What is Intuition?

Albert Einstein once said that intuition is our most valuable asset, and one of our most unused senses. Intuition is often referred to as gut feeling, sixth sense, innate wisdom, inner sense, instinct, inner voice, or spiritual guide. Intuition can be either a moment where you instinctively know if something is or isn’t right. Intuition is an inner sense that just seems to know something that is beyond our logical mind. Intuition is the bridge between instinct and reason, and between the conscious and unconscious minds.

About this track….

In this meditative audio track listen to affirmations to activate your intuition. This track contains both audible and subliminal suggestions. Affirmations are a great way to reprogramme the unconscious mind with new more positively orientated thoughts and possibilities. Please feel free to download and listen as often as you wish.



“I am spirit I am divine I am in tune with the I am presence of god within me, the voice of spirit, the inner guiding force within, the communication from my higher self. I am one with my higher self, I am a clear and open channel for the light, the light that illuminates the way, the way is divine for I am divine. I am a spiritual being, a being of light. I have an eternal spirit that is always within me. I am guided by the infinite wisdom of the creative force. All that I do is a reflection of the guidance from my higher self. An unbreakable link connects me to my higher self .All the energies of the universe direct me to my perfect life. As I work with the force, the force of intuition and guidance I live in total abundance.

At the centre of my being is the unlimited potential of the creative force. Divine guidance is mine for the asking. I hear the whispers of my soul, I listen intently to the wisdom I receive, guidance from the creative force each and every day. Even though I’m intimately connected with my higher self I mediate daily to activate my intuition. Intuition is a natural gift I possess. Now I am intuitive, I am insightful, I activate my intuition. Now, I listen to my intuition. I heed the gentle whispers from my inner self. I easily quiet mind chatter to allow my intuition to speak. I let go of all concerns, concerns about getting it right, concerns are of the mind and not of my deep self. Intuition is a gentle voice. This voice may speak through feelings in the body, images in the mind, gentle thoughts of loving wisdom. Intuition can also come through small hunches as I go about my daily life.

The more I trust and act on these hunches the stronger my intuition becomes. I notice all the small feelings that move through me throughout the day. Feelings in my body, feelings of openness, attraction, heaviness, lightness. Each and every one is a message , a message that I heed now. Intuition is a cleansing power. Intuition clears all confusion making all clear. And As I see what is hidden, hidden from my logical mind, intuition shows me how to become even more successful in my daily life, for intuition is a wonderful ally to my logical mind. As I combine intuition and logic I birth Pure genius within me. Intuition is always speaking to me. In my night dreams, in my waking state. The voice of intuition is ever whispering. The language of this intuition is love.

The voice of this intuition is possibility. for it is the language of the higher self. I am guided in my every step by spirit who leads me towards what I know I must do. I am spirit I am divine I am in tune with the presence of god within. The voice of spirit the guiding force within. The communication from my higher self. I am one with my higher self. I am a clear and open channel for the light. The light that illuminates the way. The divine, for I am the divine I am a spiritual being, a being a of light. I have an eternal spirit that is always with me. I am a child of the universe, I am an instrument of the universal spirit.

I am directly connected to infinite intelligence, tThis infinite intelligence is within me and also all around me I pause and heed my intuition before any decision in my life. Every moment of my life is full of choices. I always have the freedom to choose, Intuition helps me to see all the choices available, Intuition helps me make a higher choice, it helps me create new choices. All my choices are in agreement with my heartfelt desires. Each decision I make presents wonderful new possibilities. Every day I make choices that support my well being and happiness, it helps me be whoever I choose to be. Now I am intuitive and this helps me make healthy choices. Healthy choices in the food I eat, relationships and work and financial dealings.

It points the way and warns me when the way ahead is blocked. Intuition helps me find the most graceful diversions and detours that are in line with my souls purpose. Intuition is an enabler, enabling me to be more decisive to simply know what to do. And as I follow my intuition I save much time, for time is a valuable resource, and since there is so much to do, so much to experience, I choose to use my time well in this one precious life. With my intuition supporting my choices I become the architect of my life. I build its foundation and choose all its content. I trust and follow my inner guidance now. Intuition makes the next step obvious. I act on all my gut feelings. Intuition points the way to success. I’m connected to my intuition, this connection is strong. I see the way I feel the way.

The more I trust and act on my intuition the stronger it gets, for it points the way for my true path and purpose. I am intuitive now, I am insightful now. I am following my intuition. I am true to myself now. Intuition is a signpost to my inner truth. Intuition points the way, the graceful way, the way forward, the way is open, It enables me to overcome all challenges. Thus My potential to succeed is infinite. I am successful in all my endeavours when guided by intuition, when guided by the universal force within. ( Repeat )

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