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Higher Light Decree: Clearing Negative Portals/Seals, False Light and Luciferian Interference.

Negative Portals…..

Negative openings are also known as negative portals. Imagine for a moment your energy field is like a house. Negative portals are like windows and doors where the handle and lock is on the outside. This means energies and entities can enter your field. This is not something Starseeds should be allowing.

Negative Seals/Implants….

We can have seals or implants in our energy fields that limit the amount of light we can experience and also limit ascension and awakening. This is all part of the 3D game of dark opposing the light.

False Light Beings….

False light beings appear to be of the light but they are otherwise. Some spiritual teachers, healers and channels are influenced by false light beings on the inner planes posing as guides or angels and thus they themselves, usually unwittingly, become false light beings in this world.

Luciferian Forces….

Luciferian forces do not serve the light. This is a more accurate term than Illuminati. This is a Satanic group that pulls the strings behind Governments, military-industrial complex, corporations, financial systems. These forces can be found in this world and in the lower astral planes.

Your Team in Spirit.

Your Team in Spirit includes your Higher Self, Monadic Self (Oversoul), all helpers, guides, masters of light, angels and specialist teams such as your ascension team, healing teams, psychic surgery teams and so on. We call upon your Team in Spirit to assist you in clearing and sealing any negative openings/portals along with any tears and rips or porous areas of your energy. To assist in removing all associated agreements and programming.

Archangels and Specialist Angels…..

This decree invokes the Archangels of the Horizontal Force Plane – Rapheal, Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel. Finally, the space is held by the Archangels of the Vertical Force Plane – Metatron and Sandalphon.

You are Sovereign…..

Remember that you are sovereign in your energy. Your word is Law in your Universe. Your energy field is sacrosanct! This decree invokes your sovereign energy to banish all interference.

Music by….

Music by – Rebecca Reads, Journey Through The Milky Way.

This is the Script for the Decree….

I Call Upon…

“I call upon Source Energy. I call upon my Higher Self and Team in Spirit of the highest light and resonance to witness and activate this decree. I call on Archangel Michael and all angels working with Michael to be present during this decree. I call on Metatron and all Archangels from the Great Central Sun working with Metatron to be present during this decree. I invoke all Archangels of the Horizontal and Vertical force planes. I call upon all Elohim and Seraphim. Ultraviolet fire angels. Zero Point field angels. Security Force Field Angels.

I call upon on my Higher Self, I Am Presence, along with all Angelic assistance and Star Brothers and Sisters support in the Universe to assist me in this decree….”

I call upon and invoke the Ascension Grid, on Christ Consciousness and on all ascended beings within that grid. I call upon and invoke the Crystalline Grid of Gaia for assistance and support during this process. And all ascended beings within that grid

Ultraviolet Fire Angels…

Ultra-violet fire angels create a triple shield of ultraviolet fire around my energy field. Within that shield I call on Zero Point Field angels to create a field of zero-point energy to remove all interference arising out of my energy field.

Spirit, release all blocking agreements connected to any form of limitation or interference including allowing negative portals or false light beings into my personal reality, my personal space. Whether these have arisen in this incarnation, any other incarnation, or arising through the bloodlines.

Akashic Records…

Higher Self, and Universal Support please delete and destroy from my Akashic Records and throughout all time and space, any agreements, promises, vows and contracts that have allowed any such interference arising. Destroy any associated hidden agreements or programming that would seek to reinstate any portals/openings. Do this through all minds, all bodies, all dimensions, all incarnations and realities.

Negative Portals…

Spirit, Clear and seal all negative portals, openings, entry points, negative vortexes or wormholes. Include all false light openings and portals. Those that seem light but are otherwise. Clear and fill with light all toxic streams contributing to any negative opening. Seal all tears and rips and punctures in my energy fields. Clear and remove all programming connected to any negative opening. Include any programming that would seek to recreate any negative opening. Do this across all time and space, all dimensions and timelines.

