around me but wonder why. It’s like I am being protected and guided for some reason. I am being guided to heal my emotions from my past so it will help me move forward and it is helping, however, I long for a day that I can truly feel like someone finally gets me and understands me. I was told this morning to look up the teachings of Ra and that it would help. I feel I am blessed in many ways, yet isolated in many others. Always wanting to learn. My aura is blue, while someone else told me it was a blue gray. While my birthdate and name do not add up to 1 – although I continue to see those numbers and my number is 3. I have strong Celtic roots and am in tune to the bagpipes, which actually originated with something similar to that in Ancient Egypt. I am innately connected to the four directions and Earth, Air, Water and Fire. I have always been fascinated by the stars, mystical things, crystals, magic, astrology, aura’s, psychic abilities, numerology, healing and helping others. I am now trying to break down the walls so I can freely move forward in my life to fulfill my soul’s path. Many others have come farther than I and I wish I was there, but continue to try even though I am tired and at this moment, very alone. Thank you for posting. I know now there are others out there who have experienced the same, thank you too for posting.

    1. I feel as though you plucked my thoughts almost verbatem. Thank you. I really feel like you and I are apart of the same 144,000.

  59. I identify with as blue ray. Never heard of blue ray 1 tho. How do I tell the name + d.o.b?? I only got that far into the reading be having to stop to find out… If you pm/email me, ill give you my info so we can figure it out together if you’d like =))) I’m sure you’re super busy tho and I know it’s weird, but that’s me

  60. I am stunned, really. This is me, and I do hide my real name. I just heard about The Blue Ray 1 and I just know in my heart this is who I am. I am a healer, Medium, I just know stuff that I have never learned, I always end up helping ppl/animals and have done so all my life. I forgive and forget, and belive in second chances for all.
    Thank you for sharing this.

  61. I can relate to all this lol like looking on life history but past is past.

    How can I assist you?

  62. hi, dont agree with not being able to change your name. never felt connected to either side of my family and am pretty much family-less now, so i should be able to change my name as i see fit. our Father and Mother dont have a problem with that – spiritual destiny is spiritual destiny. my birth date adds up to 1, and that cant be changed. also, i understand that sirians tend to alter their names according to their level of advancement. your name is one of the few things on this silly planet that is completely yours and you should do with it what you want. know and own yourselves. in light and love, etc.

  63. sorry, Sangeeta, but blue ray1 countries? seriously? why are we all over the planet then? it is our choice to incarnate wherever we incarnate, for whatever reason. our souls are insanely intelligent and logical, so there is a reason for each of us being born in whatever countries we are in. i think what is more important for our evolution is what environment we grew up in and what crap we had to and have to deal with, and what mistakes we have made along the way, and how we learn from everthing we have been through and done. other than that, i love the article. only found out about this blue ray thing 2 days ago, but that would explain the dreams i have had over the years about blue aliens, spaceships and astral travelling into outer space!

    1. we must always TRY to think from a God perspective. blue rays, blue ray 1s(?), indigos, etc, etc… one is not more important than the next. what country you are in means nothing – we are all pieces of the puzzle. keep in mind that
      a drunk homeless person sleeping in their own vomit and piss is equally as important to God as yeshua or buddah or sai baba or whoever from whatever planet. the important thing is to be here for each other when it feels like there is no one. (i will shut up now)

  64. p.s. numerology is not an exact indicator of what would be a blue ray country, as there are different methods. I use three different ones when working out a name and they tend to add up to different numbers, so while a country name might add up to 1 using one method, it might add up to 5 or 8 with another method, revealing other aspects of that person or country. you can also look at the region you were born in. each blue ray soul, and indigo and rainbow and crystal, incarnated in the exact place on the exact date it needed to be in order to experience what it came here to experience. you are all over the planet because the light needs to be all over the planet. ascension needs to be all over the planet. keep in mind as well that you may feel your country is special, or whatever, but mother earth does not. it cleanses where it cleanses, no matter how spiritual the people of a particular region might be, and no matter how any extra-terrestrial race feels about it.

