This meditation is designed to do anytime from dawn to midday. It allows you to release the past and embracing the power of light, of courage, of this PRESENT moment. This means shifting powerfully into a higher octave of light which in turn allows for something new to emerge in your reality.

Music by Katie Jane: “This track is based in 528hz, solfeggio frequency and paired with beautiful binaural of 528hz – utlizing the crystalline consciousness of the Citrine, Androgynous Indium & 4 other quartz crystalline sound bowls. The benefits to resonating and allowing these frequencies to permeate through your mind, body and energetic system create expansion for: giving power to your goals, releasing feelings of guilt in conscious and subconscious mind. Creating a space to find inner peace, tranquility and allowing you to overcome fears in realising our innate power and goals. Allow these healing frequencies and imbedded intention to liberate the subconscious from negative and limiting belief patterns and balance your solar plexus- Draw the frequencies, vibrations and crystalline intelligence through the crown, down the throat and create a warm ball of golden light in the Solar Plexus area; taking deep breaths and expanding your own unique intention for willpower, personal power and more. As always, these tracks are based in Unconditional Love for self and Humanity. Relax, retune and rebalance!”


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