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Podcast: The Multidimensional Nature of the Soul

Listen to Lorraine Flaherty speak about her work on our multidimensional nature. In particular she speaks about: the wheel of lifetimes, karma, testing, soul blocks, soul lessons, soul mates, soul splitting and soul groups.

Lorraine Flaherty works as Transformational therapist, using a process she calls Inner Freedom Therapy. This utilises the tools of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Past Life Therapy, Future Life Progression, Life Between Lives, Inner Child Therapy, Ancestral Healing and Spirit Release. She is the author of Healing with Past Life Therapy.


Podcast: The Multidimensional Nature of the Soul from Steve Nobel on Vimeo.


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    1. Thank you Stephen and Lorraine..It was so special to hear this fascinating talk on our multidimensional nature..I find myself agreeing with so much of what i am hearing from Lorraine and from information passed on in your meditations.It is so inspiring to connect with those of like mind and heart.Best wishes

  1. Thank you, Steve, very much for your work which gives access to higher energy, life experiences, and knowledge. This podcast with Lorraine, Thank you Lorraine, has helped me in clarifying a thought-impression, about the whole ascension processes as being sovereignty claim and positioning vise verses the soul’s arbitrary desire to experience everything housing for its “divine” purposes human vehicle –psychological personalities-higher selves an incarnation after another. Since the soul is eternal and above judgment and totally connected to source the dramatic split is that which reside between the one time originated this lifetime human personality and The soul. So during this wonderful ascension process during which lots of information, such as this podcast and those within your YouTube channel, one’s persona starts with clearing events templates and patterns which are the very same that it’s soul has put him to go through. So I am Calling My Soul to clearly manifest within me and stop playing with the “I want to experience and expend and learn through your experience” game, and starts to decode the whole creation story in a way that anole free choice false concept we all know by now is not free at all. Ascending with the help of angels deities and glacises resident, is a soul bypassed process and as seen to me, right now, has nothing to do with the almighty soul that has no need to ascend.

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