  65. Guided here tonight researching. Always Divine timing. I just learned last month that I am a Blue Ray after finding out I am a Shaman & Mystic as well and that Jesus is my master teacher. I started my awakening process 9 years ago and continue to be blown away as my story continues to unfold. I like all of you have had an extremely challenging family life and have felt intense loneliness at not being able to connect with like-minded people. Authenticity, integrity and honesty are my top priorities. Sending love and light to all here as we move forward to our destiny

  66. Yes, we are back here. Buckle up dear children of the sun. Transformation time is coming. Love you loads <3

  67. The energy activations all over my body especially my crown while reading this was profound. I have come to be and seen in my minds eye where I came from. My aura radiates the lights of the Blue Ray. I am grateful for your wisdom as I know I was guided to your page. Namaste to you all. ✨

  68. THANK YOU!!! For this absolute surprise and blessing to my Soul. I don’t know if words can describe how valuable this article is and your insights on Starseeds, especially we Blue Rays. For much of my life I’ve been told I’m crazy, had multiple attempts on my life and did not understand what these 3rd density dark family, were all about, and how NPC’s/soulless/handlers had been assigned to me since earliest memory. So much is making sense now as I begin to step into my mission…and your Guided Transmissions, love and dedication have meant all the difference. When I feel overwhelmed, I think of your commitment and it helps me re-focus and re-double my efforts. I’ve recently begun a blog committed to helping other Starseed Galactic fam get through those first brutal steps of Awakening. I hope to meet you one day or at the very least have a chat. You are quite literally a life saver. Blessings and Light to you, ~Ghostjoy Nov. 22 2018

  69. I identify with being a pneumatic blue ray, as that description is the best I have ever had of my soul/personality, but something doesn´t add up. Ís there a blue ray 2, I know in my heart I´m an eternal 2. Its nice to know Im not alone.

  70. From the bottom of my Blu-ray heart I express my extreme appreciation for this info. Amazing to me is the powers-that-be upon malkuth have not pulled it from access. Praise God. May it forever be available. Thy will be done. Ehyer Asher Ehyer. Peace and blessings to you and yours. Dorothy

  71. My name is Serena as I will bring serenity in this earth. My total number is 8, the number of infinity cycle, the never ending life.

  72. I resonate with all of this except for my birth name equaling to 1. My birth name equates to 3. However, Shiva has been with me from Day 1 of awakening, I remember Lemuria and I know that I am connected to Sirius, as well as a few other star races. There is blue in my aura at all times, I am always seeing blue sparks of light and the first thing I see is indigo blue when I close my eyes to meditate. I have seen myself with blue skin and violet eyes in past life regressions and was told that I am being protected by “the blue people” in a quantum hypnosis session by my higher self. It’s all so fascinating! Aren’t we lucky to be awake and truly understand and see what is going on around us and within? I feel so incredibly grateful because this life is magical.

  73. The more I read this post (past tense), the more I resonated and soon was in tears, couldn’t catch my breath, like the moment I found out my daddy stopped breathing…today would have been his 83rd birthday. Alone I sit at my desk, my little doggy at my feet, writing, reading, tending to the land my daddy loved so much, the birds, the cows, the garden, bursting into life as this year on my birthday, June 4th I turned 55, I planted a rose bush inside a heart shaped stone structured garden for each member of my daddy’s family, his five sisters and brothers, mother, father, me, and one unknown. And covered it with black mulch, then scattered crystals all around it! I got a message the other day from one of the crystals who/which I passed on to the one I asked to read it, as the message was meant for him. Soul telepathy is manifesting quickly here on the East Coast of the United States and the Violet Flame in me is STRONG!!! This message came the other day, just before Higher Realm Magicians conjured the Violet Twin Flame

    Magic in Rhyme

    In the name of what is good
    I pronounce this day ahead
    With all the power found in wood
    To the violet flame be wed

    And as the sacred fire grows
    Through the traces of its time
    The light, exposing what it knows
    Create a space in rhyme

    With urgency the pages turn
    To unfold their hidden lines
    Held in books once meant to burn
    In them the great I AM defines

    In the language of the day
    Let these words take flight
    Free as children, let them play
    Between the day and night.

    VCH6464 06/22/2019

    NAMASTE Soul Family of the Rainbow Light Warriors

  74. Hello fellow Blue Rays. I am rather new to this and have sought out other Blue Rays as I have had three separate readings over the last two years which all have told me that I am a Blue Ray being. I have also been told that I have arc angels who protect me all the time, that I am a light bearer and to seek out others like myself. I am from Sirius as well. The last reading said that we together would change the DNA of humanity. In the last reading I was expressly asked to seek out others like myself in order to do this. This only happened about two weeks ago. Since then I have been seeking online to find others. I read Steve’s ebook on starseeds and can say that 95% of the symptoms he describes are happening to me at the moment. Terrible childhood, never fit in anywhere, still don’t feel like I belong anywhere, except out in nature. I hope to be able to form a community with our soul tribe so that we can heal mother earth and its people.

