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Podcast: Psychic Attack and Black Magic

Listen to Darius Meibodi speak on the subject of Psychic Attack and Black Magic. What is Black magic? Is it the same as psychic attack? What are the signs/symptoms? Do you have to believe in black magic to be affected by it? This interview includes a releasing meditation.

Darius Meibodi graduated in 1994 from the University of Heidelberg Medical School in Germany. He moved to London, UK in 1997 where he practiced oncology (cancer medicine) for almost 20 years. In 2002 he qualified as a Light Body Integration practitioner with Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire and Nicolas David Ngan and part of this work is to clear black magic. He left traditional medicine in 2015 in order to fully practice as a healer. Darius currently lives in the South of France. He travels frequently for his work, including to the UK and Mexico. He is available for individual and group sessions in person and via Skype.


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    1. So very interesting often felt cursed I willtry your meditation. I have a family member who hates me who has done a curse maybe two very negative individuals but they always everything they want financially. Homes cars money and they are the most evil and most negative and I have no doubt that they have done this individually one on my mom’s side one on my dad’s side. I am a Pschic/Medium and have never been good at Meditation. I must do this Ive tried several times meditation. I have been through a lot my children and I there lives are also so neative. I myself have been attacked spiritually. I was divinely assisted and I am immensely greateful to fight off these attacks. I have done that thing you mentioned with people I felt my enemy dark negative specific requests to happen such as lose there job or car broke down and they have happened. Still not sure that was all me though. But it sure felt like it it was so much hate involved an negativity because of something they have done to me or my family. This person aided in theft in my apartment an was a drug addict. I am however not naturally or normally a bad or negative person. However I could not control the urge to see him suffer as he was not only a negative person in my life so very disingenuous. I had so very many things more valuable to me than of monetary value. I would like more information to try to heal my children from there pain an suffering my son is in desperate trouble and I fear for his survival also he has been attacked spiritually an never believed in that despite of having a mother as weird as me and his sister. We have a strong line of psychics in our family as I was told by a friend of the family. He has a baby on the way his life is in such disarray his an my daughter an I just want to heal them an lead them out of this darkness. An after listening to you I realize I must heal my self from negativity and curses. Thank you for making me realize this even further. I try to help people an have Id like to believe by bringing them closure an assistance to their health and mortality sadly. Why should I not be able to help my own family whom I love more than anything else. If you have any other resourceful information I would greatly appreciate the help an guidance.

  1. God bless you, Darius Meibodi!!! I have been under attack, for almost a year! Several hospitalizations and not one believed what I said! This has, most likely, saved my life!!! Thank you!

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