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Awakening the Magician: You Are Here to Manifest a New Reality, A New World. Portland, Oregon. USA. 26-27th Oct. 2019.

You are a Magician. Starseeds have incarnated on Earth as magicians – they are pioneers in consciousness, map makers and way-showers into a new paradigm. Part of their purpose is founded on retrieving and activating their innate magical capabilities. They are here to learn that consciousness, intention, focus, energy flow and vibration are key factors in powerful and graceful manifestation.

You Create Your Reality. Since the late sixties, the concept that we create our personal reality came online, and after 2012, the way we manifest our reality on the Earth-plane shifted considerably. What worked prior to that date did not always work in the same way afterwards. A new earth grid has come online that has impacted the way we manifest on the planet.

The World is Our Mirror: The external world and our physical bodies are mirrors for our thoughts, beliefs, stories, primary emotions, trapped emotions, ego energies, shadow energies. We can shift our external reality by changing what is happening on the inside. Also, the reverse is true. We can change our inner world by changing our choices, words and actions in the outer world.

Magic is the New Norm. We have long regarded magic as something etheric and mysterious, only available to a selected few, but magic is the new norm for Starseeds as it is the way they awaken their highest potential. These qualities just lay dormant within us for as long as we are ruled by the 3D Matrix and its limitations. It is now time to Awaken the Magician within and embody the Creator that you have come here to be.

What to Expect on this Workshop. During this weekend we will explore how Starseeds can awaken and embody more of their innate magician through discussion, practical exercises, attunements, meditations/transmissions that will support you in awakening the magic that is within you waiting to come forth.

Further Details: Venue is The Little Church of Portland, 5138 NE 23rd Ave. Portland, Oregon 97211. Times are 10-5pm on the Saturday and 10 to 4pm on the Sunday. Your Investment is £199.


Steve Ahnael Nobel is an author, book mentor, spiritual coach, and healer. He is the creator of Soul Matrix Healing which is a blend of down to earth coaching techniques and energy tools for clearing karmic ‘blocks’. Steve was a director of Alternatives between 2000-2012.

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  1. I am so excited you are coming to the U.S in October. I am such a big fan of yours. You are changing my life is so many ways. I can’t ever thank you enough. I thank God all the time for you… Blessings of much love and light.
    Teri Headrick

  2. i signed up for the webinar on the 13th of this month. However it looks like the same thing as this in person one…. Id rather come and be in person if it is the same. can I trade my tickets for this one? or should i do both?

      1. Hello Steve,
        October is upon us and I have not seen an email regarding this switch. I already bought airline tickets and set up accommodations to go there, so Id like to confirm I am registered and will not be turned away or have difficulty at the door.

          1. Thanks Steve!!

            How do I pay the balance?
            Im not sure what it is….
            I can also happily pay on arrival

            shanta Ma

  3. Helloo Steve:)

    Are you planning to come to Sweden?
    Would be fantastic to see you !!!

    You are soo Blessed

    Lots of Love

      1. Can’t make this one, but hope you come to Sedona, AZ at some point. Your work is the
        primary tool in my ascension tool box!

  4. Hi Steve
    So, it is sold out ?
    Are u considering to add a few more spaces or like Maureen said a waiting list?
    Thank you !

    1. Miguel! Please get linked on the facebook page that Steve set up for us. We want you to be involved in the group! It was really great to meet you, my friend. Your energy is beautiful!

  5. Steve,

    I have to come see you in Portland… I’m in Seattle so it’s no problem for me to come see you. If you could please open up just a couple more spots I’d be honored.. you’ll be on 23rd street my lucky number! Please be true!!! Thank you for all your beautiful work.


  6. Hi, my name is Don. Have there been any cancellations for this workshop? I’d love to join the group tomorrow.
    Thank you

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