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Neutralising ‘Agent Smith’ Psychic Attack Transmission: Blocking a ‘Curved Ball’ Form of Attack

What/Who is the Agent Smith…

Agent Smith features in the film The Matrix. Smith and his fellow Agents possess certain superhuman abilities to bend the rules of the artificially constructed AI Matrix. These agents were able to take over the bodies of those who had not been unplugged to attack those who had left the control of The Matrix.

The ‘Agent Smith’ Effect…

In our ascending world there is a form of psychic attack that could be called the ‘Agent Smith’ effect. This form of attack comes through the energy fields of someone you have a strong connection to that has not been unplugged from the ascending 3D world. This form of attack happens where a Starseed has created strong energetic protection and is therefore used by lower forces to bypass their energetic defences.

This Form of Attack…

This form of attack can happen to Starseeds who have a strong degree of developed energetic protection. This attack can go under the radar of such defences that is usually constructed to deal with a direct attack from someone who has an issue or grudge. Most commonly this attack can come via a current/ex-romantic partner or a current/ex-business partner or a blood relative. The person whose energy field is being used for these attacks is often not aware they are being used in this way.

Different Forms of Attack…

An attack can come through an offspring. Where this happens usually the other parent has narcissistic tendencies and is being manipulated by dark’ lower astral entities. An attack may come from entities attached to the romantic partner of such a parent. Then the attack comes from the partner to narcissistic parent to the child to the Starseed. This is how it can go under the radar since it is not a direct attack!

This Transmission…

In this transmission we call on different angels and energies to neutralise this form of attack by placing a shield of different layers between you and the person where the attack is coming from. In the case of children this shield can also be placed between them and the other parent so long as permission is granted from your Higher Self and the child’s Higher Self. This shield does not block higher frequencies of love, it is designed to only block lower frequencies of anger and hate.

Music by…

Rebecca Reads, and the track is called Elder Tree Theta Wave.

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  1. Thank you so much for this Steve, i have found it very effective and I have tried many methods overtime!!!! Even though I protect my aura I can still detect or become affected by others negativity, and presumed it was that individual rather than someone using them as a way in

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