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ASCENSION NEWS – What on Earth is Happening Here on Planet Earth!

Please believe nothing that I am about to say and always trust your inner guidance, your inner truth. Accept only what feels true and helpful and put aside the rest. That being said here are some reflections on the ascension process.

Ascension is happening right now. This is the time that all the prophecies speak of. From Mayan Calendar to Hopi Prophecy to the Book of Revelations. They all say the same thing. We will pass through a time of transition that will be challenging. On the other side is a new age of light on the earth. You are involved in this transition if you are reading this. High frequency waves of light are impacting the planet. These waves will continue to intensify in the years ahead. The time of transition is likely to last until 2032 when something else will happen. You are here to be part of the change. Do not shirk this task!

Ascension is a personal and collective process. Do not worry about the planet. Everything is going ahead as it needs to. Focus on your own awakening first. When you are ready then you can step on your path of service. That path may be small or grand but whatever it is it will be essential.

The process can feel challenging. You may be judged, by yourself or others, as being selfish. When you start to focus on your growth and awakening this can happen, especially if you are someone that has been running around after other people. You are not ignoring the needs of the world by opening to the ascension process. Rather, this is like the instruction when flying to put the oxygen mask on yourself before trying to assist others. This is just one challenge. There are many others.

Ascension comes with certain side effects. When the process begins you may feel weird in different ways. Changes are occurring on all levels of your being. These can be experienced on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. You are going through an energetic reboot. There can be digestive problems, your diet may naturally change. You may want to eat in new ways. This is not a conscious thing more you body just shifting. There can be strange head sensations. Changes in hearing or an increased sensitivity to sound. The same can apply to bright lights. Changes in sleep patterns with waves of extreme fatigue that can come and go unexpectedly. General body aches and pains, including tension and soreness. Sporadic bursts of increased energy. Feeling hyper-active at times. Sudden anxiety, panic attacks for no apparent reason, accelerated mental energy, racing or scattered thoughts. Feeling Intense or unusual vibrations. Also intense emotions that come and go. A need for more personal space. Feeling more drawn to be in nature and in more serene environments. A lack of mental focus, feeling scattered, brain fog and being unusually forgetful. The list continues. I recommend you doing a search on the internet for Ascension Symptoms. There is plenty of information out there.

You are not alone, you are guided. You may or may not be listening which of course is the real essence of the matter. Tune into what is happening around you. Your Higher Self and guides can communicate as easily through your meditation as they can through synchronicities in the world. The world can become like a huge tarot deck speaking to you in metaphorical/symbolic language. This is a language that you will need to learn. But do not worry, if you are open you will be shown the way.

Ascension is an increase in light in your energy fields. Anything that is not light will be brought up to the surface for healing and transformation. Another word for light could be love. Cleanse yourself of all that is not love. Hold up fear to the light. The ego, which is a protection set of programs, will seek to protect you from light, from love. Eventually the ego itself will be transformed in this fiery process.

Ascension will bring you back to your heart which is the gateway of the soul. This ends the dominance of the mind and brings it back into balance with the heart. When heart and mind are balanced and working in harmony then many doors in your life that were closed or not even visible will suddenly seem more open to you. As the process deepens you will find you will develop a more compassionate and loving outlook and others will be drawn to you because of this.

Ascension can trigger a certain amount of emotional turbulence for a time. Anything old or stuck is being shaken loose. Any energies that do not belong to you are also being shaken loose. Lightworkers are sensitive people and this often means they can absorb energies that belong to others. Other people’s anger, grief, hurt, fear and so on. None of this is helpful in any way. You cannot use this energy and actually it will feel like a weight in your energy fields. This is the time to drop such energies and come back to your own pristine light.

There are many who point the way but you are not here to find a spiritual guru. There are no leaders in this process. That belongs to the outgoing age of Pisces. You must find the inner teacher. You must become your own channel of wisdom. You have an intuition, develop it. All the answers are within you. Many teachers and channellers pointing the way but always trust what resonates with you as true. There is much disinformation. Do not follow a teacher or a path blindly. There are many spiritual paths and techniques and some will work for you and some will not. This is not about the validity of the path or technique it is about what is right for you at the time.

It is time to realize the extent of your light. Actually, your light has no limit since it is part of the One Source. You are part of an increasingly bright wave of light on the planet. You are here to shine your light not hide under a bush. The dark has no power over you. This was not the case in other times in this dimension and in others. But not the darkness is receding. Now it is time to connect with your authentic self, your essential light, your I AM Presence! This is a challenging process but one that gets progressively easier. You do not walk alone. There are many angels and guides walking with you. Your Higher Self is the bridge between you in this lower dense realm and the higher realms of light.

