Oracle Sound Healing: Healing Imbalances in our Self Worth, Self Value, and restoring our original Divine Sense of Self, balancing our giving and receiving of Love and cultivating our Love Affair with the Universe.

“Our sense of our own self worth ties directly into how we orchestrate, create and experience our entire reality, because everything we manifest will reflect the frequency of our feelings towards our self. This then becomes the foundation of our whole reality, as we create our experiences based on what we belief we deserve, is capable of acquiring, we like, and who we belief we are. As we begin to awaken, we realize that we are Perfect Sovereign Divine Beings, rightly deserving Life as Life flows equally through all of Nature. As Humanity became degraded and enslaved my interdimensional forces, our sense of divinity and worthiness within our self had to be taken away. The truth of our Divine Love means we would never fall for fear tactics of the controllers. Only through this deceptive false belief that we are inherently lacking, would we seek fulfillment and validation from the external reality. This act then gives our power away to the hidden controllers, over the centuries continually degrading our Divine True Sense of Self. In this quantum healing journey, we explore the different fragments and distorted geometries in our energy bodies which carry the worthiness wounding, and allow divine grace to heal and restore these geometries back into divine coherence.”

Xi Earthstar Healer works with Angelic Support for Ascending Humanity. She is a Multi-Dimensional Energy Healer. She works with Gaia Consciousness, Creation Magic and Sacred Sexuality Wisdom Teachings.


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