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Lower Astral Clearing Procedure for Starseeds

Lower Astral Interference….

This work is about removing all lower astral junk such as ‘dark’ cords to other people, places or situations, etheric implants, group thought-forms (such as anger or hatred). and lower astral entities in your energy fields. Most of us living in the modern world are subject to lower astral interference. The astral planes are the desire worlds. The lower levels are where the grosser vibrations can be found. Anyone who has a serious addiction is often connected to entities in the lower astral. The lower astral has a number of levels (like every dimension of existence) and these can vary from twilight places where lost and confused souls congregate to places of nightmarish appearance. Anyone on the earth plane who has addictive tendencies can attract lower astral forces. Lightworkers who have poor energetic hygiene can pick up lower astral interference. Lower astral forces can be attracted to the light in your energy fields. Like moths fluttering around a bright light this can be either a minor nuisance or a major source of confusion and fear. If there is a strong fear of the lower astral in you (you have a reaction to what has been written, perhaps through reading horror stories or watching ‘dark’ movies) then this is something that needs to be neutralised first before attempting this procedure.


Prepare the Space…

Find a time when you will not be disturbed for between 45-60 minutes. Prepare by finding a quiet and clear space. Prepare the room by clearing with white sage and then when room is filled with the intense fragrant smoke open a window to release all the energies in the room. Close the window when the room is clear, put out or remove the sage stick and light a candle.

Close your eyes and breath to connect with your physical body. With each breath feel the bones, blood, organs and tissue of your body from the top of the head down to the tip of the toes. As you breath now connect with your energy fields that surround the physical. Feel or imagine your energy field as a great egg of energy. See if you can notice if there are any dark spots in your energy fields or places where your energy is more congealed than flowing.


Invoke Your Higher Self and Healing Team…

The next step is to invoke your Higher Self. Your HS is a part of you that exists at a much higher frequency of light and consciousness. This is the part of you that is connected to your soul-monadic consciousness. See your HS as an intense sphere of light descending around your body. Just by calling your HS you give permission for your HS to help you. Then call in your guides and healing team, Lightworkers and Starseeds have many guides in the spirit planes working with them. Guides may not always be with you as they may be assigned to help others at the same time. However, some of your guides may be only assigned to assist you. Not all guides are part of your healing team. Your healing team contains many guides and beings to assist you in clearing and stabilising your energy fields in this 3D dimension of earth. Starseeds often have guides that come from higher dimensions who are familiar with the challenges of being here on the 3D earthplane. If you feel it is right for you ask that you team include psychic surgeons from the Great White Brotherhood on Sirius. Ask for Arcturian guides who are experts at dealing with dark astral entities.

Please note that Lightworkers and Starseeds are here to be of assistance in this great time of change. Because of their fast rate of growth when they begin to awaken it is normal for Starseeds to require guides who will grow and expand with them as they raise their light quotient and vibration. Therefore please ask your HS to clear and replace guides as necessary to keep pace with your evolutionary needs. You do need to ask your HS to do this.

Also please be aware that there can be false light beings posing as guides. Just ask your HS and healing team to clear any false guides hanging out in your energy space. Your HS and guides will do this work if you ask them to. This is a planet of free will and our HS and guides will not shield us from learning essential lessons of it is in our highest interest from a soul point of view to do so. Since you are reading this article you are now aware that you may have false guides and that you can ask to have them cleared. You can ask this as a matter of routine whenever you wish to clear your space.


Ground Your Energy…

Imagine you can ground your energy by visualising roots growing out of the base of the egg and moving down into the core of the earth. Make sure you anchor in the crystalline core of the earth and not any of the leylines or energy spots within the earth. The crystalline core of the earth is an ascending field of high vibrational light and consciousness. You can ground safely in this core and also invoke the pure energy of Gaia to enter and infuse your energy fields. Ask your HS to remove any energetic connections to anywhere in the earth except the crystalline core. Ask to remove any cords or roots that are connecting you to the karmic grid of the earth. This will ensure that you are free to connect only with the ascending crystalline core of the earth.


