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Podcast: The Inter-Galactic Elohim

Listen to Alex Wenman speak on the Inter-Galactic Elohim, a group of angels that have only recently started to contact this dimension of earth. In this podcast there is a channelled message from the Elohim.

Alexandra Wenman is a holistic therapist, intuitive channel, writer and speaker. A qualified Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, Advanced Theta Healer, One Command Practitioner and Rainbow Children teacher. Previously editor of a national holistic magazine she is the founder of cutting-edge new healing system, Precious Wisdom – which assists in positive transformation through the process of ‘spiritual alchemy’.


Podcast: Inter-Galactic Elohim from Steve Nobel on Vimeo.


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  1. I love and listen open-minded and felt truth, and that word felt is another key, another code yet the same code(s) you are sharing. As a writer and speaker of meta-physical levels, both ancient egyptian and Hebrew for many years, I want to say when I heard the word/phrase “kinda like” or “sort of” it expresses your HU-man-ness but it lowers my “feeling” for a moment. Just a suggestion to speak of the message without it. Otherwise, a truely wise import and glad I was brought to your page and have indeed raised my own channel with you. Namast´ A’Ho, Was’ Te!

  2. Beautiful transmission. I did not notice what Will commented on. You have definitely lifted my vibration so thank you. Much love, Robin from Canada

  3. Gorgeous connection with this mighty topic. There is definitely an opening to sense beyond our universe which is the experience of these “beings”. The name Ararar and/or Anarar came thru for me. Wonderful work Alex, love you!

  4. Baruch attah is Hebrew for “Praised are you”. The phrase is usually “Baruch attah, adonai.” which translates as “Praised are you, God.” (I’m Jewish so I know quite a bit of biblical Hebrew.)

  5. This sounds like the guardian races from the sphere being alliance… they are not angels rather plastic beings who have beautiful rainbow bodies when they de-orb…. they have been around humans and earth for millenia … it sounds like this lovely lady has transcended the “angels elohim” and raised herself to the plasma frequencies that have broken through the false matrix. My guardian name is Ari’elle-ah

  6. Much gratitude for this … so very powerful and beautiful; and for my universe, so timely. Thank you Alex, and thank you Steve for all of the work you are doing. Love & Light to you, Lori

  7. This resonated with me so much! Thank you for this beautiful podcast and beautiful meditative voice 🙂 I feel relaxed and there is an intense sensation in my 3rd eye and at the base of my skull – back of my neck. I feel excited, relaxed and rejuvenated. So much happening in my life and at the same time, I am waiting for changes, for a big positive shift – a new way of life and my mission unfolding in this global process. I am looking forward and grateful for my path of ascension. Many blessings to you!

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