Listen to this podcast on Ascension – Becoming a Divine Human Being with Meg Benedicte. What is happening now on planet earth? What does it mean to become a Divine Human Being? This podcast includes a meditation from Meg.

Meg Benedicte is a pioneer in Quantum Healing and Sacred Geometry. Meg experienced a profound awakening in 1994 during the Northridge earthquake in Los Angeles. During this time Meg experienced a spontaneous kundalini activation that opened her energy body to accept an angelic Soul Walk-In…a feminine aspect of Archangel Metatron. This experience was life-transforming and Meg discovered, through the guidance and wisdom of Metatron, the true magnitude of change possible in this time of ascension. Meg Benedicte has created an original and powerful healing approach known as Quantum Access™.

Podcast: Ascension – Becoming a Divine Human Being. from Steve Nobel on Vimeo.

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