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Ascension News: Sexual Energy and Manifestation.

Sexual energy is our most primal energy. Sexual energy has been suppressed and denigrated for many centuries. Often through religious ideas and practises. Many of us carry sexual wounds from this lifetime, from the bloodlines and from other lifetime trauma. All of this can create a fear of opening to this most powerful energy. The art of sexual magic is rooted in releasing old blocks to the life force and using it to help manifest in this world. Sexual energy can of course be used to consciously create a child and this is just one miracle that love making can produce. We can also use sexual energy to manifest a dream, an opportunity a new experience. In love making we can go beyond our superficial everyday self and invoke the magician within to merge with our lover self. These two archetypal energies can create miracles in our lives.

The following process can be used to consciously co-create a child of a high vibration or it can be used to manifest a miracle.

PLEASE NOTE: This process can be used to invite more love into your life but cannot be used to make a certain person love you. Even if you feel another is your Twinflame or Soul Mate this process cannot be used to force another to be with you! It can be used to attract a new opportunity but cannot be used to open a specific opportunity unless that is for your highest good.
This process is done as a meditation. It can be done while making love with yourself or with your partner. If done with your partner the process is slightly different. This process can be done with same sex relationships.


1. Focus on an intention, a dream, a desire. Imagine seeing the fulfilment of this desire.
2. Ask your HS if there is anything in the way of this dream or desire. If yes summon this as a symbol representing the resistance or obstacle. Find a way of destroying this symbol such as throwing it into the light of the sun or smashing it into tiny pieces and dissolving those pieces with light. Ask your HS to release all associated stories or energies through all minds, bodies and dimensions of existence.
3. Ask if there are any agreements your unconscious mind is running that run counter to this dream. Ask your HS to destroy through all minds, bodies and dimensions of existence.
4. Ask your HS for a symbol that represents the highest experience of this dream or desire, that is brought to you for the highest good of all concerned.
5. Take the symbol and bring it into your sacral chakra. Allow it to be absorbed into all layer’s levels and dimensions of the sacral. Allow this symbol deep into your reproductive system.
6. Make love with yourself, at the point of orgasm surrender this desire to the Universe, let it go as a wave of light. Let go of all attachment and expectation as to how this will eventually manifest in your life.


Both of you do the process from 1-5 separately. Then you come together and share the symbol you each received. Merge the two symbols so they become one. So for example an infinity sign and a heart will become both together as one symbol.
1. The next time before making love with your partner, you both remind yourself of the symbol and of the intention behind the symbol. This intention can be the same or different yet complementary.
2. Call this unified symbol to mind. bring this symbol to mind just before the point of climax and focus on it during the climax sending a wave of magical light out into your reality. Surrender this wave to the angels and again release all attachment to the intention.

Music by Sefy Tofan – Raising Energy.


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  1. Just an additional note. This practise takes a certain spiritual depth otherwise it can be hijacked by ‘negative’ aspects of the ego that might seek to use it for selfish purposes. It is not to be used for fantasy but for a vision you truly would like to manifest. For instance you can use it to enhance your abundance but not to make money on a certain project. It can be used to attract a relationship but cannot be used to make a certain person fall in love with you. This is bordering on black magic and for those on the ascension path the kickback could be quite severe! So, long as your intentions are of the highest the Universe will use this energy to bring you miracles in unexpected ways.
    This practise is more powerful with a partner rather than the solitary practise. Also, a partner you feel you have a strong soul connection with and therefore there is love between you. it is not to be used for casual sex. This practise can be done often by women who have an unlimited sexual energy, unlike men who have a limited sexual energy. (According to Chinese Medicine, women lose energy through menstration, men through ejaculation.) Therefore men shoould use the solitary practise more sparingly.

    1. I know it’s been a while since you wrote this, but what about edging for a man? Bringing himself (or with a partner) to the point of orgasm and riding that wave without actually ejaculating?

  2. Thank you Steve for this informational addition. great reminders and deeper understandings.
    You’re the best!! 🙂

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