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Dissolving Negative Thoughtforms Transmission

What is a Thoughtform…

A thoughtform is a thought or a group of associated thoughts that are bound together with intense emotion. Thoughtforms are mental, emotional and also elemental structures that exist within the pale starlight of the Astral Plane, but also have a certain existence on the physical plane. Some thoughtforms have a facsimile of life, like a virus that seeks to infect the mental and emotional bodies.

Thoughtforms contain Emotional Energies…

There can exist thoughtforms of raw emotion such as fear, hate, sorrow. There can also be thoughtforms of intense peace, joy or bliss that can be created. An example being where many Buddhist monks come together to meditate on peace.

Why Sensitives/Psychics are Vulnerable…

Please note that sensitives/psychics are prone to being influenced by thoughtforms. This is why this transmission is probably important to many Starseeds following this channel.

Dark Thoughtforms…

Some thoughtforms can create intense conflict and even drive people to extreme violence. A thoughtform is created by two or more beings that focus intently on something. A thoughtform of violence can be created in places where violence occurs such as a home of domestic violence, a place where a murder has taken place, a battlefield.

Most thoughtforms are created unconsciously such as a group that focuses on hating an issue or another group. Negative thoughtforms of hate are one of the reasons behind some of the most insidious wars happening on the planet right now.

Other Lifetime Thoughtforms…

Thoughtforms can bleed through from other lifetimes. This happens when some sort of trigger sets this off, such as a film or an incident that somehow relates to an original other lifetime experience.

Black/White Magic…

Thoughtforms can also be created consciously, and this is the realm of the magician both black and white. An example of a dark thoughtform can be found in certain conspiracy theories where something is deliberately created by dark magicians that is not true or partially true and is infected with a powerful thoughtform. This closes the mind and creates the need to strongly argue and defend the idea even in the face of contrary evidence.

Some thoughtforms attach to one host as the primary host, then infect everyone else around them. This feels like a form of possession.

Positive Thoughtforms…

An example of a positive thoughtform is where a group create a focus such as protecting an area against any form of harm. I have created protective thoughtforms in many of the homes I lived in. A coven of witches may create a healing thoughtform through ritual singing and visualisation to send to someone. A powerful example of a protective thoughtform happened during WW2 when a magical group did ritualistically create one around Britain. This was at a time the country was in danger of being invaded which helped ward off invasion and may have even planted the idea into the minds of those opposing Britain to focus elsewhere.

The Power of a Thoughtform…

The power of a thoughtform depends on the number of people simultaneously focusing on that same thoughtform for extended periods of time. The power of a thoughtform also depends on the intensity of the need or drive behind it and the intensity of emotion evoked while focusing on it.

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