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ASCENSION NEWS: Moving into 5D Love/Unity Consciousness.

What is Ascension?

Ascension is the process of personal awakening where your energy bodies open to embody more of your Divine light into physical form. This process shifts your core vibration into a higher timeline-matrix which many are calling 5D love/unity consciousness. Here your chakras and energy systems receive an upgrade, dormant DNA becomes activated and you begin to experience more of your true multidimensional nature. Here you naturally access more flow, trust, synchronicity and miracles.
Ascension is a process that is affecting a small percentage of the global population right now. Less than 1% is going probably through this in the way I am about to describe. It is important to note that Lightworkers/Starseeds are the group going through the ascension process now (and since you are here reading this that includes you. If you want to know more about this topic there is a free EBook called Starseeds on this website you can download. What can be said now is this process is waking you up to your stellar origins.) Eventually the whole planet will of course wake up but through a different process which will most likely come through revelations about the true nature of what has been going on behind the scenes by those running the planet. (It is likely that many who are not complete with the lessons of 3D life will choose to leave this dimension of the planet to continue their soul evolution elsewhere).
When more of your Divine light is held in your energy bodies then you will naturally begin to release any area of your life that is connected to the old low frequency paradigm. Certain people and situations may start to fall away to make space for more high vibe individuals. (At the bottom of the vibrational scale are energies such as guilt, helplessness, rage, shame. Higher up energies include joy, love, acceptance, generosity, and service). Perhaps a relationship that once worked will no longer feels joyful. Perhaps a job that seemed comfortable for a while now feels increasingly uncomfortable. Perhaps you will feel the urge to change your diet or where you live. This process is challenging but ultimately it will bring many gifts and a greater sense of wanting to assist the global ascension process in some way.

What to Expect in the Early Stages…

The early stages of ascension can include very physical mutational symptoms such as (ascension) flu, headaches, diarrhoea, rashes, muscle and joint aches. Headaches, blurry vision, increased or decreased hearing and sometimes chest pains are due to expanding energies in the heart and head. You may hear strange noises in your head such as strange buzzing. Brain chemistry starts to alter as the right and left brain functions blend. Headaches may occur as the pituitary and pineal glands begin to change in size. The DNA structure (within the etheric body) begins to change as the etheric body floods with light. This may release old energy programs/patterns. It is very common to feel more sensitive to your environment. For instance, crowds or noise might feel overwhelming. Dietary wise, you may feel inclined to eat less and include more light, live food. Pure water also becomes very important. Some substances such as sugar, meat or alcohol may be cut down or eliminated. Sleep patterns may shift. There can be bouts of sleeplessness. Vision and hearing difficulties may arise as these senses are being realigned to function differently. You begin to question “why am I here” and “what am I meant to be doing”?

What to Expect in the Intermediate Stages…

Physical aches and pains usually continue. Your thought processes become non-linear and you can oscillate between knowing and doubt, fear and ecstasy. There is a yo-yo effect, one day joyful and the next the world seems dark and heavy. You may have high energy one day and feel drained the next. This can be a time of great emotional clearing you rid yourself of emotional baggage. You may feel like crying at the drop of a hat or feeling angry or sad with little provocation. You have a greater desire for your own space. You may question what is real, and at times feel you are going crazy. Your ego may feel at war with impulses from your Higher Self. Even though you fear you are going crazy you feel a strong urge to follow spirit. You cannot explain this to some people. You begin to feel synchronicity working and you may also get glimpses of higher abilities such as telepathy or clairvoyance. Dreams become more ‘lucid’ and you may dream of strange new places and people. Time is becoming more fluid and you may actually start to dream of the possible future. You are re-evaluating your life. This feels uncomfortable but it must be done. It is a of letting go, of moving on. Often relationships or jobs that feel stuck can end or change rapidly as there is simply no room for denial on any level.

What to Expect Further Down the Line…

This level is where you surrender the fight and your ego stops trying to battle with your Higher Self. You surrender to the higher power that is working through you. There is a dissolution or upgrading of resistant ego selves. The ego becomes more positively polarised and a more faithful servant to the Higher Self. The logical/rational parts within you stop trying to control the process. You are more open and trusting of your intuitive guidance and higher impulses. You are now an instrument for the light. You start to notice signs and portents from your Higher Self. Perhaps random messages have a powerful meaning for you. You may see master numbers everywhere such as 11, 22 and 33. Many limiting patterns from this present life and from many other lifetimes (this dimension and others) are neutralised in the deep unconscious. This allows for a greater sense of ease and flow. Your DNA has been activated to a full 12 strand (in this time frame there are 2 in the physical and 10 in the etheric) and you begin to manifest a new reality. One where you feel more grounded, open, willing, focused and purposeful. You have shifted your relationship with time that no longer feels linear but more multidimensional. There is no separation between you and your Higher Self.

