At this moment there is the energy of war that has been on the planet for many thousands of years. This has created much destruction and bloodshed. We are at a crucial point in our history where war and violence is at its peak. This meditation seeks to neutralise the energies behind conflict, violence and war and replace those with the foundation of peace that can be built upon by higher energies further down the national future timeline.

For the purpose of this meditation choose ONLY ONE country that is involved in conflict or war. You may wish to choose a country within the Middle East which is a major area for war at the moment. Countries involved in war include: Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Israel/Palestine, Syria and Yemen. You may wish to choose a country at war or involved in violence elsewhere in the world or alternatively you may wish to choose a country promoting war. This might be a country you are living in now that is experiencing conflict or exporting arms or military personnel to another country.

PLEASE NOTE, that your choice will most likely be influenced by a karmic connection you have to that country. This means you will have a pull to a particular country. This karmic connection allows your intervention for peace to be all the more powerful. You may wish to repeat this meditation with that country or another as many times as you feel necessary.



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