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Lower Energy Extraction Transmission: Allowing More of Your Authentic Soul Light

This remastered transmission (recorded during a live event in Central London 29th June 2017) is designed to help extract lower unhelpful energies from your physical body and energy bodies. Once this is done it opens the way for you to invoke and then absorb more of your authentic soul light.

  1. In this transmission we protect and seal your energy fields and then call a huge etheric crystal from the 5D Crystalline Earth Grid. We use this to pull out of you any energies belonging to other people. Specifically we pull out sexual energy from past partners that is hanging around your body and energy fields. We pull out emotional energy, anger, grief, pain that is not yours. We pull out mental energy, such as other people’s ideas, thoughts, opinions, beliefs that somehow has become lodged in your energy fields. We pull out any lower energies from the media/news that is affecting you in any way. Surrender this crystal to your Higher Self, release back to the Universe.
  2. The next part of the transmission we call up a cord up from the Earth Grid into the core of your being. (If you are a man this cord attaches in the testes and prostate. If you are a woman this cord attaches in the uterus and womb). We then extract any mass cultural programming that does not serve you around your identity as a man or woman.
  3. Once this has been done we invoke more of your soul light into your sexual organs and into the physical body of bone and blood, of organs and cells, nervous system, hormonal system. We invoke more of your soul light into your etheric body, into the chakras. We invoke more of your soul light into the emotional body so that you may feel more of your authentic joy of being alive on the earth plane. We I invoke more of your soul light into the mental body so that you may know more of your higher multidimensional wisdom.

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  1. Felt so much connection to self. Wonderful energy. Wonderful connection.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Bring me more of the good stuff.

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