The Sun Goddess Amaterasu Transmission. Embracing A Higher Flow of Pure Grace.

This is a Divine Feminine transmission from the Galactic Sun through the Stargate of our local Sun. This transmission is dedicated to help bring more openness, compassion, flow and grace into your energy bodies, which in turn will begin to be reflected out into your external reality.

This particular transmission connects us to a specific aspect of the Divine Feminine that is connected to the Sun. This is a transmission of the Goddess Amaterasu who has long been revered in the Shinto religion of Japan as being not only goddess of the sun, but also the Goddess that holds the entire universe in her light and love. (The name Amaterasu – 天照大神/天照大御神/天照皇大神 is derived from the Japanese word Amateru meaning “shining in heaven”). This recording was made by Steve Ahnael Nobel (recorded in London June 2016).


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20 Responses

  1. This transmission was a bit of a surprise. I have been feeling the divine energy of the Sun Goddess Amaterasu since the previous Central Sun Transmission. Her energy has been coming in the dream-state and again very strongly this morning. So I jumped out of bed and created the space to more formally transmit this energy. It took a couple of recordings to more accurately reflect what was coming through. (I believe this was to do with some reservations I had about being a man transmitting this energy. I managed to clear my reservations on this second attempt). I trust this transmission will be of service to you in some way.

    1. This was really Divine. Thanks Steve Nobel.
      Beautiful calm voice. I was with the Sun and the Goddess Amaterasu. I felt the energies through my veins and bones. No pain anymore.
      Feel now more new light in my entire body. Glowing. Spinn all old energy out. Steve I am sending you some of my energies with grace, Love and gratitude. Danke Goddess Amaterasu and the Sunbeams.I love you all.❤

    2. It did not seem strange that you as a man was recording the transmission of a female energy and I enjoyed the repeated words. The pitch of your voice was easy to listen to and at the same time neutral. The visualisation was very clear and the speed of guidance so easy to flow with.
      I am glad a friend shared this and thank you very much Steve Nobel for working so hard to make this a beautiful and very supportive transmission.


      Thank you sweet soul of light x

      It was perfect to receive this energy through you x

  2. My experience of this transmission was of the Goddess Amaterasu as a vast energy field of flowing light. As if she was a dancer with robes of light gently spinning around her. For me the feel of her was flow and grace. I was honoured to hold this connection.

  3. Wow, this is do powerful, i had an Arc Angel come and touch me on my third eye. i will never forget it, Blessings and thank yiu for this fantastic experience

  4. Thanks Steve! This was very useful to help to get back on track after such recent turmoil.. Very vast energy with softness and love. Thanks so much

  5. Exquisite. What the world needs now is love, sweet love. My gratitude is eternal. Order of the White Rose.

  6. Received with much gratitude, love and bliss. Thank you so much. Words are unable to describe how this feels. Wow!!!

  7. Very beautiful, my heart no longer confined in a vehicle but expanded into all that moved through from the sun….grace is my heart <3

    thank you

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Steve Nobel

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