  75. I feel I am one of these. I randomly came across this page just now and it spoke to me perfectly.

  76. Wonderful article!! So relieved to have found some fellow Blue Rays. My name is Martin Ripper. I have set up Blue Ray Tribe on Facebook for us to talk and me to help in anyway possible. Friend me and I will send request for the group. I know there’s others doing the same but this is how I tend to work. Blessings for the future.

  77. Your info resonates very deeply with me. I’ve known I’m a Blue Ray since 1998. Since then I’ve had 5 people tell me I’m a Blue Ray including Lisa Renee of Energetic Synthesis when I had a reading with her in 2008. BTW, my birth date info equals “1” and my birth name equals “11”. I appreciate this additional info about Blue Ray 1. Thank you!

  78. What if your name totals 1 and your birthday totals 11? Everything in this resonates strongly, but my numbers are 1 and 11.

  79. Even my nickname! My mom called me Ahnky growing up. Bianca – Ahnky. I have never even thought of that. Again, the only thing that doesn’t fit is my name adds up to 1 but my birthday adds up to 11.

  80. I gave myself the name Katia Manta Ray a while back as the manta ray revealed itself as my animal spirit guide. My birth first name, Katie adds up to 1. My new given name without Ray (Katia Manta) totals to 1. My numerology 12/19/1979 totals 11. I feel I am some incarnation of these ray 1 beings and have felt protected by angels my entire life. One lady even called me out of no where to tell me there were hundreds of angels around me. There’s been blue angels in particular. And I see the color blue often. I leave almost everywhere I go in chaos and have to keep moving. I have some people I have partnered with in collaboration but I’m honestly mostly alone. Highly intuitive, empathic, clairvoyant. I have always known I’m in training to lead a new world. And I see how I’m being guided on earth to do this after years of preparation. I am curious what people think about my numbers and I’d like to know more about Blue Ray 1 as I’m new to this. Is this all real?? It seems so specific.

  81. I’ve always thought that I was a Blue Ray. I relate to all it says here. I’d like to know for sure. I lost all Math skills due to a Head on Collision with a truck. So I can’t do the numbers. Yes I’m still here. I only have short term memory loss from the accident. I’m a miracle. . Can you let me know if I add up to 1. Love always. Shelley

  82. I am 13 and write the scripts for the school’s plays, write stories and film mini documentaries. I want to become a creative writer for WWE (writing the storylines). I know I will have to work for other TV productions before joining the WWE corporate. How can I improve my creative writing skills so that I can be successful in my career?.

  83. It’s all warm and cuddly…..but how do you know that? Perhaps Akasha or some other sources?
    I don’t know it seems like a profile that would fits to anyone who had a bad life and revelations…and I don’t trust gods, sincerely…one thing is Source-god but the other guys…I don’t like the idea of impersonal gods like the blue gods you mentioned….and hebrew/christian ‘god’, the bible and all the other books…
    Just my two cents…

  84. I have just gotten a blog on blogspot. People comment me and I was wondering how you comment back to them without e-mailing or going to their blog. .

  85. I think Nikola Tesla was a Blue Ray 1! He revolutionized the 20th Century and his father was also a Orthodox Priest!

  86. Hello, you mention in the article “Untitled Book” (4) for more information on Akhenaton and his second anonymous wife -Kiya. Where can I find this information on your website. I can´t find it. Thank you!

  87. This resonates with my soul, my I AM presence. I have been awakening my whole life and stopped in my 20’s. I am having a hard time stepping back into all of it the way it flowed freely before. Where can I read more? I need to know more so I can eliminate the things I don’t need to waste my time on.

  88. Yes, my intuition is You are right on. Thank you for clearly articulating this information. Although the birthday or name reduced to 1 is not always so. Many can be working with different frequencies or planetary alignments for the transmutation of energy signatures. They are not all ones. My understanding is the most you can get to is 11 which is still a 2 reduced…..
    Often transmitting DNA requires one to live an extremely abusive and toxic childhood, born into families with heavy karma, and so forth. These “patterns” damage and then must be healed through learning of lessons, increased consciousness, and illumination. I hope to read more on the topic soon.

    1. love this comment! my numbers both equate to one and I was born into sexual abuse, poverty and narcissistic parents. I now do quantum healing and readings. I love your comment. its totally how it is!

