A more accurate way of talking about Soul Purpose is Soul Direction. Soul purpose is about getting on track in a way that feels meaningful. Soul purpose is about authenticity. It is about aliveness. Soul purpose is about releasing inner potential which us also a vague abstraction until it becomes actualised. Direction is less abstract than purpose. Our direction in life is determined by our dreams, heart desires, values, gifts and challenges. This is the way of the hero which is the archetypal mythical journey as described by Joseph Campbell. When we receive the calling to step outside of our familiarity zones then we can expect all kinds of resistance to show up. At the edge of our familiarity zones we will find the inner critic amongst other objectors. Steve discusses the many faces of resistance that show up in the journey. and these include internal resistance such as fear, guilt and obligation. They also include seeming external issues such as family objections and issues around money. Once on the journey we can expect all our internal limits to be tested. We will be tested to expand all our limits to abundance, joy, love, miracles and success. Remember on this journey we are not alone. There is much help available. In the inner worlds there are spirit guides, angels, devic beings, light beings and star beings. Also we are all connected to our Higher Self and our Spirit or I Am Presence.

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