Right now, in this time of the emergence of the Lion’s Gate 2020 it is important to commit to your highest timeline and release all other timelines you have any connection with. This means releasing:


  • Any and all lower energies from your bloodlines or any other
    lifetime that is attempting to limit, or block you;
  • All limiting agreements, and all limitations imposed by 3D laws
    and systems.
  • All OCD obsessions and anxieties caused by the current Global ‘Dark’ Pandemic;
  • Any false light teachers and groups you have connected with,
    All old stories and attachment to outgrown ego identities that no
    longer serve your journey.

This allows for a greater opening and clarity around your highest timeline. This timeline leads to the New 5D Earth and as you align with this timeline higher energies and beings from your future can begin to more powerfully inform and support your path of growth.

This transmission was recorded in the emerging energies of the Lion’s Gate 8/8 (2020). The recording was made after visiting three crop circles just outside the Avebury Stone Circle in Wiltshire, England.



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