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The Orion Transmission: Connecting with the Orion Christed Beings.

This remastered transmission is for those of you who feel a connection with the Orion star system. This recording is designed to shift dense core patterns that have been carried into this lifetime from Orion. There are many starseeds here on the 3D Earth carrying karma from Orion that needs to be cleared. (If you have no connection to the Orion system, then this transmission will not touch you. However, if you do then it will have a very powerful transformative effect).


Orion has gained a negative persona because of the great wars that were fought in this system many millions of years ago. The main battles in human Galactic history were fought in the constellation of Orion, and these wars are often referred to as the Orion Wars. These wars started in the constellation of Lyra and spread to the constellation of Orion. This was essentially a war between light and dark, ego and spirit, tyranny and freedom.

Eventually this system did find balance and integration, however, many Starseeds on earth have past life karma with this time. Many are here to resolve this karma and come to peace and balance. Now is the time to clear this karma as we enter into a crucial stage of our collective ascension.

What you will gain from this transmission. In this transmission we connect with Orion Christed Beings who ascended from that system. These beings are largely focused, at this time, to assist with the global shift on planet earth.The first stage of the transmission involves building the crystal and planetary grids to hold the high frequency Orion transmission. Then these beings will come and transmit a high frequency of love. Then there is a stage of clearing old energy patterns. This is followed by a transmission to help you integrate light and dark which will result in a sense of greater personal power to follow your own life mission. Finally, the Orion Beings place a sphere of protection around you to help neutralise energies from ‘younger’ souls who are still learning through their warlike beings on the earth plane.


The Orion Transmission: Connecting with the Orion Christed Beings. from Steve Nobel on Vimeo.

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  1. This transmission came about after a 4 hour past life session. In this session I witnessed a life not on this planet where there was great destruction of life. I was somehow involved in this destruction and attached great self-blame to this act. In the session I was helped to move beyond the lifetime and find resolution. At the end of the journey I met a group of Et Guardian beings who explained much about this lifetime. I asked for the name of the planet and they replied that I would not recognise the name. Although the Orion system was not mentioned I had a strong feeling it was connected to the Galactic wars there. Many of the beings I met in the journey looked like Ren – the character in the most recent Star Wars film, the son of Hans Solo.
    After speaking with the Guardians I met another ET group. These were from Lyra. They explained much of my life path and many of my soul lessons. They told me it was time to go beyond the conflict of light and dark to find resolution and integration. This transmission was given to me in the early hours of this morning by a group of Christed Orion beings. This recordings was made a few hours after my own personal healing and contact with these beings. It is offered in the sincerest hope that it will clear anything unresolved within you from Orion past lifetimes.

    1. Thank you from the very source of my soul for this. May you receive the highest vibrational unconditional love from highest source of all. Under the law of grace and for my greatest good – ruruskarra

      1. Dear Dante,
        My pleasure. I am glad the transmission resonated. Even though the conflict in Orion is long past many souls on earth have unresolved issues stemming from Orion. I am one that has had a difficult journey through this star system. May this transmission neutralise, heal and transform all negative karma within you coming from this time/space.

    2. Is it normal that my chakras feel a bit off now? My throat feels numb and like there is a ball of energy in it. My solar plexus is also a bit numb. And my sense of taste and smell has been thrown off, dimmed. I know those are associated with the root and sacral chakra. Not passing any blame, but just a bit worried that I did something wrong. My entire body feels a bit numb in general. Wonder if some old energies didn’t fully make it out, or maybe are in the processes of healing? Thanks

    3. Could me assume that a visceral reaction during meditation that I am connected to the Orion system? Any insight into crying whilst sending love to solar plexus would be much appreciated.

  2. Hi Steve dear, I seem unable tondownload it directly to my mobile phone. A bit challenged technologically 🙂 xx

  3. Thank you Steve,-it was so intense and I released deep feelings of guilt! I`m so grateful!God bless you!
    Greetings Irene

  4. Thank you so much for this very helpful transmission, Steve! I would love to promote it on my Facebook page; but the YouTube version has been disabled due to claimed copyright infringement. At least for now, I was still able to listen to it on SoundCloud. But I wonder if this obstacle can be addressed in some way, so that this excellent transmission can be shared more broadly? (The one claiming copyright infringement is identified on the notice from YouTube.)

    In any case, bows & blessings, love & light to you, dear one!

  5. Hi..there… Im Moses from South Africa.I greet you all in the name of ultimate love and a crystal clear understanding of our Creator-Gods from the Queendom of Orion.Please……contact me any way you can.Im so phathologically thirsty for the Wisdom that will activate my being in its entirety so that I can conquer all the fetters of darkness.Thanks and ‘Hail to the Queendom of Orion’,Mother Goddess.Lord Enki and all the Gods of Orion.

  6. This was so beautiful. I cleared some much and right away felt the old programs desintegrating. The energy transmission was very strong. The masters show me that the major issue that I have is my masculine warrior was not in agreement with my feminine side, and this has been since Orion times. So the first activation was to integrate these two. Later was the integration of light and dark at all levels of my being. Thank you so much!

  7. thank you steve and all. i prayed for this. this i received for the highest good for all life everywhere. blessings of love and gratitude…

  8. This meditation has been a life changer for me, life flows better now and I have more protection energetically.
    Thanks Steve so much.

  9. Hello Mr Nobel…wondered if possible that you could put this Orion transmission onto YouTube. ..Im subscrined to you on there and have play lists on there of your transmissions and this would help me greatly.
    Know you’re busy…thank you very much for this work and all you do. Fantastico!
    Blessings to you and yours.

      1. Oh wow…thank you very much… appreciate your time. It’s clearing lots for me so I will also do it overnight now.

        May the force be strong with you.

  10. This was a beautiful meditation for me and i felt change happening, i look forward to the next steps, thank you Steve love and blessings

  11. Thank you Steve,
    So much knowing returned
    As a traumatized sexually abused young child I use to pray that Orion would take me back! As a adult women I taped into my healing Light and came to study many modalities of energy work, but Polartiy work is my gift As a senior now I still fall in Love all over again when I gaze at Orion who always watches over me! Never knew why until this transmission! I’ll admit I had fallen asleep durning my first transmission and my night of lucid dreams were filled with much conflict an actual violent War of stars experience! I relived the conflict in my dream time to remembered my Christied Orion gift of spinning light power so to speak! It took me a few turns of the moon for me to listen again! Presently very grateful that I did! The recall of conflict was subtle and filled with more healing light! Words can not effectively convey my loving gratitude for your sharing this transmission
    Blessings my brother,
    In Light and Love

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