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Angelic And Star Race Support Transmission: Neutralising Dark Alien AI.


This Transmission…

This transmission was recorded on 8th August 2021 at the peak intensity of the Lion’s Gate. It was remastered and re-released 25th January 2024.

Archangels of the Central Sun of Sirius…

In this transmission we invite archangels folding the horizontal and vertical force planes along with Archangels from the Central Sun of Sirius, plus Zero Point Field angels, Ultraviolet Fire angels and Security Force angels. We also invite Psychic Lightbody Surgeons from Sirius and Arcturus.

Dark Agreements/Dark Timelines..

We call on your Higher Self to destroy any agreements you have from any lifetime that in any capacity allows negative alien AI or negative nanotechnology into your body and energy fields. Asking to clear and seal any negative openings in your field with archangel light from Great Central Sun. Releasing the attraction of any dark timelines. Michael/Metatron/Sandalphon come to open a portal of high frequency light in your fields.

Calling on Psychic Surgeons…

Then we ask Psychic Lightbody Surgeons to scan your body and energy fields for negative AI and dark nanotechnology. Asking them to disable, neutralise, and remove any and all alien AI including all dark nano-technology interference in your body and energy fields. They remove all interference and disassemble all dark material far away from your energy fields. Helping you to release any and all associated programming and negative imprinting. We ask to release all negative programming including all negative religious programming, sexual breeding programming, conflict and war programming, slavery, and persecution programming. Release all agreements that allow any 3D corporations, systems, governments and controlling elites to harvest and steal energy and resources from the planet. Asking finally to release and clear all terror and fear linked with dark AI and the outgoing age of darkness.

Closing Dark Timelines…

Invoking the help of Security Force angels, to block, seal and disappear all openings to any dark timelines associated with dark alien AI. (Such artificial timelines lead to more global control, manipulation, surveillance, dark invasive AI technologies, and dark tyranny.) We do this because that is not your true timeline on this ascending planet. We ask these angels to open and expand the one true ascension timeline the one that is your destiny. Calling on Ultraviolet Fire Angels to sweep clean your fields of any alien debris. We then call upon Michael/Metatron/Sandalphon to close the portal of high frequency light in your fields.

Music by…

Loula Love – Buddha Mind – 936Hz

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9 Responses

  1. Honestly, I have no human words to express the experience of this transmission. Thank you Steve for this. I almost feel like this was the completion of what we as Starseeds needed prior to our Full Ascension. I almost feel transparent. Definitely walking with one foot here and the other on new timeline (but not “solidly” here-difficult to put into words-grounded always to our beautiful Gaia though). I have been “seeing” our New Earth and the beauty is beyond anything we can imagine. The light the LOVE, the peace, abundance and joy!!! WE have our work cut out for us, but I feel this transmission has given us ALL we need to accomplish what we signed up to do. Again so grateful, so grateful Steve and all involved in this. Love and Blessings always! Theresa 🙂

  2. Steve, so much right on! The whole day was cracking up open… Exactly what I needed today and not just me. With love and gratitude always!

  3. Thank you Steve and all the Divine Beings of Light for bring this to us at this very important time. I could feel the release of energy as I thru all contracts and agreements into the Central Sun.

  4. Thank you so much for this powerful transmission. I could feel the shift in body immediately. I can’t thank you enough for all that you do for all the starseeds on this beautiful earth. ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Thank you Steve for the love and grace you bring through from the Divine Ones. You have saved my life once again. Deep gratitude for all space time.

  6. wasnt drawn to this, more of a rejection, which led me to listen.. i actually saw circuitry! these energies are subtle and sly…my body feels more real ,clearer, brighter, more fluid…always grateful for your awareness and knowledge shared

  7. Thank you Steve for everything you have given and continue to give to us starseeds. I am so glad to have connected to you and appreciate your work. Cheers.

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