False Light Beings…

Spirit, remove from the body and energy fields and my reality all false light beings and associated programming. All false light angels, guides, teachers, mentors, healers. All false light groups. Including all false light religious organizations. Clear all false light energy from my fields. Clear remove and replace all interference with golden light from the Christ Grid.

Spirit, remove from the body and energy fields all cords and threads and tentacles connecting me to demonic or satanic energies or entities, dark ET groups, satanic and luciferian groups, fallen angels along with all associated programing and thought forms. Clear remove and replace all interference with golden light from the Christ Grid.

Lower Vibrational Entities…

Spirit, remove any and all discarnates, entities, lower astral energies, soul fragments that do not belong to me and take them into the light with love by the power of God Source. Clear all associated energetic thought-forms, stories, belief systems, subliminal messages that are of a lower vibration. Clear remove and replace all interference with golden light from the Christ Grid.

Blocking Energies…

Spirit, remove from my body and energetic fields: All blocking plates, rods and seals in the body, anything creating a split between spirit and matter, heart and mind, anything negatively affecting my sexual energy, affecting my emotional expression. All blocking plates, rods and seals that restrict my spiritual awakening, ascension path, the emergence of my crystalline lightbody, the expansion of light and vibration within my reality. Remove all plates, rods and seals associated with the 3D matrix, all chakra seals, all karmic seals, all seals limiting my DNA, all religious based seals including crucifixion seals, all dark ET engineered seals, Dark Orion seals, Satanic or demonic seals, all false light seals. Clear remove and replace all interference with diamond white light from the Crystalline Earth Grid.

Negative Programming…

Spirit, remove all interference and programming that keep the game of duality going. Clear all artificial intelligence devices or implants. Remove all illuminati and reptililian devices or implants, military Grey Alien devices or implants, energy predator devices or implants, harvesting devices or implants, trauma devices or implants, addiction devices or implants, cybernetic devices or implants. Spirit, remove all negative devices or implants in the physical body and energy fields. Clear remove and replace all interference with golden light from the Christ Grid.

Neural Networks…

Spirit, clear all neural brain networks. Remove all brain stem implants, pineal and pituitary implants, eye implants. Remove all mind control implants. Clearing all alien AI implants. Remove all negative occupants, and attachments in my neural networks, meridians and all subtle bodies. Transmute all of this to divine love. All devices or implants in the chakras remove through all layers levels and dimensions. Clear remove and replace all interference with diamond white light from the Crystalline Earth Grid.

Spirit, remove all devices or implants blocking pranic and other higher energies from flowing along the vertical channel. Clear all multidimensional implants, anything negatively affecting the highest ascension timeline. Clear all holographic inserts. Remove all cloaked or hidden implants. Remove anything negatively affecting the mortality of the body. Clear remove and replace all interference with golden light from the Christ Grid.

Sexual Implants…

Spirit, remove all sexual implants, breeding implants, Prostate/G-Spot implant’, Genital plugs, MK ultra-implants, pedophilia implants. Clear all associated programming connected to misuse of sexual energy, astral attack, or any form of genetic experiments. Clear remove and neutralize all such interference. Clear remove and replace all interference with diamond white light from the Crystalline Earth Grid.

Spirit, remove all chips, tracking devices or tagging devices placed by lower astral and lower galactic beings. Remove all Lemurian, Atlantean, Orion War Tags. Remove all tags revealing Starseeds to lower forces on the astral planes. Clear remove and replace all interference with diamond white light from the Crystalline Earth Grid.

Ego Programming…

Spirit, clear and remove all negative programs connected to any seal or implant. Clear all associated Anxiety, Blame, Co-Dependence, Cognitive Dissonance, Confusion, Craving, Despair, Disassociation, Disempowerment, Drama, Fear, Guilt, Helplessness, Isolation, Inhibition, Lethargy, Miscommunication, Misdirection, Misinformation, Obstruction, Persecution, Restriction, Shame, Suppression, Trauma, Turmoil, Victim Consciousness, Withdrawal, and Withholding. Clear remove and replace all interference with golden light from the Christ Grid.

