Clearing your home or workplace of any lower frequency, negative, stale energies will transform your space and your experience of living within that space. This will usually result in a greater sense of well-being and clarity.

This transmission is designed to clear the land, structure and the spaces within the structure of all low frequency energies thus enabling a new fresh energy to enter therein. Before doing this clearing transmission there are three things that need to be done in preparation. The first is mandatory and the other two are optional (although advisable).

1. Sit in meditation and ask your innermost Spirit for permission to do the work. If you share the building with other residents ask their Higher Selves for permission. If there is a landlord that owns the property then also ask their Higher Self for permission. If you are sharing with a partner ask their Higher Self for permission. If you feel any resistance from any other party then do an Ultra-Violet Transmission to clear any energies between you that need clearing. Then again ask for permission. If there is still resistance and you do not get permission from other parties then only clear your personal living or working space not the entire building or any shared space.

2. Physically clean your space and clear all clutter, since low frequency energy can attach to items within the space.

3. Then smudge your space with a cleansing incense such as white sage. Do this room by room ensuring that all doors and windows are closed for several minutes. When this is done open the window so that all old stagnant energies are sent out of the property and not further in.


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