Call on Angelic Forces…

Next call angelic forces to surround your energy fields. You can call upon Archangels Metatron, Michael, Raphael, and Sandalphon, who are the most protective, Metatron is the highest vibrating archangel who oversees the Tree of Life. Call upon the angelic forces in the sun and also in the central (galactic) sun. Michael is the warrior angel. Call on the legion of warrior angels associated with Michael that are helpful in clearing lower astral entities. Raphael is the healer archangel. There are hosts of healing angels associated with him. Sandalphon is the archangel that governs this world and the astral planes. There are many angels associated with Sandalphon. Ask for a triple shield of protection around your auric egg. Ask that this triple shield allow in higher frequencies of love, light, joy, possibility and so on. Ask that this triple shield neutralise/block lower frequencies of suffering, struggle, fear, guilt, hatred and so on. Ask that the angelic forces create a portal to begin to suck out any lower astral gunk.


Call on Angelic Forces of Violet Fire…

Then call upon angels of the violet fire and watch them ignite violet fire in the room around you. See this fire burn through the furnishings, the walls, door, window and so on. When you invoke the violet flame, you can visualize yourself surrounded by a violet-flame pillar about six feet in diameter and about nine feet high. It can extend from beneath your feet to well over the top of your head. Give permission for this violet fire to burn away any lower material in your energy fields. Also give permission for this violet fire to burn through and release any fear you may have relating to the lower astral. Most people don’t see the violet flame with their physical eyes. But you can often see the violet fire by closing your eyes and concentrating between your eyebrows. For those who have developed their spiritual sight, the violet flame looks like fire, in colors ranging from dark indigo and brilliant amethyst to violet pink. If you want to give this work extra strength then you can use this decree to invoke the violet fire.

In the name of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, and my very own beloved Holy Christ Self, I call upon the angels of the seventh ray to clear my energy fields through all minds, bodies and timelines. I ask you to release all astral interference to the light. Please seal my energy fields in this protective violet fire and be with me as I go about my day. I accept it done this hour in full power, according to the will of God.


Call Upon Star Beings…

Call upon the Arcturians to protect and clear your energy fields from lower astral junk/interference. The Arcturians are the most effective group of Star Beings (alongside the Great White Brotherhood on Sirius). Connecting with the Arcturians can happen very quickly if you have a previously established connection with them. The Arcturians are the best group to connect with if you are having trouble with demonic/reptilian energies. They can pull these beings out of your energy fields and any parasitic etheric eggs they may leave behind. The Arcturians can also seal and clear any portals/micro portals in your fields if you give them permission. Call on the Arcturians and see a bright blue column of light beam around you. Then just open to the clearing work. Another powerful group of Star Beings are the Andromedans who work with the vibration of unconditional love. you can ask them to create a 12D protective shield around you.

Give permission for your HS and healing team and Star Guides to start to clear any entities or implants in your fields that are blocking your spiritual evolution/development. Please note it is normal for many to have such beings hanging around their energy fields. Entities can be a slight nuisance to a major problem. Some entities may be lost/confused souls. Others may not be human. We live in a vast multiverse and so do not be alarmed by this. You have probably had existences in many other dimensions and got to know many different kinds of beings and created all manner of karmic connections. Ask your HS to clear and destroy any contracts you have with beings in your energy fields and then ask HS and your healing team to remove all entities and take them to an appropriate place for their healing and development. Stay with this process until you feel a growing sense of lightness which is a sign that the work is being done.


Release Cords…

Ask your HS to reveal in this burning light any ‘negative’ cords to other people. Basically, an energy cord is created between two people where an energetic exchange occurred – usually formed by an exchange of emotions or thought forms. You may ask your HS to reveal the image or energy of a person you are corded with. See that person appear before you. Ask your HS and the violet fire angels to start to dissolve and cut these cords. To be extra sure you can imagine yourself holding a light sabre (aka Star Wars) to sweep your field cutting any darker cords linking you in a negative way to other people. Ask your HS to reveal any hidden cords/connections and if any appear then again dissolve/sweep clear.