Spirit, clear and remove all imprints that bind my ego to: Felling victimized, wounded, hurt, betrayed, empty, embattled, struggling, threatened, in a martyred response, needing to rescue, in sacrifice, feeling less than or greater than others.

Spirit, disconnect and remove me permanently from all low frequency grids, AI grids, dark ET grids, interfering with my ascension process. Clear all dark ET magnetic fields interfacing with my auric fields. Clear remove and replace all interference with diamond white light from the Crystalline Earth Grid.

Energetic Distortions…

Spirit, clear all interference and distortions in my energy fields. Anything seeking to interference or drain, harvest or syphon my energy. Please do this through all minds, all dimensions, all incarnations and realities.

Spirit, I request a complete Karmic Clearing of all unnecessary or unjustified karma that can be removed from my my Akashic Soul records, clear through all time and space, all dimensions of my being. Replace with Golden light from the Christ Grid.

I am a Starseed-Magician…

Spirit, activate my full potential as a Starseed-magician, as a Starseed-alchemist. A transformer of all lower energies. Spirit, activate the full potential of my brain centers, neural pathways, energy centers and all energetic pathways. Activate the full potential of my soul gifts and qualities that are now ready to come online in this lifetime.

Spirit, place a healing Crystalline energy field around me to allow this work to continue until complete. Allow this field to seal my aura with light. Balance and integrate this work to the highest positive end result. Allow this field to strengthen my connection to Spirit, my Higher Self, guides, helpers and team in Spirit.

I Call Upon…

I call upon all my Higher Self, Monadic Self, Team in Spirit, all Archangels of the Horizontal and Vertical force planes, upon all Elohim and Seraphim, Ultraviolet fire angels. Zero Point field angels and Security Force Field Angels to amplify this decree of clearing to the maximum intensity so that I may walk here in this ascending 3D world clear of all interference. Do this in accordance with the cosmic laws of love and light for maximum benefit of all. And so it is.

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29 responses

    1. Wow! Just wow! I will be sharing this with my clients when doing Akashic readings to help them in the clearing process.
      Awesome stuff Steve!❤️

    2. Thank you for that very thorough clearing meditation, it feels right to have this help at this time, much appreciated.

    3. Thank you for these decrees steve and all your wonderful work. So happy to be apart of this budding community

  1. Dear Steve ✨ it is not widely known but Lucifer is not a malevolent being, on the contrary. He is a benevolent archangel, who is not fallen, and known throughout existence as the “Golden Heart”. That archangel Lucifer is evil is a lie of epic proportions the archons have fed humans as Lucifer is the bringer of light to darkness. They want us to confuse them with him as an attempt to sabotage him.

    So by ”luciferian agenda” I think you mean “archaic agenda”. Check out Rising Phoenix Aurora for more info if you’re curious.

    Thank you for your wonderful meditations, they are very appreciated. Much love

    1. Several whistelblowers who have left the Cabal have stated that they follow a Luciferian Religion. I have come across groups that work with Lucifer as Light Bringer. This is not something that calls to me personally. Glad you like the meditations. Sx

    1. Very grateful for all your clearings. It’s vital that we speak it over ourselves. Such powerful decrees. So it is! Infinite Blessings to all

  2. Thank you infinitely Steve, team of spirits, Archangels and all loving energies who assisted in clearing cleansing, sealing and protecting me and my field of energy for my highest good and the highest good of all. Steve I truly am so grateful for you, your meditations and transmissions have helped to change my life. Beyond my gratitude and prayers fir you and yours I hope to one day be able to repay you. Until then sending love light and infinite blessings. Love to my star brother.

  3. Thank you so much Steve! It is very powerful and perfect timing! As all your meditations, especially most recent, right on!
    That one was especially needed with clearing processes on the day of its release!
    Deeply grateful for you!

  4. I feel that all this invented covid crisis regarding restrictions and enforced vaccine ‘passports’ is very sinister indeed and coming from a place of control over everyone. Definitely part pf a globalist agenda that is being fed I believe by nefarious powers. Contant propaganda, lies over having a vaccine and injecting potentially toxic substances into your body, along with enforced mask wearing that restricts breathing. I have to tune out of the constant bombardment because it becomes overwhelming. Lies being portrayed as truth. Fear being pushed to hand control of our lives over to corporate globalists.

