In this transmission we open the space with the six archangels and invoke the ascension and crystalline grids of light. Then archangel Gabriel opens a portal of light that takes you to the edge of an ocean. This ocean may be one you are familiar with or it may be one you have never visited in this lifetime.

At the ocean’s edge you will meet a creature of the sea, perhaps dolphin or orca or whale to carry you deep into the sea. Under the sea, you find can breathe underwater. There you are carried deep to an underwater temple of Neptune the overlighting deva of the oceans. Here you meet the overlighting Devas of the oceans.

The Devas introduce you to the whales of the sea. Whales hold the ancient memory not only of the seas but also of the earth. They have witnessed many great civilisations come and go. In this transmission the whales will reveal to you one or more of these ancient civilisations you have a strong connection. Perhaps Lemuria and or Atlantis. They also introduce you to one or more of the aquatic races you have a connection with. Perhaps one or more of the aquatic races of Sirius. Then you return to the temple of Neptune where you receive a symbol of light representing the energies that seek to return to you now.

The Neptune Transmission: Connect with the Higher Intelligence of the Oceans from Steve Nobel on Vimeo.

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