Coping with All of the Above….

The core attitude to adopt to successfully navigate this process is one of letting go. Holding onto something that is not really working for you is a sure way to make the process more difficult. Everything is going to change and perhaps faster than might feel comfortable. This may bring up confusion for a time. Realise that you cannot work out what is happening with your logical mind. Yes the information here and elsewhere can give some understanding. Trust your feelings. Listen when your body is telling you to slow down, breath and seek silence. Take time out as often as you can. Rest is essential. On the other hand gentle exercise such as yoga or chi gung is great when the time feels right. Self-love is a good stance to take when witnessing any difficult feelings that arise. Trust your intuition. Perhaps journalling will help or some other method of expressing what needs to be expressed. Give voice to the child within, your vulnerable side, that may struggle with this process. Find people who understand the process and hang out with them. Just a friendly smile over a cup of tea can be very nurturing and healing. Salt baths can help clear negative energies from your energy fields. For some, crystals can also be a helpful aid to clear the chakra system. In this process there are new chakras opening and some crystals can help. Amethyst can have a very calming effect. Bloodstone can support the physical body. Kunzite can help with emotional swings. Sodalite can help the mental body. There are flower essences that can help. I have found the Bach remedy White Chestnut and Gorse are very helpful if there is a dark night of the soul type of experience. Rock Rose is very good if there is a lot of fear associated with the process. Golden Rose from Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury is great for opening to higher frequencies of love. If you search on Google for “flower essences and ascension” you will find many other sources. (If you are worried about any physical symptoms it is always wise to get yourself checked out). If you go to see a healer make sure they understand the ascension process. Since the planet is also ascending nature can be a very useful place to hang out in if and when you feel overwhelmed. Why not think about visiting your local park and sit under a friendly tree or even better get out into the wilds of nature. Sea air can be very cleansing. Mountains and forests can also be very healing. Very importantly remember to ask your Higher Self, guides and angels for help. There is always much help in the spirit realms. Work with new dispensations for clearing karma and dense energies such as the Violet Fire. (There are plenty of free meditation-transmissions on this website that may assist you here). Whatever you are going through remember that suffering is generated whenever we fixate on the past or on the future. Bring yourself back to the present moment with your breath. Above all treat yourself with loving kindness.


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      1. It’s all very real, I had 3 years of it now with daily syncs a plenty to the point that they are just part of my reality, I got slapped awake after losing my fiancee and mother to my 4 kids in a road traffic accident just over 3 years ago, I can still see the date on her casket/coffin 01.11.19,this before I even knew what master numbers were!…..

      1. I had the first wave in 2011
        Second now.. Now is the time for timelessness. Follow your highest joys.
        I love you all! Always will. See you in the future now.

    1. Thank you so much for this helpful information! Its really gave me some positive insight. I have just travelled through the physical pains and dark night of the soul around 9 months ago. It now seems to be getting easier and less painful. Feelings of love and joy alot more. Also alot of just feeling nothing, numb no feelings at all which feels most odd but i know its reprogramming the mind. I have just ordered some challice Well golden rose drops. Thank you. Many blessings for giving your time to write this for us all.xx

    2. That means that you are awakening and on your acsencion path. Tesla knew that number were the universal language not letters.

  1. Reading this has helped me better understand what I’ve bean experiencing. I’ve also been seeing 11:11 very frequently. Also certain numbers or patterns are becoming more & more frequent. I wish you all the best on this journey. You’ve found this page for a reason & purpose.

  2. I started my personal ascension back in 2000-2003 but then got wrapped up in 3D again until 2013 to now and the call is BIG! Acceleration in 2016 is something I am writing about daily I couldn’t say where i’m at on a dimensional level but i’m certainly not in 3D in any shape or form but rather in a space of anticipation…i’ll leave it there as I can’t explain it!

