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Wellness Shield Meditation: Calling on Gaia and Angelic Assistance with the Global Pandemic 2020.

This meditation is designed to help with the many interlocking elements that has created this current Global Fear Pandemic. PLEASE USE THIS MEDITATION ALONG WITH ALL OTHER SENSIBLE MEASURES TO LIMIT THE EXPOSURE AND POSSIBLE TRANSMISSION OF THE VIRUS.

The first element is that of the Ascension process which is essentially a conflict between the old ‘dark’ paradigm and the emerging new paradigm of spiritual evolution and light. This level of the meditation clears out the fear you may have absorbed from the collective. This fear is being deliberately amplified by the corporate media machine (that is highly controlled by anti-light forces). This level clears with ultra-violet fire the gut and throat chakra.

The second element is that of collective guilt. Over the past few centuries the collective has been increasingly out of balance with nature. There is a collective trashing the planet, with unethical farming and fishing. Many species are becioming extinct. Gaia is now reacting. This level clears the heart and lungs with ultra-violet fire.

The third level is collective trauma – all kingdoms on the earth are suffering trauma because of the impact of unconscious governance and living on the planet. The nervous system is swept with ultra-violet fire.

The fourth level is that of collective anger, helplessness and despair as far too many are stuck in survival mode. The liver, bladder and gut are swept with ultra-violet fire.

Then we work on shielding you from the new invasive cellular technologies that were introduced at the end of 2019. These are generating microwaves that are impacting the body and our energy fields. We call on the Crystalline Grid to create a Shield of Light. This shield is aided by Crystal Devas of Black Tourmaline and Shungite. Also, Devas of Orgonite and Tachyon. Also, Tree Devas to shield and cleanse your aura of the new microwave frequencies. Then we call upon the angelic energies of ultramarine blue and gold to infuse different parts of the body, especially the throat and lungs.

Then we can call on more healing and supportive energies. We call upon the angelic energies of ultramarine blue and gold to infuse different parts of the body, especially the throat and lungs. When this is done we ask your Body Elemental to synch with the guidance of your HS and team in Spirit to allow you to be guided towards certain beneficial situations and away from potential harmful or limiting situations. Steering clear of pointless drama or suffering. We then ask for any guidance or requirements to shift your lifestyle more in line with the 5D timeline, including: nutrition, exercise, activities, situations and people.

Finally, we can align with the positive intentions and outcomes of this situation. The collective invoked and allowed this crisis for a number of reasons. These positive outcomes are likely to occur further down the line. These include changes to the way we work, to money, to education, and to the quality of governance around the planet.


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  1. This is just wonderful. Thank you for doing this for us and I have shared with a friend. Plan on doing this very often.

  2. Amazing beautiful beautiful meditation! I woke up with a tension headache and I got rid of all the tension and stress headache is gone and I’m ready to go for a walk.
    It is must do daily in time of pandemic. Highly recommended. Shared it with all my friends

  3. Thank you so much Steve. What an important contribution to global calm and beneficial energy. I feel I can join with this to help Gaia and all her inhabitants at this time.

  4. Thank you, Mr. Nobel, for the truth in your powerful words. Yes, this beautiful meditation spans so much time and distance for our collective, with love and gratitude, Kat-tie

  5. I just LOVE this meditation so much! Thank you Steve for sharing with us Love, Light & Blessings abound ❣️✨

  6. Thank you Steve for sharing your light – this meditation is the best yet and one I’ll be coming back to again and again. Sending you love and blessings x

  7. Profound and dynamic, given in such a gentle, loving manner that has a way of giving understanding to us at one level or another. Thank you and blessings to all.

  8. Thank you for this, it is so helpful at this time, also very grateful that I have found this site and this energy. Look forward to spending time here.
    OM Shanti Jane xx

  9. Love and blessings to you Steve. This wonderfull meditation is magnificent, giantly connected to AllThatIs. all my gratitude and aloha to you and all who listen to the medi from sigrid

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