Negative Portals…..

Negative openings are also known as negative portals. Imagine for a moment your energy field is like a house. Negative portals are like windows and doors where the handle and lock is on the outside. This means energies and entities can enter your field. This is not something Starseeds should be allowing.

The Aura is……

The aura is the energy fields that every living being possesses. Psychically, the aura can be seen or felt revealing to an intuitive our mood, emotions, and overall vibe. We can also describe it saying, the aura is an energetic radiation around the physical body, it is where we meet the world energetically. Like our skin, our aura is also a vibrational boundary. When your vibration is clear and high then your aura will feel light, bright and happy. If otherwise your aura will feel heavy, dark, and polluted. Some beings have a porous aura which leads to the problem of feeling like an energy sponge.
In this volatile time on the earth-plane it is important to pay attention to our energy fields since these directly affect our psychological state and the health of your physical body.

What Causes Negative Portals….

Negative portals or openings can be caused by several factors including:

Habitual negative thinking, Ongoing Stress/Trauma, Excessive emotional reactions to life circumstances,
Workaholism, Excessive Fantasy/Video Gaming, Addictions such as alcohol, drugs, and sex,
Unconscious speech, choices and actions, Environmental toxins/Harmful Electromagnetic fields,
Unintentional/intentional psychic attack, Any relationship with False Light Beings, Dabbling with black magic, Having an intimate relationship with someone who has portals/entities,
Present life karmic triggers originating from a trauma or black magic connection in another time and space.

General Message – Archangels and Your Team in Spirit.

Every meditation/transmission works with your Team in Spirit that includes your Higher Self, your I Am Presence (Monadic Self), all helpers guides and angels working with you, plus all specialist teams working with you such as ascension teams, healing teams, psychic surgery teams, lightbody teams and so on. I also call the Archangels of the Horizontal Force Plane – Rapheal, Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel. Finally, the space is held by the Archangels of the Vertical Force Plane – Metatron and Sandalphon.

Your Higher Self and Team in Spirit.

We call upon your Team in Spirit along with a number of specialist angels to assist you in clearing and sealing any negative openings/portals along with any tears and rips or porous areas of your energy. We clear all magnetic and energetic interference. Removing all associated agreements and programming.


This Meditation is Designed to…..

Resolve a serious issue concerning our energy. In this time of ascension, we can open portals which will either feel light dark or neutral. Portals can allow light beings to contact you, whereas dark portals allow ‘alien’ energies and entities access to your energy as well as allowing for a draining or harvesting of your energy.

You are Sovereign…..

Remember that you are sovereign in your energy. Your word is Law in your Universe. Your energy field is sacrosanct! Interference is a sign that there is still work to be done at some level.

Music by….

Music by – One Mind Body Soul. 285Hz Christ Consciousness Healing Binaural Beats + Isochronic Tones

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