Why do we hold on to the past? Why does it feel difficult to let go of certain painful experiences? The main reason is the emotional charge attached to a past experience that seeks completion or resolution. Instead of completion or resolution the emotional charge causes us to relive the experience in our consciousness. We may find ourselves thinking about this experience for many years later. As well as the emotional charge of the event there may also be the judgements of others or/and our own self-judgements that continue to maintain the emotional charge and the memory obsessively looping in our consciousness.

This meditation helps to release unhappy or toxic memories and neutralises associated emotional charges such as anger, or anxiety or guilt and shame over past mistakes. It helps the past to naturally find its own avenue of completion within you. Use this meditation when:
You keep obsessively playing a ‘negative’ event over and over in your mind, you feel stressed or ashamed over your involvement in a past event.

**PLEASE NOTE** Before doing this meditation intend to release certain past events in order to move on. If you do not then this then this meditation may not work as well for you.


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