  3. Interesting that large majority of light workers, including the author of this article, choose to ignore basic Creation laws; for instance nobody is going to get from 3D to 5D without getting first into 4D first! It’s their spiritual ego and impatience working and that’s understandable … Currently about 85% of earth population have 3D souls (average of 3.6D) whereas 15% have 4D souls and higher. Main issue is that a soul experiences a dimension through a body, and the body vibration gives the level of life experiences and NOT the soul vibration; this aspect is very seldomly understood. For instance, Christ went through 3D and 4D level experiences since his body vibration when he died was about 4.5D. With a higher soul vibration, like in the 5D and above, one can have a higher understanding of this world but that doesn’t mean his body vibration will increase significantly. Taking care of the body through vegan food brings a bit of progress certainly but it’s not enough by far, there are other aspects much more important that belong to body progress … To get to physical ascension (turn into light-body) one needs a soul of at least 6.5D and a body over 5.5D vibration. Only to get to a 4.0D body vibration it’s lot of work to be done and one needs a higher soul nearby that can gauge the progress in real terms …

    1. Thank you for your comment. This is my understanding on the points you raisied: The planet is moving from 3D to 5D which of course means passing through 4D. Actually the planet is now in 4D and the old 3D systems are dissolving. 4D is not the final resting place of this ascension process, as far as I am aware, since 4D still includes the old light-dark polarity. Our multidimensional Higher Self already vibrates at mid 6D. There are high frequency angelic forces also active on the planet plus we can contact high frequency positively orientated star groups. The planet crystal grid is now vibrating in the 5D range and we are being bombarded with high frequency light from the Central Sun. Many high frequency Starseeds are waking up which is itself changing the group consciousness on the planet. As we connect to such forces with meditation, transmissions and spiritual practise the body begins to vibrate higher and etheric inactive DNA strands are switched on. We are shifting from a carbon 3D based body to a crystalline mid 5D body which is still physical but not as dense as the body’s we currently inhabit. As the frequency shifts then the breatharian practises of drinking the light of the sun become possible. At 3D this is not possible and leads to physical problems and death if taken too far.

    2. Claude I am also interested in your methods for obtaining this information. Firstly as I discern everything I would like to know the beings you work with? What is their and your motivation? What are your common goals for this information? Ie is this to raise humanity in a positive way or the opposite? Personally I don’t see the need to judge at all but if it is done as a means of furthering ones understanding education that is different. I see many attacking judging lightworkers and I feel into whether it is ego pure frustration or one of their shadow polarities speaking at the time. As I said I now tdiscern everything as all should do. The more we give into this polarity the more we are separate and therefore not ONE with all. We all have a common goal. Pls let’s stay on track. 1. Love each other 2. Respect each other for we are ONE NO separation 3. BE Kind 4. Check who and what is guiding you and what their motives are.

      What u are talking about is the old paradigm old timeline. New crew on board and we are taking it home Claude because we have before and we will again. Thoughts control outcomes so once again I question this post??? I appreciate you and love you but I don’t buy into the old paradigm. I AM one who has assisted with shifting this and will continue until I’m no longer needed. Bless and peace to you ❤️. To my brother Steve I appreciate your work and value love what you do so do many. We are on track. All is well ❤️