Darkness has a role even though it can seem a very challenging one. In this 3D world darkness stimulates growth and evolution. This is the old game of light and dark. That game is ending now in this ascending dimension of the earth. That game will continue elsewhere and many souls on the planet will not be coming back here to continue their growth. Do not worry about this. All souls must honour their path of growth wherever that leads. Much darkness is now being brought to the surface in the collective. Some very dark things have already been revealed and more is to come. This is how the dark has ruled this planet for thousands of years. The dark knows about energy manipulation. This is not working so well these days. But again, you do not have to worry too much about that. Clear yourself of any entanglements with the dark. This will not serve you.

Remove any energy cords that keep you attached to ‘negative’ people or situations. You are not here to suffer lower frequencies being generated by others who do not really know what they are doing. Low frequency energy cords are very common even amongst lightworkers. Keep your energy fields clear, practise energy hygiene every day. Imagine golden showers of light flushing any lower astral gunk out of you.

This is not your last life here on earth. This is not something to be disappointed about. This is your last life in this 3D dimension of earth. But where this timeline is heading is somewhere you will definitely want to return to and reap the rewards of this life. You are here because you want to transform this place into a 5D heaven. You are almost certainly coming back to dance upon the earth!

Blessings, Steve Ahnael Nobel



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  1. may we all be blessed with light,unconditional love and may all humanity realise the divine equation that we are all one,thank you for your positive energy and knowledge 4 being so generous 2 enlight us all.
    am greteful.

  2. Bless you Steve with even more wisdom and eloquence. your presence at this time is so comforting. Yes, we deserve to experience the fruits of all of this ascension, whereby every sentient being is safe, protected, respected and loved and there is harmony 🙂 currently, this is the second fall of Atlantis and hopefully when all is said and done, we will have the Golden Age of Lermuria upon us.

    This has been a very helpful article x

    Thank you x

  3. I use the heart symbol because I struggle to put into words what I think and feel about an article/subject. The heart symbol is my heart felt expression to thank you for your words & guidance

  4. Thank you indeed, literally came in as I finished this download. Holding my phone, watching the mist,talking to my dad about all information that’s coming through and my spirituality and my soul mission affirmations. Lol synchronicity city I’ll tell ya. Again thanks for the affirmation. Now I sleep.

    1. Very HELPFUL, Steve.
      Re-assuring – I am NOT Psychotic!
      I don’t THINK.
      It is time Psychiatrists familiarised themselves with the Pineal Gland and the Activation of the Pineal Gland (intentional or not) and the consequences of that.
      I experienced ‘unusual experiences’ in January /February of this year 2019 – experiences of a ‘spiritual’ nature /religious, even – particularly over the period of the ‘continental weather we had in
      The Monday 25th February was a very significant date for me when I had an ‘Epiphany’/Revelation /Manifestation which I do not fully understand how it came about BUT APPEARED to imitate or BE an instance of ‘water turning into wine type experience’ very much like the witness wedding guests /disciples of Jesus would have experienced at the ‘Wedding of Cana’ – Jesus’ First Miracle.
      I COULD HAVE HALLUCINATED by sight – that the water turned pink and by taste – that it tasted sweet, but I’ll never know. All I know is that that was my EXPERIENCE.

  5. I was just asking for some direction, literally out loud into the silence of my dark front room of my home. I sat down on my couch kind of surrendering to not knowing before I went to bed. Then, I picked up my phone, moved over next to my cat and read your article. Thank you. This is a very happy synchronicity for me.

  6. Brilliant and simple…..A question….why oh why does my heart hurt so much…I’m working so much on opening not resisting unconditional love….Iwake up clear…super sensitive…and full of gratitude…as the day progresses…The denser energy feels constricting across my a band of tightening metal…….i sleep to release..or meditate….or swimmer think uplifting thoughts….but without conscious attention…The pain returns… concentrated love trapped in my heart
    I’m wondering…If I’m not giving it out enough…sharing my love…….or being in my head too much…
    any guidance greatly appreciated

    1. I suggest turning to face the pain. Go into it, like a meditation to explore the source of the constriction. Where is its root? What does the feeling look like if it were a size/shape? What colour is the energy in the heart? Go into it. Stay with it. Does it perhaps relate to a person or incident? You need a clear mind for this. Release any expectation around what it will reveal. This is one method to find the source. Depending on the issue it can then be released, healed and your heart returned to its natural radiance. Sx

    2. Please ask Archangel Micheal to ground and clear you every evening you go to bed and ever morning you wake up. After you ask that then ask him to surround you with a white protective light.

  7. I’ve been looking for something to explain this change to my daughter. She’s an empath and I’m sensitive. This change is hitting us hard. So much of what you said is happening in our lives. Thank You this helps alot.

  8. I going through all this pain in my body and joints I have had a spiritual awakening I thought it was my age as I am 80

  9. Thank you for a beautifully written explanation, I have been dealing with many of these issues and at times feel completely disconnected, or maybe blocked. Any suggestions?

