Please note in this transmission it is recommended that you sit facing the east, the direction of the rising sun (the direction of Hermes-Rapheal, the Magician. The symbol of the Magician is the Caduceus).

The magician is both Shaman, Healer and Dreamer. There are many Starseeds who are here to wake up their ability to dream the world anew. The Magician comes to awaken you to the hidden higher frequency of creative power and magic that is largely dormant within you.

In this track you will first connect to the ascending current of the crystal grid of the earth. This connects you to the elemental, mineral, plant, animal and faerie realms. Then you will connect to the planetary grid which contains the energies of ascension and the Cosmic Christ energies. Riding on the descending current comes the Magician who has been known by many names on the planet. One of these names is Archangel Raphael who has also been known as Hermes, Thoth and Merlin. Raphael is the Archangel of the East (which in Western magical traditions is associated with the creative power of the mind and also with the element of air).

This remastered transmission was first recorded in London July 2016.

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