  4. Thanks for your answer to my comment, Steve. Actually the planet is now already at 4.15D vibration and she withdraws more and more her support for its 3D level and for its inhabitants whether animals or humans. As such, vibrationally speaking, the ones that lag behind Her with more than 0.3D on average for body vibration will have to leave the planet (die) in the next 5-10 years. Anyway, by 2030-2033 humanity will number around 1.5 billions humans, where 99% having souls in 4D and above, and more important at least 80% having bodies vibrating at at least 4.0D. Sometime around 2020 Earth population will start to decrease anyway due to mass health issues…
    Each embodied soul has free will to experience whatever he/she chooses, so there is no common destiny for the entire humanity per se as one reads in the enthusiastic writings of so many “spirituals” … 🙂 . It’s just that by what you choose to do you share the common destiny of a group whether it’s the 3D humanity, the future 4D, or even the very small group of souls with bodies of 5D that prepare for physical ascension … Since 1950 about 11-12 have successfully made the physical ascension in light bodies and are now what humanity calls “gods”.
    Very many spirituals miss the passing feelings of wellness when doing meditation, being in nature, using all sorts of holistic procedures like Bach flower drops, etc as sure signs they progresses profoundly while it’s only superficially and temporary. It’s like having a shower after an exhausting day and you feel good a few hours but the next day you go again to job and start all over again the same cycle :), nothing deep changed. They also are fully convinced that all sorts of angels, archangels, ETs, higher entities etc will do the job instead of them and they are just going to just sit relaxed and let things flow, watch and just “be” :). Actually, they are the first that will be badly affected in the future since they don’t change themselves by their own effort, they are just waiting for others to do their job.
    I looked into the soul and body vibrations of thousands of spirituals including “spiritual masters” with public exposure both from East and West and more than 98% are just wanabees, self-deluded or plain simulants … they are plain 3D souls with lots of lectures and that’s all. There are also a few true higher souls at Christ level or above like Buddha at 7.0D, Greg Braden a soul at 7.0D, Yogananda at 7.1D, Sri Yukshtewar at 7.3D, entity Bashar at 7.0D chanelled by Daryl Anka, St Germain (crimson circle) at 7.0D, but also Inelia Benz at 8.1D, Drunvalo Melchizedek at 9.1 D (!) …
    Dear Steve, if you want that I give you a reading for your soul and body just send me a recent photo or a link to such a pic of you at my email address, it’s free. “What cannot be measured doesn’t exist” somebody wisely said … If you trust my reading at least you know where you are, and if you do it say once every few months you gauge your progress with the spiritual & body procedures you use … Namaste

      1. I have stumbled upon this page (clearly for a reason) and I’m hoping that Claude, I am still able to reach out to you via email?
        I’ve only recently discovered that I am probably a Star being but honestly, the recent energies and shifts are sending me stir crazy; I just wondered whether you still offered readings via email?
        I hope to hear from you.

        1. Sam, I too would love a reading from Claude, but also would love to communicate with you about your experiences. Mine have been intense of late.

    1. Hey Claude,
      Your knowledge on densities seems to be very extensive. It’s something I’ve been studying myself recently. Would it be possible for you to do a soul & body reading if I sent you my email address.
      Thank you!

      1. Hi Tony, send as recent pic of you and I will send you back a reading of your soul and separately of your average body vibration, it’s free. As such you will have a measure where you are on your spiritual path. Average humanity level is 3.6D (D-dimension) for soul and 3.5-3.6D for body, using the chakra scale which is the same as for the dimensions for our reading.
        Please send the pic at Email:


    2. Hi Claud, you say that by 2020 the population will massively decrease, but what event would trigger such huge losses? Going from 7 billion to 1.5 billion suggests a major depopulation event.
      Also may I ask how you are attaining your readings, is this by psychic reading or some sort of technological measuring device?

      1. Hi Caro, I didn’t say that by 2020 we decrease from 7 to 1.5 billion, that would be a massive depopulation in just 3 years averaging more than 1 billion deaths per year! I said that “by 2020 population will start to decrease anyway due to mass health issues…” that’s a big difference. The decrease will encompass 12-15 years. As it is now there is still a plus between people being born and number of deaths. Around 2020 more will start to die than be born, that’s what I am saying.

    3. Namaste!
      I was wondering the same
      How much do you charge for a reading.

      Thank you for sjarimg your knowledge with us.

    4. It’s 11:19 now, just read the article and comments, didn’t notice it was 11:11 when I opened your page bout 9 min ago
      Does that have any meaning?
      Thank you

    5. Thank you Claude for explaining this.

      I can feel change, but I have a lot of ego, fear, pain body that raises up. It’s like that cycle you mentioned. Would you be able to do a reading for me? Sonal

    6. Hi Claud if I sent you a pic could you do me a reading please? I’m going through so much with all this and it would really help to know where I actually am in it all.

    7. Would be interested to know what vibratory field you believe I may have? Very open to what you
      May perceive

    8. Would be interested to know what vibratory field you believe I may have? Very open to what you May perceive.
      Thank you

    9. Hello Claude, as like many others have stumbled across this page, and am drawn to what your higher self can do to help enlighten me, as to what I am to be doing in these times for all life and earth itself. Namaste

    10. Claude I’m very interested in learning more as I’m experiencing my ascension. How do I get in touch?

  5. I feel as if I’m minus a major sense. It’s the only way I can describe it. Im experiencing the physical symptoms. I don’t really understand 3D and 5D but it seems to makes sense. Feels right. If I’ve got guides they are leading me as if I’m a blind person and they always have to New and beautiful experiences in a very ordinary world. I am very grateful to Steve and others who have got the guts and energy to explain this stuff. It’s needed and provides a framework for someone like myself to assign some kind of meaning to it all as I rarely think in words and find it difficult to express my thoughts and feelings. Love.

