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Awakening the Magician Transmission: Invoking Pure Archetypal Creative Power.

Please note in this transmission it is recommended that you sit facing the east, the direction of the rising sun (the direction of Hermes-Rapheal, the Magician. The symbol of the Magician is the Caduceus).

The magician is both Shaman, Healer and Dreamer. There are many Starseeds who are here to wake up their ability to dream the world anew. The Magician comes to awaken you to the hidden higher frequency of creative power and magic that is largely dormant within you.

In this track you will first connect to the ascending current of the crystal grid of the earth. This connects you to the elemental, mineral, plant, animal and faerie realms. Then you will connect to the planetary grid which contains the energies of ascension and the Cosmic Christ energies. Riding on the descending current comes the Magician who has been known by many names on the planet. One of these names is Archangel Raphael who has also been known as Hermes, Thoth and Merlin. Raphael is the Archangel of the East (which in Western magical traditions is associated with the creative power of the mind and also with the element of air).

This remastered transmission was first recorded in London July 2016.

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  1. This is an archetypal energy that I have felt very drawn to for many years. The magician energy came as a blend between the Archangel Rapheal (who is very connected to the Christian and Jewish traditions) and the Atlantean magician Thoth-Hermes (who was the channel-scribe for the Emerald Tablets). The magician is often portrayed as a masculine force and this is how I felt this energy in this transmission (of course this is about energy-consciousness and not gender so this transmission is not just suited for men). Many of us have had lifetimes as shamans, healers, seers, druids, and ritual magicians in many different places around the world. I have long felt a connection with the magical traditions of Egypt, Greece, Tibet and Atlantis. This transmission is intended to connect you with those lifetimes where you worked with the light. Some of those lifetimes may be in dimensions other than this 3D earth. This transmission can open you in unexpected ways to various gifts and skills developed in those lifetimes.

    1. Thank you Steve for another meaningful trasmission.

      It felt very direct, I didn’t need to pay much attention
      to the words.
      This area is very appealing to me.

      My fondest wishes,

      Raul C.

    2. A thousand thank you’s for this amazing piece of work.
      I’ve listened to a few of your transmissions but this resonates most deeply.

    3. Hi Steve, your transmissions are the most powerful and healing ones I’ve ever experienced.! I absolutely love them all. Thank you so much for your aide.

  2. Hi Steve… Did this one this morning – it felt so powerful.
    Thank you so much for making these available
    Hope you are well

  3. love it thanks downloaded as one who fits the characteristics of a “wise one” it certainly resonates

  4. Steve – Thanks for this clearing reconnection to perfect purity. Everyday this is your Present for the daily New Year. It is a spark of individuality and it is also a spark of the universal because within each individual there is a Universe. Your Present is activated as you begin to know what you believe yourself to be within is the same as what you project yourself to be outwardly. Love, Peace, Bliss and Truth, David

  5. VERY POWERFUL and I TRULY THANK YOU! I appreciate this transmission as it felt VERY timely for me! Also, I feel a re-awakening to the healing plants in other areas of this world! It’s time for the Magician to surface in me and in us all! Thank you, Steve, for your gentleness yet potent transmission! It is somewhat beyond words for me to continue to speak here! This is how POWERFUL it was for me today! Bountiful blessings to you, Sherri

  6. The sound Cloud is not working.

    Thoth is the son of Enki is he not. The symbol in the Graphic is also Enki’s Symbol. Enki has been helping me a lot being the God of Life, All Magic and Replenishment.

  7. I am here and willing to learn, I know it has to be a self learned lesson, I am patient, but I feel as if I have already been waiting 3 lifetimes for this. I don’t want to lose what thin grasp I do have. Please guide me in the direction I need to go and I will follow with an open mind and clean soul. Thank you

    1. Moderation, okay. I will take any small and positive life lesson available that is beneficial. I appreciate it.

  8. Great Steve!
    I wonder if you have done or will do one about the artist’s archetype.. I’d love it and find it very useful,
    thank you so much! Cecilia

  9. Thank you Steve for this magical awakening transmission always felt in my heart this was my calling. Been putting together the pieces of who I am it feels like a long time but the big piece was missing till now . Bless you for this work you do for all of us.

  10. i found this so inspiring magical and just what i needed at this moment in time. So very grateful for you sharing this

  11. Omg Steve!!! It’s one of the best you ever done and definitely one of the best transmission I’ve ever experienced!! Thank you soooo much !

  12. Steve I love your Transmissions and all your work you do for the human kind. This one was the most powerful one yet. !
    Thank you ! Gratitude from my heart!

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