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Ascension News: The Year of the Butterfly, 2018

We are in an exciting time of awakening and spiritual growth on the planet. We are entering a year that holds much promise. But before we get into that lets take a look backwards in time to see how far we have come together…..

This year 2018 is thus the year of the butterfly for many. This year the light impacting the planet and radiating from within the core of Gaia is increasing. This will help to awaken many this year and also help to dissolve many old dark karmic structures. Many star brothers and sisters seek to connect with humanity as the shift in consciousness happens. Also, many beings from the inner earth and from the future Alpha Earth timeline seek to connect with us. There is much assistance in the spirit worlds. Your Higher Self is very active right now and seeks to communicate to you through many means. Through a random conversation, a scene in a movie, a message in a book and so on. Take time out to reflect on your inner light…….

It is important to avoid judgement and despair as you witness the events unfolding across the planet. It is important to focus on your path of service and light. Remember you are a magician, a lightworker, a Starseed, a map-maker, a pioneer in consciousness. You are here to hold the light of the new grids forming around and within the earth. This year is an important year in your path of service. Take whatever steps are necessary to open the way and to deepen your connection to the light. When you stabilise in the light your very presence will banish darkness in the world and open up the way for magical possibilities. This is the year to dream a heaven on earth both personally and collectively.

Affirmations are one tried and tested way we can reprogramme our conscious and unconscious minds with new ideas and possibilities. Affirmations can raise the level of our thinking which in turn increases our overall vibration and ability to hold and radiate more light.

“It is time, now, to awaken, time to step out. Now. I am light. Starseed I am, Star-child I am, star light I am, a seed from the stars, I am here to serve the earth, to serve in this time of global awakening, in this year 2018 the year of the butterfly. At this time the light is ascending. I am ascending as the light descends into my body and energy fields. My physical, emotional and mental bodies are enlivened with light……”

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  1. I love this, but it sounds like something else is playing underneath ? I can’t quite make it out but it is not an echo / not the same words ?

    1. Just go with it. The ongoing battle is to keep the heart and mind as one. Everything you do was already written. So don’t feel guilty as this is an entrance for the negative to seed itself. Stay strong, have faith, and constantly thank God for everything that happens. Because every negative has a positive. It’s upto you how positive you feel you make it.

    2. It is the same affirmation you are listening to, only delayed and at a much lower volume. Makes it very sublimitable. I love Steve’s affirmations.

    3. Some of his audio/videos use “binaural beats” or specific frequencies (solfeggio and others) as a soundtrack under the music or narration. This may be the case here.

  2. Just listened to the affirmations on the year of the butterfly. Thank you so much! About two months ago I received guidance that I would be working with butterfly energy but I did not yet fully understand the message. Thank you so much for explaining! Love and light. PS will you be putting the affirmations for butterfly on Insight Timer?

  3. Sorry Steve, affirmations don’t work unless the mind can accept new possibilities for itself. I look around and I see distress, evil actions and people looking more and more unfit and older, not what is promised in ascension. Seeing this, is it any wonder that people struggle to keep the light when their surroundings show them something else? Now we know this is all part of the revealing process but is it that the despair comes from a process that feels too slow? How can we help accelerate it comfortably?

    1. Hi Terry, The world is in a powerful time of transition. The world looks dark because it is struggling to survive. The light on the planet is in the ascendence since 2012. Affirmations alone are helpful but not the whole toolkit of change. A closed mind will not find affirmations helpful. Something has to open first to allow the light in. The higher intelligence within all life is seeking to wake us up. That intelligence can wake us up through joy and miracles. It can also wake us up through crisis. Do not despair about the world. It is going through the birth pains of something radically new. This is a slow process. It will take decades to come to fruition.

  4. Has anyone experienced any strange synchronicities with people from the past both old friends and family appearing again in a nother person you come across on the street or meet?? I feel this is happening a lot lately and its a bit creepy. Is there something happening with splitting of beings from another reality or something and its very disorienting making it awkward to relate to people lately. If anyone can resonate with this reach out to me. Id love to share experiences with you and connect if possible. I can be reached at

    1. I’m astonished at what you write here because about 6yrs ago I was in Boston with a friend in hospital. I went out to park our car, and had to walk around the block of this hospital. I looked up and saw my father in a hard hat holding engineering drawings in one arm and almost fainted. My father had been dead since 2002! Then this man tilted his hat to me as if to say hello. He was my father , but in his 40’s. I turned around and looked again and this twin turned and smiled at the same time. I honestly thought I was loosing my mind. I told my sister about this and she was amazed. First off, my dad was a civil engineer , died St 89yrs old and His mither(my grand mom) lived in Boston! It’s happened with other people I once knew also, though my seeing my dad, really shook me up the most!

    2. I have had kids not of speaking age speaking sometimes entire sentences, in a mind to mind communication and one word by mouth.
      This was since 2007, also 1.5 year back(from today) I had a 9 year old child reading an entire paragraph about my family issues (angelic communication) as if no special thing has happened, I didn’t probe the paper or her to avoid spoiling the magic. Some other people also speak from the angels , but they were not serious(appeared they were teasing me) when I was not serious(I don’t know what serious is) but the 3D doctor has treated me for bipolar disorder forcibly(the force is through injection of drugs to make you docile)

  5. Love this 🙂 positive and inspiring. Im newly awakened and this message stroke my soul. For more inspiration check out kyron’s messages on youtube.

  6. How great it is that I have been seeing white butterflies all over the place since last year and this article is the first piece of information my google search takes me. Thank you.

    1. For a number of Starseeds it is the year of spreading their wings and taking flight. Some are still passing through the caterpillar-cocoon-butterfly stage. Sx

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