      1. Hi Claud,
        I would like a soul reading as well. I’m so inspired by your information and would like to know where I am currently on my path. Thank you so much.

  6. Thank you for the article. I read another article before that said that science has proven that doing things like listening to music, meditating, and going to 12-step meetings changes your DNA. I have been working on removing fear from my cells for a long time, too. Also, I like the numbers 3 and 11. I was born on March 11th. 🙂

    1. As per population…light is light and expands we were told to multiply individual s universe can be as large or small as they wish it…and without limiting light in other universes…after your universe is within as well… NAMASTE~~~

  7. I love this information clause. I feel as though I have progressed in a great way. I thank you dearly

  8. In the last 11 months I have gone through my dark night of the soul from which I have emerged a different person. I crave understanding and wisdom about this new life I find myself in. Everyday I wake up grateful and seek more knowledge, soaking it up like a sponge. Aches and pains, swelling on parts of my body that had previous injuries, hormonal changes, now, at my age, sore and swollen breasts,like when I was a teenager, other symtoms I won’t mention, sleep, ha ha, sometimes like a baby up every hour, sometimes more, or sometimes I sleep all night, I woke up one morning with angels singing in my ears, really. It’s all so amazing to me, I want more!I love it!

  9. What happens if you have experienced these shifts, becomed fully aligned in the self with amazing synchs, full flow of higher self… Experiencing the highest joy in just being you. Doing and making decisions based purely from the heart. Getting messages almost daily from spirits, guides and self… Living true to yourself. The most beautiful experience to have as myself. Only 6 months later… Lost. Gone. Connections severed. Unable to meditate. Stuck. Stuck creatively and in a dimension ready to move. So bored. Bored of the same thoughts. Fully back in the mind. A new mind than before of course. Feel so totally disconnected and sad. Don’t know how to get back. Anybody else going through this? Thanks.

    1. Aurora Tee….try not to be afraid. I know what you are experiencing, myself. I have learned that loving Soul connections from Spirit are never lost. Sometimes they do stand back a while. Why? I was told only this before here came a shutting-down effect: “so you will be more complete”.
      It’s hard for our minds to analyse. And analysis isn’t what will help. It also seems there is a grief effect takes hold. Be Heart-centred as much as you can, and do not lose hold of core values, then get on with Life. Your creative Self is important. And centering in the Heart will bring comfort and more strength when needed. Know you certainly are not alone. Spirit is with you always.

  10. Thanks again, I can relate to probably nearly all the symptoms. Buzzing noises, blurry vision and high definition vision, noises low and high, magnified vision, headaches, pains, energy winds, emotions low and high, telepathy, seeing numbers (111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999) seeing faces in inanimate objects (at first scary faces, now passive and positive, which is both hemispheres of brain working together),felt energetic sickness from eating meat, sugar, bad foods so am now vegetarian. I know my spirit as merged with my spirit and physical which probably is the cause of being sensitive, see my HS (the shiny light of god) which is constantly with me (these lower beings seem to stick to it and always feed from it, if this is the HS of cause, see my conscious separate from my spirit mostly in my dreams, can see my own darkness in the spirit from negativity (for example when I did something lustful, my conscious separated and I looked at myself my eyes had rings of black and red colors showing)information and knowledge is instantly known, synchronize with colors, vibrations and finally I have scanned myself, taken implants out of myself, seen visions of transforming darker beings, seen a pit of reptilians. etc, etc. Iv’e seen and experienced way too much to put here, I won’t mention the demons and such because it’s too much info to write. Forgot to mention I can feel crystals, feel the bath salts work and my awareness sometimes let’s me connect with nature, I talk with trees and seem to be able to physically interact with thought forms, people’s spirits while physically been with them, I see physical people’s spirits when they are thinking of me and can talk to them, this is all through my awareness though, positive and negative beings.

  11. Beautiful post! I have survived many ascension symptoms over the past year and a half or maybe more. And I trust it’s darkest before the dawn. Support of the like-minded souls, who are on the same journey and especially from teachers you completely trust is a very helpful thing. After all meditations, teaching, clearing and healing sessions, I would highly recommend listening to Matt Kahn on youtube, his transmissions helped me the most during the most challenging time in my life I am going through. I am looking forward to eventually see our new reality, in the meantime, I stay grounded and balanced at the best of my ability.