  5. Thank you from the very depths of my heart for sharing this. This is tremendously helpful in my current situation. ❤️

    1. Hello Steve,

      Please could you tell me what Lemurian, Atlantean, Orion War Tags are?

      I would like to listen to the track but feel a bit hesitant because the name of the dark one is mentioned in it. I’ve had so many difficulties with this word since 2018.

      With a lot of prayer and help from the higher realms, my mental field has become stronger and my energies clearer and it’s much less of a problem than it used to be.

      But I still have some fear of this word if I’m honest and try and avoid it as much as possible.

      Thank you for all the help you give

      1. Regarding Lemurian, Atlantean, Orion War Tags, Starseeds can carry tagging devices in their energy fields that identify them to lower plane forces in different ways. A bit like someone putting a hidden sign outside your home saying a Starseed from Star Race XYZ lives here. When this came through I sat with these terms and I am not exactly sure about them other than they relate to lifetimes in those places that were traumatic in some way. Most people can get that Atlantis was traumatic at the end. Many have heard of the Orion Wars (Star Wars was based on this system). Lemuria was also challenging at the end. Where there is trauma there can also be manipulation by lower forces. So these tags need to be removed.

        I am not sure exactly which word you mean. However, I will do my best to answer. Terms such as Satanic, Demonic and Luciferian are collective terms and do not refer to any one entity. Luciferian groups follow a Luciferian Religion and they are flesh and blood beings. There are beings on the lower astral planes that also follow this path. This decree does not refer to any one being. I am assuming you are referring to the being known as Lucifer. This decree does not refer specifically to the being Lucifer. I know there are those that refer to this being as a being of light. Others who refer to this being as a fallen angel. Personally, I do not work with this energy. I treat it as i would any fallen angel. This decree does broadly address all fallen angels. I recommend that you use it in this light, as a banishing decree for all fallen angels. #SteveNobel

  6. Hello Steve,

    Thank you so much for replying, I understand now about the war tags and how they and other tags can make a person visible to these unhappy energies. I’ve recently heard a few things about Lemuria’s demise and understand about the less than love and light forces taking advantage of trauma. I’m shocked at the number of different types of implants, it’s kind of scary.

    It’s more the name that begins with ‘S’ that really gives me the creeps although the ‘L’ and ‘D’ words are not far behind. I don’t want anything to do with those energies, even just seeing them written or hearing them said gives me a bad feeling.

    For the past three years, it’s felt like these type of energies have been trying to really get into my energy field, especially my thoughts. I’m so grateful that things are much better now and hopefully, the decree will help me even more, to the point where I no longer fear these names. I don’t want to feel fear as they feed on that. Thanks so much again.

  7. One love, one heart
    We are rising together in the golden light!
    Happy Festival to you Steve and everyone!

    1. Hi Steve, Bless you and your work and All who serve the light. . Can I ask you to explain the difference between Metatron and……..a long time ago I heard of this ….Metatronic energy and I assumed! It related to Metatron…..
      ( there is a lot going on now and this false light is really coming to the four. I had saw your moon matrix transmission a while ago
      I read no further and yet I wondered about this energy and all who go on about it. I felt I should! Not disconnect. I am born 15th July so … I give thanks daily for my hidden blessings and not been able to fully connect to the moon has clearly been one of these blessings that has now been made clear to me . Any way I am off track a little….. Metatronic Implants – Metatronic Implants are a series of implants designed to rapidly reverse the activating DNA template. It is the reverse shadow body as opposed to the ascending, evolving 12-dimensional body. I have been reminded of this energy via Meradith that you mention above. Are they connected to Metatron.?. With bright grateful blessings. A warrior of light.
      Continuing to learn and remembering the light. ♡♡♡☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

  8. Thank You to Steve Nobel for your powerful magical Higher Lights Decrees and also for the script… Thank You for your amazing work …Deep gratitude to You … Love Light…

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