Listen to this podcast with David K. Miller on Ascension from an Arcturian Perspective. Herein David answers questions on: his work with the Arcturians, the ascension process, how the Arcturians are helping us right now, some of the challenges we face and he also speaks on planetary healing.

David K. Miller is the director and founder of an international meditation group focused on personal and planetary healing. He has been director of this global healing group, called the Group of Forty, for over 15 years. David has been developing groundbreaking global healing techniques using group consciousness. He is the author of a number of books including his latest: Teachings of the Sacred Triangle Volumes 1-3 , New Spiritual Technology for the 5th Dimensional Earth, Raising the Spiritual Light Quotient of the Earth. His latest is Expand Your Consciousness.

Podcast: Ascension, An Arcturian Perspective from Steve Nobel on Vimeo.

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