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12:12 Transmission – Global Healing

This recording was made on the 12-12 Gateway on one of the three group transmission that day.

“Originally, the intention was not to record the webinars. The night before the transmission was given I had the message to record and offer it. This is because of the importance of this time.” – Steve Nobel

This 12-12 Gateway is an important marker and opportunity to send a wave of healing deep into the earth and also across the surface of the earth. This transmission is designed to send a powerful group wave to the earth as we move from one age to a new age of light. Our work as Starseeds is to ensure a gentle transition into the new age of light.

Music by Katie Jane.
“This track has the embedded intentions of purification and releasing stagnant energies of the past year and stored dense experiences, shadow elements and re-aligning the physical body and energetic bodies with more of the souls light and higher consciousness. This track uses the dominant frequencies of 528hz, for heart expansion. The sound of oxygen, converting the element into sound, to re-oxygenate the body, create a sense of space and renewal. The crystalline consciousness resonates predominantly in the frequency of the throat chakra and sacral chakra, for clearing the emotional bondage and creating space for a lighter expression of vocalising one’s Truth, freely. Tuning forks of the Solfeggio frequencies and vocal toning are embedded throughout the track. Relax and allow your body to open at the cellular level to shift, transmute and resonate to a high degree of light, harmony and homeostasis! Let your spirits soar!”



18 Responses

  1. Dear Steve,

    Thank you for this transmission. The energy during this event touched me so deeply. Thank you!

    I am so grateful to the Universe for having met you a few years ago and every so happy to see how more starseeds get to enjoy your invaluable gift every day.

    Thank you.

  2. thank you for making this available. while i was blessed to listen to it live yesterday, it felt like it needed to be out there for more people to experience and share. blessings

  3. Thank you Steve. You made my day. I missed the right time yesterday. So this morning is perfect. May you have miracles and blessings. Much love and light.

  4. To the Rhythm of the Light
    Directly in the Rhyme of Sight
    That Plays the Music of the Night
    And Dances Out of Sheer Delight
    While Pirouetting Left to Right
    Are the Passions that Ignite
    Exposing Colors Made of White
    As Every Sense They Now Excite!!!

    VCH6464 12/13/2020

  5. Beautiful, powerful, soft and giving. Thank you Steve for creating this Light-filled message and peaceful transmission for the planet entering the new age. I am blessed and honoured to be a conduit at this time. You are a master guiding us always.

  6. Thank you dearest heart ☀️for this wonderful and powerful transmission * and All you do and have done so far for All of us. You’re a true light and life saver lots of love from Holland to you and All that read this All over the this beautiful planet together we are doing and being this shift❤❣❣❣

  7. Thank you. Powerful transmission, and thoroughly enjoyed the Live Webinar. Double bonus to have the recording. So grateful for your care and guidance.

  8. Thank you for such a powerful meditation, it affected me deeply. So much love from Vancouver Island, Canada.

  9. Thank you Steve for making this available to all. I did attend the live version but it being 1 A.M in India, I fell asleep in the middle of it. Looking forward to soaking in the energies of the meditation again. Much love and gratitude to you

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