Listen to Tarryn Jilda Slade speak about embracing Unity-Christ Consciousness. This podcast-interview ends with a beautiful guided meditation.

What is happening on earth right now? What is Unity Consciousness? Why is it important for people to step into this? Is this something that can be developed or is it something more spontaneous? What about blocking forces such as resisting ego and also external forms of resistance such as family who may not agree with your path? What about our vulnerability – inner child. Is it important that he or she come along for the ride?

Tarryn Jilda Slade is an intuitive spirit mentor, inner child and soul guide, a channeller, and founder of Trinity which is an online space for Brothers & Sisters of the Light, an Online Soul Home where you are invited to delightfully & authentically express & explore more of your emerging Truths, in this time space reality.


Podcast Embracing Unity Christ Consciousness from Steve Nobel on Vimeo.


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