Listen to this podcast on Pleiadian Light Language. What is Light Language? What are the effects on those receiving Light Language? This podcast ends with a meditation using Light Language.

Judith Zavala is a channel to various cosmic and angelic energies. These energies express themselves in various forms such as tangible physical vibration or in the form of sound either through light language or chanting. Judith currently teaches energy healing by connecting to your multidimensional self in a modality called Blue Light Synergy as well as other workshops all related to the understanding and use of energy from other realms. She currently heads a team of lightworkers in a project called “Recovering the Kept Knowledge” to connect people to sacred sites, anchor specific frequencies and retrieve ancient knowledge that is now available for those who wish to receive it. She is currently living in Mexico.

Podcast: Pleiadian Light Language from Steve Nobel on Vimeo.

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