“Hello Everyone,

Here is a channeled soundhealing in Light language, to clear body, mind and emotions from fear, stress and viruses. In the listening, allow yourself to expand, to uplift, relax and open up to the frequencies that are transmitted here, This channeled sound healing focuses on the Corona topic, and is designed to support you in the best way possible.

I invite you to open up to this transmission. Sit or lay down, relax, close your eyes and allow and welcome the channelled voice to guide you.
Let your beautiful ‘system’ release whatever it wants to release and to receive the light coming from the sounds and words and vibrations that are offered here from source. This sounds and words dont have to be translated or understood, for the soul / spirit knows. The track is bringing into alignment what is out of ‘tune’…

Dive into this loving, motherly, peaceful melodies and words, be open to it, allowing, feel it in your heart, these angelic and archaic sounds, and let yourself be cuddled and supported on all levels.

Take time after to rest and integrate what has been done. Much love for you!
This is my gift with pleasure to serve the awakening of mankind.”
Sabine Von Baaren



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