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Super Quick C-Virus Clearing Meditation: Using Angelic Frequencies to Shield and Protect.

This meditation uses different angelic/colour frequencies, especially ultra-violet fire, to clear and protect areas in the head (mouth, nose and eyes) where the virus can enter. Also, this meditation clears and then protects the throat and lungs. Then a gold light frequency is used to raise the vibration of all areas said to be vulnerable to this virus and then the whole body.


The virus is said to enter the body through the nose, mouth or eyes. The viral particles travel quickly to the nasal passages and then to the mucous membranes in the back of your throat, attaching to a particular receptor in the cells, beginning there. As the virus multiplies it affects the back of the throat and from there enters the bronchial tubes inflaming their mucous membranes. This impacts the ability of the lungs to supply oxygen to the blood.



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      1. Yes tea tree is great, I put 10 drops of the essential oil into a 50ml bottle and spray it around my aura and I spray some onto my hands when the need arises e.g. after shoping if you can,t get to wash hands, I put Lavender or rose (a few drops) also and some people use sage oil, all good stuff..

  1. Massive Heartfelt thanks for all that you do and share Steve. An AMAZING meditation as always. Love and Blessings to you Keep safe x

  2. Thank you Steve, your meditations are always so powerful. I appreciate your kindness in sharing them with us. ❤

  3. Thank you. That was very powerful for me as I am dealing with some pain in my right lung. I was able to release some old fear/grief from the lung. Blessings to you and yours.

  4. Thank you so much Steven. Even though i have difficulties to follow your highspeed language and some vocabulary (my mothertongue is Swiss-German), i can FEEL what it means and visualize it. Also, i can feel the effect instantly.

  5. Thank you Steve. Are you aware of the global call for 1,000,000 meditators at the exact time of a rare planetary conjunction on 04/05 April, with the intention of directing the incoming flux of 5D (not to be confused with 5G) to the highest possible timeline for the future of humanity and clearing the covid virus from the planet? Details can be found at Global Please consider participating in this important event.
    I have no connection with that website, but I think this is an important activity.
    Blessings all

  6. Steve, , as always i tank you for your work…
    All in Divine Order, and
    It is not a April”s fool compliment, but a heartfelt one.
    Much love

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