  10. I am now 72 and this is going to last until 2032.There is a good possibility that I will die by then. So why does this effect me? Will I ascend during this time? I’m not sure where I’m at.

  11. Nothing comes without effort, that’s for sure, including ascension.
    Whoever believes that just feeling some tinglings, shivers and some disconfort due to the increasing energy that pours over Earth coming form the center of the galaxy will ascend and become Christ or Buddha, and meanwhile will keep watching news at tv is in a major error …. There are no positive changes until the old energies are consciously released from the body energetic fields, and that means lots of work with yourself and disconfort … I am doing this and I know how it is 🙂 .


  13. Thank you, Steve. With so many horrible tragedies occurring around the world, you sent a message of reprieve and hopefulness to so many, including myself. Thank you& blessed be.

  14. Thank you for these comforting thoughts. As I sit here watching my friends being riddled with a Hurricane and Tornados and feeling helpless. I tried to get them to leave with us, but they couldn’t see the danger I saw! Frustrating!

  15. Thank you so very much Steve! Very handy, as I feel so alone in this right now. Good to know that that’s really right where I need to be! I too am dealing with blocks and having to reach within and deal with past negativity and hurt. Been feeling extremely emotional, with my emotions running all over the place (up, down, and back again). Constant ringing in the ears, aches and pains, and so on. I’m also an empath, so I tend to take on others emotions as well. It’s quite challenging to say the least! When I first realized that I was awakening, I searched constantly for help and answers, but have come to relax a bit more and rely on myself and go within! Again, thank you very much Steve! Blessings to all!

  16. yes! This resonates with me so much 🙂 Thank you for sharing and for this beautiful website. Such words are now very helpful for those who are ascending, for many of us. I’ve been confused and disappointed and extremely depressed for a long time and not looking back I see how perfect everything is, how beautifully life unfolds. I don’t know how, but I am 100% sure I am here to bring Heaven on Earth. And all of my dreams about lovely-creative-magnificent way of life here on the planet are not dreams anymore, it is happening! I can’t want to see the changes, to see more light, beauty and harmony all around. And to contribute massively in a way that makes my heart sing.

  17. I absolutely loved this article,it has helped to open my eyes to believe that as a light worker i to must move away from dark and negative people,i will use the shower of light to cleanse my aura, and cannot wait for the ascension,Namaste.

  18. Thank you for that. You expressed everything I have been thinking and feeling and knowing. I don’t know how I knew it I just did. I have been taking care of my body first, then the spiritual and clearing my negative emotions with essential oils and Bach flower remedies – which do work. I have felt very alone, yet I know I am not – I am being guided and am listening. It can be scary however, yet I am moving forward. Thank you again.

  19. There can be no heaven on earth without eternal youth, at least as long as we are confined to flesh-and-bone bodies. And the wrinkles on my forehead and hair loss seem to be here to stay, so please understand that I am skeptic. I did not come here to SIRE a child that may gradually replace me and render me biologically obsolete so that (s)he may enjoy the fruits of my work and experience Ascension in his/her prime. I came here to experience Ascension myself in my prime. I came here to be both part of the last generation of humans on Earth, to use the theme of Arthur Clarke’s hopefully prescient novel “Childhood’s End”, and the first of the new Homo luminous. Anything less than that breaks my heart and my heart is broken.

    1. I have been feeling the same , but maybe you just volunteered to help, which you did and then you can return to a 5d New Earth. Your Spirit knows why you are here, trust it! Infinite blessings and patience, it looks like we all need it!

  20. You are not correct ‘re gurus people still need guidance true you find how to advance but you need to know how to.that’s why I am here

  21. No mention of extra terrestials be they from another planet in this dimension or higher dimensions,
    No mention of the so called Masters who have overseen the earth for years, well we could do
    without them me thinks ( Jesus is supposed to be one of them )

    The writer of this page sounds Ok , but what are their credentials ?

    There are a load of Charleah well tons around giving advice and information on Ascension .

    but who told them

    The old way to attain entry to the 5th dimension was through initiations which could years / lifetimes , you paid a price for enlightenment !

    So looking around the Planet can,t see many souls who warrant this elevation . looks like a bloody disaster to me !

  22. Thank you so much. Have worked very hard with much chaos in my wake. Was saved by angels and guides via car accident at age 18. Channel told me at workshop when I was 32. I’m now 63, been in my house for 3 years learning to love myself. As a past nurse, pt bartender, then spiritual teacher feel pretty burned out. My name is a 1, birthday a 7. Is there a connection? Peace and love to all. Bethany

  23. It sounds like fuzzy crickets are ringing in my ears….very loud…has anyone else’s experience been X-rated at times? Met up with my TF

  24. Thank you very much for the invitation :). Best wishes.
    PS: How are you? I am from France 🙂

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