This is a short extract from an hour long interview with Rebecka Gregory. In this interview extract we explore the dance of the ego and how it relates to the outgoing 3D Prodestant Work Ethic and the emerging 5D Play-Miracle-Flow Ethic…….

3D PRODESTANT WORK ETHIC It is a person’s duty to achieve success through discipline, hard work, effort, thrift, frugality. Hard work can lead to the attainment of every desire. Success is a sign of eternal salvation. Success leads to happiness. Happiness and success are linked to material acquisition. We have to deserve and earn happiness and success. We have to sacrifice and suffer for happiness and success. Happiness and success are problems to be solved. Happiness and success are experiences we must make happen. When we attain a certain degree of both then we must protect and control what has been achieved. There is only so much happiness and success available in the world. Therefore, our happiness and success can detract from that of others. The Devil makes work for idle hands! Time is money and we spend our time.

5D PLAY-FLOW-MIRACLE ETHIC We live in a magical Universe where we create our reality from the inside out. Everything is energy and energy is directed by consciousness. The strength of our connection to Spirit determines our reality. Our focus determines our reality. Our life scripts/stories/beliefs determine our reality. We determine and define what happiness and success means to us. Our values, gifts, and dreams determine and define happiness and success. We determine the rules we live by. There are no conditions imposed by the Universe on our happiness and success. Our ability to raise and maintain a high vibration determines our reality. Our time on earth is precious. Our time is a finite resource in this lifetime. We can choose to use our time well.


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