  89. Great information. Although what if our name does not reduce to 1? I have been told that I am a Blue Ray from the Family of Michael Melchizedek lineage but my name reduces to a 3.

  90. My birthdate equals 33=6. Whenever I act as a 6 though I am not fulfilled. I am fulfilled only when I comunicate what I know. All the things you described here are so on point, especially triggering others just by the presence, I never show my true being because when I do they start to fear. I need to travel often, so I can unplug from places and people and they start to resent when I don’t spend time with them. I get negative thought forms in my dream which I have to burn away with my mind. Also the feeling of tiredness. Strong energetic boundaries are so important. Super sensitive and have violet color in my aura. Thank you for this info. The 1 and 7 ray, as I know are the Warrior Priest, the original Light Warrior.

  91. Fellow Blue Rays, please remember why we are here and what our purpose is. You are happy to know who you are finally, but there is so much work to be done. No matter what happens you must always shine that light and keep yourselves protected. I am almost at the end of my journey and it has been very difficult at times. Many have wanted to stop me and several times my life has been in jeopardy; but as you find out along the way, it is nearly impossible to really stop us. Try not to be effected by the responses that you get from others, forgive them because they do not understand. We are the light givers. Be strong! Remember the mission!

  92. Thank you for this information! I saw a blue light being in my bedroom watching over me, its eyes were so calming and full of love, I now know that they have always been near me to protect me! I now know who I am and feel so much love and light within me. What is mentioned in the info about the blue ray 1 beings is totally me. Thank you for helping me!

  93. Now makes so much sense as why i have to hide myself from social media even not being famous people try to attack me whenever i try to introduce my ideas. Luckily i’ve been getting visited by higher beings who adopted me, trained me and protect my bodies from intruders.

  94. It appears that Blue Ray 1 beings have opportunities in this existence to grow beyond their current role. If you identify with this writing, it may be wise to safely consume Aya via inhalation and let go as much as is possible. This can provide a unique opportunity for growth while in duality. Stay safe and have fun!

  95. I am a psychic and was tapping in to do a reading for myself. I called to God, my angels and guides, and then I heard myself say, “I am asking for help from the blue rays who help all planets.” I did not know of any blue rays so I googled. Yours came up first. This is spot on. Great job. I am happy to know who my intuition called to. <3

  96. Hi Steve,
    Thank you for this sharing! It is a timeless share that I am grateful of.
    I do have couple of questions and hope you can help me with.
    1) How do we calculate our birth name?
    2) What is the impact of name or surname changes throughout life (i.e. with marriage)? Would that impact the person and its path?
    3) What are the Blue Ray countries?

    Very heartfelt! Thank you

  97. I’ve thought I was a blue ray since the moment I first read “blue ray” I felt so connected… my number does not add up to one, what does that mean? :/ I resonate with it so much

  98. THANK YOU FOR THIS! I related to all of this before I did the birth calculations. I am a 1 with my birthdate and a 1 with my original surname (before my mother changed it over to her surname). I feel so seen in this

  99. il maestro viene da SIRIO ed è colui che porta 1 nella sua data di nascita, 1 nel suo nome, 1 nel suo cognome, 7 nel suo giorno di nascita, e sommando la data di nascita il nome il cognome il giorno da sempre 1 .
    e sommando
    Data di nascita= 1
    Nome. = 1
    Cognome = 1
    Giorno = 7
    Ora = 23
    Totale. =33 il numero del maestro Spirituale
    Nella somma di tutte le vocali del nome e del cognome da sempre 1
    Nella somma di tutte le consonanti del nome e del cognome da sempre 1
    In ambedue le mani porta le linee SIMIANE perfettamente simmetriche.
    Può guardare il sole a occhi nudi senza alcun problema per gli occhi.
    è nato il 25 Dicembre alle ore 23 inizio anni 60

  100. I am just waking up to this. I felt like I can’t find my place in the star systems and this resonates. The numbers of my birthname stands for 11. Which is either master number or stands for Ray two – bc I am more into Love, Light, Illumination, Enlightenment, Truth 🙂 Although I always ask what’s divine will… And I have been into many places of “darkness” not knowing I was there to purify, alchemize even if that was happening. As an empath I was more absorbing and then having problems myself. Since covidtime I have became more of a hermit. Feeling now like breaking-free but not clear on direction/purpose. I feel like I have been “allowed” to do whatever I wanted so far, experimenting, experiencing. I desire to be led by my guides more clearly. I want a guide! A partner in crime!

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