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Archangel Gabriel Transmission: Releasing the Paralysis of Pointless Guilt.

Natural Guilt is connected to the collective social evolution of humanity. Guilt can, in some instances, help make important changes. Guilt is useful when the individual has a certain self-awareness and ability to feel remorse for a genuine mistake. In this case it is possible to learn from a mistake and adjust the perspective and behaviour accordingly.

Most often, guilt does not lead to remorse or any meaningful shift in perspective and behaviour. This I call Pointless Guilt which can become a nagging and all-pervasive feeling that may or may not be tied to anything specific. We can be born into a feeling of guilt that belongs to our parents or our bloodlines. We can be born into racial guilt where we feel we must atone for the ‘sins’ or failures of our race. We can incarnate with the patterning of guilt from other life mistakes. Guilt erodes our sense of innate worthiness. Guilt can enhance a state of emotional paralysis or confusion. Ongoing levels of guilt will feel stressful. We can feel guilty for just being alive. Guilt opens us to manipulation and narcissists are experts at probing the guilt of another in this way. An underlying sense of guilt can lead to a desire to rescue others in an attempt to atone for the feeling. Guilt can lead to psychic attachments and invasion. Guilt is an open door that others can use to access our energy fields. Guilt can also be induced through mind control programs and subliminal messages. Guilt leads to suffering, period! All such non-useful forms of guilt are addressed in this meditation.



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  1. How very powerful yet gentle guidance to lighten the load. Yet again your guidance arrived at the time it was needed most. As always in deep gratitude of your services. Sending you onelove.

  2. Such a wonderful celebration of light! Thank you Steve for creating this lovely meditation. You are a gift of light to this world, thank you for all you do.

  3. Hoja Friend,
    My survivor guilt was transformed into ripples of hope in our sovereign Soul Beings as Friend Lord Sandalthon brought the crystaline core of our Mother Godess Gaia’s heart chakra into my heart.
    Thank you for creating such a beautiful safe space to experience ascendance.
    2020 vision

  4. Than you so much for this much needed release. You spoke of energetic manipulation-how is this possible? can someone get into my energetic self, without my permission? what are the symptoms?….

  5. All above comments and plus….i love you, Steve. You are a gift and a blessing to all of us. No doubt. S

  6. The shift was so quick, it was remarkable.
    I woke up the next day feeling like a new person – so light and happy. Thank you for this meditation!

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Steve Nobel

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