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11:11 Gateway 2020 Meditation: Passing a Golden Marker.

We have arrived at a powerful gateway which is also an important choice point. The collective is being offered a detour, one that uses the current crisis to keep the planet locked in deceit, manipulation, fear, control and tyranny.

Starseeds are here as ascension enablers. Starseeds are here to point the way to the ascension timeline, which is where the planet moves beyond polarity. On this timeline all 3D systems on the planet shake, transform or fall away. This choice point means we can choose the timeline that holds the highest degree of ease and grace as the collective moves through some major challenges.

Music by Rebecca Reads. Mars Healing.


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  1. Hi Steve, this was a very powerful meditation. I firstly was not comfortable getting onto the first highway and then knew immediately that I needed to take the way to the 5D light. Although, I choose the 5D pathway, and intuitively I knew I had chosen it a long way back, I now sit or rather wait right at the start and know that I will wait there for 5 days for some reason, before moving along further into the 5D path. Very interesting and very curious. I’m a nauseous now. Another important thing was I knew was, who choose the 5D path and who continued along the 3D timeline and others who have a choice to make. Do you know if there is something here? Am I missing something? For the first time, I felt the need to message you. Thank you Steve. Blessings, asha

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Steve Nobel

I am the author of 6 non-fiction books, the most recent being a free Ebook entitled ‘Starseeds’ and my latest published book is 'The Spiritual Entrepreneur'. I was a director of a not for profit spiritual organisation called Alternatives (based in St. James’s Church, Piccadilly, London W1) for 13 years, leaving on the Winter Solstice of 2012. Subsequently, I began my own healing and awakening work. I created a healing system called Soul Matrix Healing for Starseeds. I have created a library of free resources including meditations and transmission to help Starseeds. These are are freely available on this website and on my YouTube channel. These meditations and transmissions are played all over the world and so far, the platform has over 172K subscribers. I regularly runs events in the UK.

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