  12. This…just all of this. Thank you, everyone. It’s such a beautiful thing to go through this ascension. The most profound of it all is noticing the stark truth of it. I am going through it right now (ascension) and am noticing all of these symptoms -woot woot- but I’m having a hard time opening heart to it. A lot of baggage to come to terms with. The hardest part to me is finding the very root of the trigger. I’ve always been clever and compartmentalized my problems(program) and sometimes have trouble finding it. Someone described it as a shadow polarity? Even if we’re speaking of entirely different things this is applicable (also hand in hand with make sure you’re paying attention to what you’re following). Thank you again so much for just existing 🙂 namaste.

    1. Relax. Smile (if only to yourself). Love. Go easy on yourself,be kind to yourself. Remember to breathe. I recommend “autobiography of a yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda. I listened to it on audible. Ben Kingsley narrated, so it was easy listening. Mind blowing and awe inspiring. Peace be the journey.

  13. A message from source

    Much of earth is in a state of shock due to correlation between mass amounts of stress and induced vomiting of the spirit. Reasons for this are many, however, the practice of inoculating one via painstaking service to god will only induce more fear from the masses as towering ideological religions drive us further from the source of whence we came. Indeed, some of us feel that the oppression of the everyday human being is somewhere between natural and forthcoming, as agency within this human structure is limited due to capitalist structures and overbearing frameworks of sin and dogma pressed upon us by society and its hierarchical nature. Due to this, many humans experience what is known as depression, anxiety, fear and loathing of their fellow living creatures as pressure mounts from beyond for them to concern themselves more with earths fundamental principles of want and need.
    The overarching theme of degradation of spirit, soul, lifeforce (call it what you will) is something which needs to be abandoned in favour of a spirit centered existence which promotes love and wellness. This of course is something which can only be achieved by many years of reform to the current system. Reform, will be is short lived if we continue to ignore god’s will and obey only our chief desires of lust, greed, envy, jealousy, hatred and overabundance of self-worth, in contrast to a seclusion of these lower natures to our vault of unwanted conscience.
    The many perils and ills of trial and error are acknowledged by the source of whence you came. The higher nature of your being yearns for change and dogma free existence, we understand you may have desires which you cave to, learning from your mistakes is paramount here, as only the few whom overcome these desires and selfishness will ascend in the coming era of golden aura to be pressed upon the righteous of humanity.

  14. am so happy to become one of the light warriors on earth and i promise to work hard to become a great warrior. it really nice been a worker for the light.

  15. I have been studying the Bible and i can see how the teachings in the Bible correlate when it comes to ascension. The teachings of Jesus Christ will most certainly elevate your body,spirit and soul.
    I have finally come to start to understand that we will ascend just as Jesus.
    The Bible says there will be a new heaven and a new earth.
    So I agree with this process of ascension.
    I have always felt enlightened so I am sure my ascension is meant to be.
    Peace and love.

  16. Hi Claude – could you please read me? This really resonates with me at the moment. I’m feeling so much chatter in my mind but I can’t hear it. I can’t sleep and I feel like I know everything and nothing. None of these feelings are new but I’m quite out of sorts. I often wonder if my monumentally huge ego is keeping me from myself :/

    1. Steve, I’m so so greatful to you, I listen every day.
      I was looking for a kind of list of different galaxies mentioned by you, like Atlantis.. where you might feel like, connected to.
      And I stumbled apon ‘leave a message’ so I thought Id leave one to express my gratitude for all you’ve posted! Your meditations are so absolutely wonderful. Thank you for putting words and visuals to what have only been feelings and questions. Ive never felt better and at ease about everyting with a sense of purpose.


  17. Claude, I also believe I am going through the ascension but I struggle to leave behind my emotional baggage and surrender. I see repeating numbers and other synchronicities constantly. I have always felt like an angel was with me and now I’m convinced of it.. Can you read my vibration?
    Many thanks.

  18. In a moment I thought I was going crazy this !!! Made me feel at peace. I’m just trying to take in the fact that I can see, feel and hear things I didn’t before. I’m so glad I found this.

  19. Love and appreciation for all of these messages and Steve’s website. I have also stumbled across this page today, it makes me feel very connected, Many thanks love and light Dawn xxx

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