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Super Quick Pleiadian Light Meditation.

The Pleiadians, are our cousins from another planetary system. They are intertwined with our history. They are a collective comprised of different races located in the Pleiades system. They are here to assist us in our evolutionary step into a higher octave of light. In this meditation we connect with the Light Ships, Ascended Beings and Pleiadian Angels. We open to Pleiadian Light for protection and support and also Pleiadian Light Codes.

Music by Matías Romero Acuña. – Solfeggio Tonal Music 396Hz. Copyright owned entirely by IntuiSound Studio c/o Matías Romero Acuña.




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  1. Steve I can’t fully relax ever, can’t follow a pattern, never have been able to. Does this mean I have learning disabilities?
    When I try to replicate something I can’t grasp it. As a child my parents used to laugh their socks off at mo as I would sweep floor backwards etc.

  2. Hi Steve, thank you very much for this. My partner, who I’ve recently introduced to the idea of Starseeds, has just listened to this with me and felt a strong connection with where he’s come from and saw light energy coming to him.
    We bumped into one of his colleagues today, who he has always felt a connection with at work, who always wears a dolphin badge. Am I right that there is a link between Pleiadeans and Dolphins?

  3. Such a peaceful meditation. I love how it naturally opened up communication with the Pleiadian masters and angels. The protective light is also so very needed at this time. Blessings.

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