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The Golden Mantis Race Transmission: Connecting to a Higher Dimension of Love and Wisdom.

A number of Starseeds on the planet have a connection with this benevolent group of high-dimensional beings. The Mantis beings are an extra-terrestrial race that have evolved into a higher dimension. They are here to assist some Starseeds in the ascension process.

There are some Insectoid ET races that are not benevolent to humanity. However, this race is very benevolent and seek to be helpful. This race have features similar to the Praying Mantis, however, they stand upright and are around 9 feet tall. They mostly have a long, thin light-green torso and radiate a golden aura. Their energy is extremely wise and loving.


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    1. I used the meditation and was almost immediately sucked out of my body Into a wormhole of light. Traveling so fast it felt like my soul was de-materializing and then I became part of the universe. Complete oneness… then again sucked into another wormhole and shot out towards a neon green pyramid. I freaked and popped out of the meditation, then slipped back into it only to become part of the Universe again. When I came out for the second time, for about 1 second the 2 dimensions merged in my room. Stars where everywhere. I know it sound like I’m on or was on drugs, but I do not take drugs or drink. I have not found anyone who can explain what happened to me. It kinda frightened me, but I guess left me wanti g to know more and wantung to go back.

  1. Never have i experienced before such a display of colors, an extraordinary illumination with such overall peacefulness, – the silence, joy and richness of the Soul Presence , all at once. I am touched beyond words and grateful to you, Steve. My connection with the Earth will never be the same.

  2. I cry as I realize that my strange new behaviors and sounds may not be Turetz (? spelling) Syndrome…Today’s healing has opened new understandings about ME and that it’s okay, just a step in the process – When the student is ready, the Teacher appears – I cry…Thank You…

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