Please remember to pull out the roots of any cords you find attached to you. Make sure there is nothing left of them which might cause them to recreate. Call in the angels of violet fire to clear and cleanse any etheric wounds. Ask your healing team to seal any wounds with light.


Sweep Your Fields…

When this is done ask Metatron to sweep your energy fields with a fine net of platinum bright burning white light. This net will catch anything remaining and remove it from your energy fields. Repeat this a few times to make sure your energy is pristine and clear. Then again ask that the triple shield be stabilised and strengthened. Ask your HS to close and fill with light any tears or wounds in your energy fields after doing this work.


Thank and Release…

When the work is done thank your healing team, angelic forces including violet fire angels and Metatron, and finally thank your HS. Ask that the portal opened to clear astral gunk be closed. You may want to stay in connection with your HS throughout the day or you can thank and release as you wish. This procedure is like taking a shower of pure cleansing light and putting on a suit of protective light to meet your day.


Repeat As Necessary…

Because we are in volatile times (energetically and practically) you might need to repeat this exercise whenever you feel your field has been compromised in any way. Clear and then seal your energy fields until it becomes an established habit within your unconscious mind (that learns through repetition).

Blessings, Steve Ahnael Nobel

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  1. thanks steve i will use these techniques as have tried others with varying degrees of success. lately Ive experienced some major problems with these lower astral energies.

  2. Thanks Steve for sharing, i have found this page to be very helpful and i am most grateful for that information..i will spend time practicing the above, now that things make more sense it will be a lot easier for me to clear the energy out or release all the shadow side of things in general.
    thanks, gratitude and appreciation.

  3. Hi. I need your assistance. One night I was laying on bed and I felt this something like liquid from my head to my heart and i felt like my old me. Like back home I can feel my energy but i had issues loving my body for my family tree so I always block myself in way! I was in a relationship and he drinks and plays video games, As I star going dipper I realize I created an ego trying to explain to him who I was inside cause in a way from my father I wanted them to see me. I didn’t know i mirror people when I start observing the more often I do this the more I can see how I can actually change the exterior world by just letting my natural being be. But I been feeling guiltily and I have this thoughts I observe from inside out that block me. I m confuse with this man cause I now know that I created and ego but i felt into this reality where it was dry and my awareness wasn’t in body and now I m struggling getting back to normal. Is like I start losing myself and it feels like looking inwards like illusions. I can see it clear now. But I do not know if this relationship is good or not for me as I had seen his true self in him as well. I m also Just trying to keep on working on being looking inside out cause the more I do this is like density from around me drops and there is a reality i perceive by the my being when there is no any form of thought identity in me. This reality is clear and I feel all around me, i can see clear energy. I need to know if this person is bad for me Every time I get clear, somethings show me the stuff that I did, witch where my mistakes cause I didnt let go. I left him but we still trying. I do not know if I made any sense but Your videos had help me and I identify with what is happening to me. Thank you for your time.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing how to clear negative entities/energies and how to cleanse, heal, and protect ourselves and our auras. Blessings.

  5. I’m going thru this in my life. I’m connected and it interferes with my job performance. It can see and it’s looking at me typing as we speak. It know is teaching me of rascism. In which White people on the same plane is truly and really rude to me. The police is also connected to me. If I drive I will probably be followed. If I walk I will probably be followed. It got worse when I met a guy. It was opp once family and my neighbor. About clothes shoes and other things that they did not have. Its not only in my chest it’s goes between my head and foot. I never thought that God would do me this way. To have humans around that hurt u in a astral plane. I changed my life to not only be better bit to find out why. It goes back and forth between other woman. Starting that I’m not them. Well I’m not them. I’m Nivea I habe always been a respectful person. But it’s just depressing. And their is nobody to help. It keeps people arguing at me. My family is messed up by it. And my family and friends are not just workers.

  6. Thank you so much. I have been looking for this info for a long time. I was aware of it but now I m sure.

  7. Cut-out all degrading actions eg porn etc, silent disdain, white and dark shadows should be constantly worked on. Clean your self up and then use the above or high frequency pure mantras regulary. If you don’t process your own dark then these beings will forever possess you. And if you dont think you have any shadow traits – try again and repeat

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