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The Inner Smile (Taoist) Meditation: For Raising Your Vibration.

The Inner Smile meditation is a guided Taoist meditation designed to help cleanse and purify the physical and emotional fields primarily. This meditation was used to increase health, happiness and longevity.

In traditional Chinese Medicine the five major organ systems are associated with specific emotional states:

  • The heart is associated with the negative emotions of arrogance and hate and the positive virtues of kindness and love.
  • The lungs are associated with the negative emotions of sadness and depression, and the positive virtues of courage and righteousness.
  • The kidneys are associated with the negative emotion of fear and the positive emotions of gentleness and kindness.
  • The liver is associated with the negative emotion of anger and the positive emotions of generosity and forgiveness.
  • The stomach/spleen are associated with the negative emotions of worry and anxiety and the positive emotions of fairness and openness.

This meditation uses the traditional form and adds to it by invoking elemental and angelic forces to increase the light quota in the physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies. The meditation ends by absorbing all excess light and energy in the body into the navel or sacral centre.

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  1. The word “powerful” is way over used these days. In fact, I discipline myself from using it. But I must say that this meditation has been almost overwhelming for me this morning. I awakened not remembering dreams, but feeling awash in negativity, regret, guilt, and related feelings. My outer mind could connect them with certain things, but nothing that rationality would call so terribly serious. Then I remembered that I had this meditation queued up in a tab in my browser. As I began to listen, I realized there was a lot of emotion in need of being released, and that one time through the first part was not enough. So I repeated for more heart release, and then finished the recording. A number of times I shivered as energies were released. I believe I will need to use the recording again later today. And I have bookmarked it. Plan to share it with others, as it was shared with me. Thank you, thank you. Also your voice is very soothing, and the background music you selected was perfectly appropriate. I felt that its tones and harmonies seemed instrumental in underscoring the activations I needed.

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