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Global Shift is Happening Now

Our world is going through a great shift in consciousness and this is necessary in order to birth a very different way of living and being on the planet. This shift will change everything. The way we relate with nature, the way we treat non-human creatures on the planet, the way we live together, the way we love, the way we educate and govern ourselves, and the way we work together. It is hard to predict how things will work out exactly but one thing is for sure, if we continue the way we are going then we will continue to generate more problems. Currently we are in a period of transition and this is drawing many people with spiritual values into a period of personal transition. A transition is not quite the same thing as change.

All around us in nature, life unfolds according to certain inner designs.
A rosebud opens into a rose, an acorn grows into an oak, and a caterpillar
emerges as a butterfly from its cocoon. Is it unreasonable to assume that
human beings share this quality with the rest of creation—that, we too,
unfold according to an inner plan?
– Howard Sasportas

What is a Spiritual Transition?

A spiritual transition involves change but not all change involves a spiritual transition. Change is two-dimensional, whereas a spiritual transition is three-dimensional. Change is like moving along from point A to B: there is no depth, merely movement. A change is purely external—you can change your brand of toothpaste, your girlfriend/boyfriend, your home, friends, relationship, or career and still remain practically the same on the inside. A spiritual transition, on the other hand, shakes us up, alters our psychology—the way we think, the way we feel and how we perceive the world and force us to address the important questions of existence: Why are we here? What do we want to do? What direction do we take? Where in the world do we truly belong? These run counter to the more ego-centric questions, such as: How can I get more of what I want? How can I make more money? How can I climb the status ladder faster?

The Experience of a Radical Shift

A spiritual transition is a life altering event, and although the content will differ from person to person the context is generally the same. A transition comes to shake up our lives, open and move us, and shift who we are being and becoming in the world. They come to help us: reconnect us to a sense of wholeheartedness; return us to a state of resourcefulness; and redirect us to a whole new track or orientation in life. Transitions are not random events. They are orchestrated by a deep intelligence to disrupt and liberate our lives. We could call this deep intelligence soul: Life Force, Higher Self, Tao, Buddha Nature, and Christ Consciousness. There are many names but when it comes down to it the name does not matter.

A spiritual transition is a download of light from our Higher Self that fundamentally alters our core beliefs, and core sense of self. Whereas change can happen without affecting the general direction of our lives; a spiritual transition is a radical change of course. Change is purely material, whereas a spiritual transition raises our consciousness to include a more spiritual awareness. This does not mean that a transition is going to be all light and bliss, it may take us soaring up to the light but equally a transition can plunge us into the dark soil of our being, where we face old wounds and shadows that need to be witnessed, felt and integrated. A spiritual transition is always powerful but it is not always convenient. A transition disturbs our routine, shakes us up big time, and edges us out of our familiarity zones. A transition often strips away everything non-essential and help us question everything we know about ourselves and our place in the world.

The Transition Begins.

Transitions begin with some form of discomfort. We may realise something important is missing in our lives and start to reflect on what to do about it. A transition is often activated because at a deep level we want to realise and live our true potential. A transition may come to remind us of some core values we are not living. Whatever the reason a transition begins with tension that builds in the body and eventually erupts in our lives, upsetting our plans and routines. The adventure is calling like the wizard Gandalf who knocks seemingly uninvited upon our Hobbit Hole door. We might not like the call to adventure but it has come nevertheless. Our response to the call will influence everything that follows.

General Overview of the Transition Experience.

There is so much to say about the process itself and here are a few general points:

• No two transitions are the same in content, although all have the same structure and progress in the same way. The process is not haphazard or random, even if it appears to be.
• The transition process helps us release an outdated phase of life and embrace a new one.
• A transition changes us from the inside out—we are no longer the same person on the other side. A shift can happen on many levels at once: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.
• All transitions are big, but some are bigger than others. A big transition strips us down to the core, changes our outer life, then rebuilds us from the inside out. Such a major journey we may take just once or at most a few times in our life.

Different Ways to Experience a Transition

Transitions can be smooth, joyful, and graceful; alternatively, they can be rough, confusing, and painful. There are also super-rough transitions, which often offer the greatest gifts of all. A transition can help us strip away the unreal and the superfluous, let go of limiting conditioning or a limiting sense of identity, heal old emotional wounds, handle ambiguity, challenge, and uncertainty, edge us out of our familiarity/safety zones, help us to stretch, grow, mature, open and awaken and reach new levels of authenticity and integrity. There are many more gifts but you get the picture I trust.

In 2010 a big transition unexpectedly erupted in my life. This was not my first transition, although it was the most challenging. This most recent big transition led me into a dark, volatile, and profound period of my life. It took me a few years to pass through to the other side. Now I have a deeper connection to my Higher Self and a stronger sense of what I am here to do.

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  1. I have met so many people being pulled into a spiritual transition. Of course there is always resistance, that is natural for the bigger the step or leap the bigger the resistance tends to be. But my advice is not to resist your path of transition too hard or for too long. It is possible to abort a transition and that is not a good thing in terms of feeling fully alive and on track with what you came here to do. Better to step into the unknown than avoid the journey your soul is calling you to take. A transition brings many challenges and also many gifts. Now I am on the other side of my most recent transition and my life feels completely different. I have more freedom and I am really doing what I am here to do (even if that feels a little scary at times. Most often it feel wildly exciting)!

  2. Thank you Steve, great article! Helps my conscious mind feel more at rest during this turbulent season.

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