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Higher Light Decree: Energy Vampire and Sexual Predator Vow Revocation.

Sexual Energy is incredibly potent and its power can lift us to great heights of love and unity or it can pull us down into lower astral energies of a nightmarish nature. There are lower frequency beings that energy using this energy. Lower frequency beings can, if allowed, tap into our reproductive, nervous and chakra systems in order to drain our vital energy. If you are attracting energy vampires and sexual predators or you are pulled to sex addiction and porn then a vow break such as this plus a deep cleansing needs to be done.


“I call upon my I am Presence and Team in Spirit of the highest light and resonance to witness and activate this degree of intent. I ask for a complete cleansing and forgiveness throughout my Akashic with any beings in this or any other lifetime where I have acted inappropriately or abusively in regards to sexual connection/energy. Or where I others have acted inappropriately or abusively in regards to sexual connection/energy. I revoke all bindings, contracts or agreements from any lifetime, including the present, that tie me or any of my energetic bodies to narcissists, energy vampires and predator beings. I revoke all vows that disconnect me from spirit. I revoke all vows that include self-punishment. I revoke all vows involving the sacrifice of my energy. I revoke all vows that allow others to drain or harvest my energy. I revoke all vows made under duress or trickery. Or made under any dark magical ritual. I ask this be done for my bloodlines. I release all discordant or programming attached to any such contracts. I ask for an upgrade to my Akashic records enabling my path of growth and all associated lessons to now go beyond the need for narcissists, energy vampires and predator beings. I banish now all narcissists, energy vampires and predator beings across all time and space, all timelines and dimensions. I dissolve all sexual and emotional cords, threads, feeding tubes, hooks, and unhealthy attachments. I ask for a clearing of all mental patterning, beliefs, perceptions, mind-sets of control, fear, sacrifice, victimhood or trauma. Clear any and all susceptibility within my psyche to negative persuasion, seduction or glamour. I purge and release all sexual energies (excepting any current partner) in my physical or etheric bodies that do not belong to me. I purge and release any energy mental/emotional projections of a sexual nature. Dear Team in Spirit, please heal and repair the matrix of my body and energy fields multi-dimensionally, across all incarnations and time frames, throughout the entire Akashic records. Dear I am Presence and Team in Spirit, I invoke protection from the archangels and solar angels to protect me as I walk through this ascending world from any narcissists, energy vampires and predator beings. I ask this angelic protection be extended to the dream-state. And so it is.”

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  1. I had been dealing with a narcissist and had my team in spirit around me but this light and dark battle has been so draining but i am more at peace now.

    1. I had sexual engagements with many kinds of Sprits before when I just fall asleep . So made me awake whole night . I don’t know where they came from. Some of them are nice and innocent.
      Now no more as I went to the temple to ask something to put in front my bedroom doors . All people in my family had that sprite attached too .

  2. Thank you Steve, I felt a beautiful healing energy coming in as I was listening that shows I needed this revocation, so I listened to it again and will do it regularly until I feel totally cleared

    1. Thabk u to my twin flame P and teacher for showing me the truth inside that i was wrong and now i surender me to love and love only always light thx baby i love you plz marry me

  3. Thank you Steve, two images came to mind. One was of gracefully swimming up from deeper water towards the surface of the ocean, towards the light. The other was of having three points on my driving license cleared. As I sat with my partner listening to this I felt profound gratitude for having a wonderful man in my life, and to have any negativity cleared so that only love, energy connection and manifestation for highest good are what are present for me now regarding sex. This is a very much appreciated energy clearing declaration, particularly appropriate for these times. Many blessings to you

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