Womb-Child Healing…

The child within us is not really one aspect but many. Parts of us may feel stuck or wounded at different stages of our physical and psychic development. This meditation focuses on healing the aspect of us that experienced being in the womb of our mother. Perhaps our mother was feeling unloved or unsupported at this time. Perhaps this did not feel a totally safe or nurturing space. As a child in the womb we were totally open and receptive of everything that was going on with our mother. The good news it is never too late to have a happy childhood!

General Message – Archangels and Your Team in Spirit.

Every meditation/transmission works with your Team in Spirit that includes your Higher Self, your I Am Presence (Monadic Self), all helpers guides and angels working with you, plus all specialist teams working with you such as ascension teams, healing teams, psychic surgery teams, lightbody teams and so on. I also call the Archangels of the Horizontal Force Plane – Rapheal, Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel. Finally, the space is held by the Archangels of the Vertical Force Plane – Metatron and Sandalphon.

The Purpose of This Meditation.

This meditation is designed to help clear any ‘negative’ energies you received in the womb of your mother. Negative meaning not useful or no longer useful. These energies can include limiting beliefs about reality and also non-useful emotional energies such as anxiety, grief, anger and so on.

This Meditation Takes You Back in Time.

In this meditation we open the timeline going back to you as a baby in your mother’s womb. This is an important and vulnerable time. You are going back in time with considerable support from the angels and your team in Spirit, to clear, heal and welcome the baby you into the world.

You Will receive a Golden Light Healing.

In this meditation you request a golden light to be sent into the womb of your mother. This light acts like a beautiful fine golden net, cleansing and strengthening the womb space. Then this light is sent to the umbilical cord, to filter any lower energies you are receiving from your mother. Then light is sent to your cells, to the DNA, to the forming bones and blood, to the forming organs and to all forming systems.

Sending Love to Your Mother/Father.

Towards the end of the meditation there is a transmission of love to your Mother and your Maternal Bloodline. Then to your father and Paternal Bloodline.

Your Unique Nature – Indigo/Crystal/Rainbow Child.

Finally there is a transmission from your team in Spirit and angels ti the child in the womb that depends on your unique soul nature.


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