Tuesday 18 September 2018, 19:00 – 21:30. The Columbia Hotel, 99 Lancaster Gate, London W2 3NS

All relationships are sacred, and the most sacred relationship of all, is with your own soul, your own authentic light. Once this connection is established there follows the possibility of embracing your Soul Tribe.

In this time of ascension, many Starseeds are looking to strengthen their Soul Tribe relationships. When we begin to awaken our energy naturally attracts other souls of a similar/higher frequency. Some of them will be lovers, some friends and some will work with us on specific ventures or projects These connections can sometimes feel very intense – the twin flame connection is one of them.

Overall, Soul relationships have a number of common features:familiarity, intensity, growth, deep longing, recognition, knowing. You feel intensely drawn to them, as if you’ve known this person before, even though you just met. There is a deep feeling of familiarity when you’re with them and your bond seems instantaneous. You just “click”. At times, the connection can be felt almost telepathically- you can feel what they’re feeling or know what they’re thinking. It’s as though you are One. These Soul relationships open you up energetically, and to a new way of seeing the world. You will never be the same after these encounters.

The Twin Flame connection comes with its own unique set of blessings and challenges. The connection may be physical or held in the higher planes. A Twin Flame meeting is agreed upon at a soul level to awaken one or both parties and it will shake you to the core. It is one of the fastest awakening tracks. The flame of a twin can be very transformational but beware of not getting burned…

This evening explores the various aspects and dimensions of a soul connection. The evening includes: An attunement to your Higher Self and Team in Spirit of the Highest Light. Exercises to raise the frequency of your energy fields. Space for a Q+A. And it concludes with an attunement to meet all soul tribe connections you have yet to meet in this physical world. And you will meet many at this gathering!

Your Investment for the evening is £20. 


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